Mural - 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

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9/2 - Yesterday morning a surprise thunderstorm decided to blow it's way into the area. I scrambled out of bed and drove out to the mural as soon as I heard it but I was too late to prevent most of the damage. Even the owners of the home had rushed out to try and hold tarps down but it was like a brief monsoon. There was little we could do except weigh the tarps down with paving stones and put up extra plastic once the wind died down enough to let us. Because of the heat on saturday I did not seal like I had planned. That was a good thing because the sealer needs at least 24 hours to dry, preferably 72 hours. If I had sealed, the damages would have been a lot worse and a lot more expensive to fix.

But as it is, this set me back 1 days worth of work and 3 more days of drying-no-touchy time. The ship wall received minimal damage. I was able to repair it in less than 2 hours. The main wall only received some dribbles, easily fixed when I get around to it. The mermaid wall is where the most devastating damage was done. Because it was in the middle of a drying process and because the days were pretty hot, the top layers dried quickly while the layers underneath were still a little damp. Dry to the touch but not thoroughly cured and devoid of moisture. This caused the paint to bubble up when exposed to the rain. There is no way to fix it when that happens. You have to scrap off all the bubbly parts and simply repaint it.

But I try to remember what my art teacher shared with me. "When something goes wrong, simply turn a mistake or problem into a feature or a focal point. Make it look like you meant it to be that way. Make it better than what it was."

So I tried and think I've done a pretty good job fixing things up again.

Sunday's damages:

Today's cleanup:

And repairs:

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