1. Python example of scraping a web page that requires logging in first

    It is fairly straight forward but my memory is terrible and a blog is as easy a place to keep my notes as anywhere else.

    First you create a cookielib.CookieJar and pass it to urllib2.build_opener when creating the director you'll be using to interact with the site from here on out.

    You will need the login processing page which isn't always the same as the page you go to login. To find this information along with the field names for the username/password you'll need ...

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  2. Caffeine powered keyboard jockey says howdy

    I am not one to do the blog thing but then I guess I blogged for ten years on VN and for years before that on other forums so I might as well make it official.

    If I do start doing this thing it will most likely be stuff about this place (changes, updates, thoughts, etc) or bits of code and other things relating to my geekiness. My brain tends to misplace things on me so I think a blog will not only serve as a place for me to store memories for future reference but to entice ...

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