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Rill's Guide to Deathstar Lux

I use a pretty standard magic damage build for Lux. You'll still be able to support well with this build but if you choose support, you may rely a little more on blue monster buffs. They're not absolutely necessary for a carry role though they are helpful.

For this kind of build you want mana regen, cooldown reduction, magic penetration and speed. I use Marks of Insight, Seals of Replenishment, and Glyphs of Replenishment. My Quints are Swiftness, Fortitude and Focus.

Passive - Illumination
Dealing damage with a spell makes Lux's next attack deal bonus damage. Bonus damage is increased per level.

Q - Light Binding
You shoot a small ball of light and the first two enemies it hits are rooted. Also deals damage.

W - Prismatic Barrier
You throw your wand a certain distance then it returns to you. Whatever allied champions your wand hits gets a temp damage absorbing shield. Including yourself.

E - Lucent Singularity
You can place a circle of light in an area. This slows enemies while it's up and they're in it. When it's duration is done, it explodes and does damage. Or you can explode it manually by pressing E again.

Ultimate (R) - Finales Funkeln
LOLDeathstar! You shoot a beam of light that deals massive damage to all targets in the line of fire. It takes a second to charge up. It deals bonus damage if the target(s) are affected by Illumination and will refresh illumination. It also has a very long range.

Order of Ranking

Carry - You want to max rank E first for excellent damage and harassment. After E you want to max Q. Don't bother with purchasing W until level 4 and don't bother maxing it until the end. And of course, max your Ult at every level you can.

Support - You'll want to get E first but then ignore it until later in favor of W. Get W next and Q last. If you plan to play pure support then max out W first. If you want to be a damage dealing support then you'll need to trade ranks in W and E. Don't max Q until last. And of course max your ult when available.

Summoner Spells
Summoner Spells are generally personal preference but I highly recommend only a couple different ones for this lux build.


  • Clarity - The number one useful spell. Mana is always at a premium for Lux.

  • Flash - Flash isn't all that useful for bot games but extremely useful for pvp. Especially because a carry lux is deadly but squishy.
  • Exhaust - Useful for stopping fleeing champs when your cooldowns aren't up and for preventing chasing champs from catching you.
  • Ghost - Speedy McFlightypants gets out of any situation pronto. Also good for chasing when there's a lot of minions in the way.
  • Teleport - When you have to leave a fight because of low health or mana, it's always handy to get back in quickly. It's also nice to get someplace quickly in order to save the day with your deathstar awesomeness. I use this one primarily for bot games.

  • Heal - If you're having to pop heal, you're likely playing it too close. But it's still nice in a pinch if you've escaped but the dots are gonna kill you.
  • Ignite - Speaking of dots...this is also still a useful spell for that last smidgon of health the fleeing champ has.


  • Clarity - The number one useful spell. Mana is always at a premium for Lux.

  • Heal - You shouldn't be in the line of fire very often but it's very useful to help out teammates.
  • Exhaust - Useful for stopping fleeing champs when your cooldowns aren't up and for preventing chasing champs from catching you.
  • Ghost - Speedy McFlightypants gets out of any situation pronto. Also good for chasing when there's a lot of minions in the way.

  • Flash - Flash isn't all that useful for a support lux since you're hanging out on the outside of a fight but it still has it's uses if you get targeted.
  • Teleport - With a blue buff you shouldn't have to leave the fight very often since you're hanging out on the edges. But it's still useful to get back into the game quickly.

Item Build
Doran's Ring
Mejai's Soulstealer - If cooldown reduction is no longer a factor in late game, trade this in for Lich Bane.
Needlessly Large Rod
Sorcerer's Shoes
Morello's Evil Tome
Shurelya's Reverie
Rabadon's Deathcap
Void Staff or Zhonya's Hourglass - I only pick the hourglass if I find myself getting locked down and killed a lot. Otherwise the magic pen of the Void Staff is much more useful.

Doran's Ring
Kage's Lucky Pick
Philosopher's Stone
Sorcerer's Shoes
Mejai's Soulstealer
Shurelya's Reverie
Morello's Evil Tome
Deathfire Grasp or Soul Shroud - I only pick Soul Shroud if I'm getting targeted a lot and need more survivability.
Rabadon's Deathcap or Banshee's Veil - I only take the Veil if survivability is a problem.


  • Very High Burst
  • Excellent harass and harry
  • Roots and Slows
  • Very long range

  • Squishy
  • Often targeted first
  • Not very good at soloing buff monsters
  • Impotent when faced with a lot of health and magic resist.

Your job is harassment. The best way to do this is utilizing your AoE. Send it out, explode it right away, follow with an auto attack to make use of your passive then run away. You will not have as much power as a carry lux but you will constantly plink away at the enemy's health, enabling your team to jump in with massive damage attacks at the right moment for kills. Also, don't save your deathstar. Use it as often as you can for the purpose of reducing the enemy's health but allowing other people to get the kill. Your build has enough cooldown reduction in it that you'll eventually have an insanely short cooldown for your ultimate.

You want to use your root as little as possible. Yes it does a lot of damage but it also costs more mana. Use it to stop fleeing champs if you know rooting them will secure a kill. Use it to stop champs from chasing you, but otherwise, don't use it to harass or damage unless you currently have a blue buff. For monster buffs you'll want to get blue as often as you can although you will need help doing it until level 15+. Your constant harassment and shielding will be draining on your mana.

One of the great ways to harass without being in too much danger is to do it from the jungle. Because of Lux's long range you can stay in the jungle and still do damage or help your team mates in the lane. This does require a little more skill because aiming is important but if you become proficient the other team should always be shouting things like "OMG WHERE IS YOUR LUX!!?!" every time they die.

If you get below 40% health, you need to recall or you'll risk getting caught and killed. You have built more health than a carry lux but you're still a squishy.. When you're out of mana, get out of there. You're useless without mana. Stick to the brush and the outside edges of team fights.

You need to play a little more aggressively. Use yourself as bait to lure people out to come attack you. Your weakness is your squishiness but that makes you and excellent lure. But it's a dangerous game of cat and mouse. You'll be out in the open a lot more and within range more too. You will need to use summoner spells that let you escape/survive if you get caught. Your goal is to lure one or two people into chasing you. Hug walls and act like you're going to go diving around a corner. That usually makes people hug walls too in order to try and catch you. That clever action makes them line up. That's the moment you're waiting for. Toss your AoE slow behind them, then root, deathstar, auto attack and explode your AoE as they start to run (if they're still alive). If they survive that you'll need to be close enough for another auto attack. Or get that ignite off early. Or trust your teammates to finish them if they flee and you can't chase. Only really high health/magic resist builds will not be killed by that combo.

For the champions that will survive the deathstar combo of doom above you'll need a slightly different strategy. Get them to chase you per usual but use your slow more often and explode it right away to plink at their health. Root and deathstar them but don't chase them. Run away until they stop chasing you. This will give you time for your cooldowns to reset and you can do it again. The name of the game for high health/magic resist champs is to chip away at them but don't get too close. You need to harry and harass them until you can either finish them yourself or your teammates comes to help.

For monster buffs, don't bother with red and don't worry about blue unless you don't have Clarity. I advise not worrying about blue until after you have your Sorcerer's Shoes or until level 14. You should be able to solo blue at that point. However, if someone is willing to help you get a blue buff after level 6 then go for it.

Have fun locking down and blowing things up!

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