Postcount Staff

Beibhinn - Main admin, overall site and moderation management, personnel (mods and staff)
Steelwind - Tech admin overseeing the server, database, programming and legal issues, private boards.
Grim - Private boards, Avatars/Icons, Board Graphics and Anime admin.

Foxy - Community Manager, Asheron's Call Manager, Reported Posts

Moderators are assigned to individual boards and change frequently, so please check who your local mods are when posting.
Moderators have a green name.

Portal site staff members have purple colored names but no board powers. The site they volunteer for is stated in their title.

DAoC Knights:
DAoC Knights have white names and are volunteers for Broadsword. They moderate their own forum, Knights Discussions, but have no other powers or influence on the board.

Retired Founding Members (These members helped create Postcount but no longer have an active role in the site)

Certain posters, for example ex mods or contest winners, have a VIP color to their name, but no additional board privileges.

Board Sections

Community Boards
These are boards open to all discussion topics and communities already established from other board systems. Everything goes here and while lightly moderated, these boards are not for the thin skinned. Some of these boards may not be suitable for children, so please exercise discretion.

AC Server Boards
Collection of boards for Asheron's Call players to post on the server they call home.

Dark Age of Camelot Boards
Boards for players of Dark Age of Camelot to discuss the game, classes, and ingame events. Please see ToS section on DAoC Specific Rules

Dedicated Game Boards
Boards dedicated to specific games and intended for respectful debate and discussion. Be nice here.

Private Boards
We offer private boards for your guild, clan, group of friends etc separate from the public boards, with a separate ToS system (more rule flexibility). These boards are self moderated and access is limited to members only. If you would like a private board for your group, guild or clan, please contact us. United States laws are applicable to these forums. Even though these boards are private and hidden from everyone not on the member list for the board, system administrators have access to these boards and will take action on them if required. Content from these boards should never be reposted on public boards without the express permission of all involved parties.

Political Boards
Lightly moderated but still no personal attacks, racism or hate speech allowed here. We expect some arguments to get heated here but this is not an excuse to resort to personal attacks and it is also not a forum to push racism or hate agendas.

Board Code of Conduct - Public Boards

Board Complaints & Reporting Issues
If you are reporting content on the boards please use the Report feature located at the bottom of each Post/Private Message (looks like a caution symbol). Include as much info and detail as possible to enable us to thoroughly and properly investigate your issue. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us option located at the bottom of the board to send us an email. Mods and managers can be contacted directly via PM if you have any specific questions or concerns but may be unable to act unless a proper report has been submitted first.

Please note: Using the report feature is very important in having your issues handled effectively, we often can't proceed unless a report is submitted first. In addition, please remember that what you are reporting may not meet our definition of a ToS violation and we are not always able to reveal actions taken or not taken in complaints due to privacy issues.

While most profanity is allowed on these boards due to our mature community, some words are filtered out. For those who dislike profanity you can enable a profanity filter in your board settings to filter out additional profanity.

Personal attacks
We want the boards to be friendly but we realize that being a game forum means there will be a certain level of banter going on between posters, not all of it friendly. We are willing to tolerate a certain level of "banter" but if it gets into serious and repeated name calling, the Moderators are going to step in and try and determine who is at fault, who baited who and resolve it.

So please try and refrain from calling everybody you disagree with, a name. If you dislike somebody, use your ignore filter on them. Please remember that Private Messages are also subject to the ToS, as are blogs, profiles, avatars, etc.

Racism/Racial Slurs/Hate Speech
These boards are open to everyone and anyone who wishes to be a part of this community and we will allow discussions on the sensitive matters that involve sex, race, religion, etc. However, anyone slinging racial slurs or hate speech will find their posts moderated.

Real Life Info
We have a zero tolerance against people who seek to abuse private or real life information for our members or their families in any way. This forum respects the privacy of our members and we expect our members to respect each others privacy. We also recommend that people do not post their private information (phone numbers, addresses, etc). Posting of RL info in a way we determine to be abusive or threatening will result in a permanent ban from the board system.

Illegal Content/Copyrighted Material/Piracy
Please keep illegal content off these boards. Discussions of torrents, warez, illegal items, under age nudity/porn, copyright circumvention and how to murder your mother in law is not allowed here. This includes links, promotion or advocating. Any content that is copyright must have permission from the owner before being posted, and include credit to the owner. Magazine scans are not allowed.

Posting to advertise business/services is not allowed without explicit permission from the Postcount Administrators. Accounts that appear to be used strictly as advertisement accounts will be removed permanently.

Please adhere to the following regarding porn and nudity:
  • Links to porn sites or sites with pornographic pictures/videos are not allowed
  • Images depicting sex acts are not allowed
  • Images and videos where nipples, genitalia and sex acts are shown are not allowed
  • Cartoon nudity and sex acts are not allowed

Gross Content
No one really wants to see pictures or video of decapitations and such. Violent, gore, animal cruelty, gross content is not allowed directly on the board. Please use a NSFW link.

Safe for Work
Please be considerate to those of us browsing and posting from work, or with children. Add NSFW in the title of any threads containing risque content, videos and images. If you are posting a video or image that may be on the line of our porn/grossly inappropriate rule, link it and add NSFW. These posts may still be moderated if we feel they are over the line.
NSFW tags are also provided to help identify content that is not safe for work... [NSFW][/NSFW]

If you're going to post about movies, tv shows, books, games, etc please put a warning in the thread title that the thread may contain spoilers. Threads will be edited if they're found to contain spoilers, and anyone posting spoilers to troll or be an ass will be moderated.
Spoiler tags are also provided to help identify content that other users may not wish to read... [spoiler][/spoiler]

Cash Trades/Sales
We will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong during a cash transaction of any sort. If you suspect something is not right, don't pay the money. It is not our fault if someone pulls a scam so please be careful in how and who you do business.
Accounts we determine are being used to run scams or otherwise abuse the forums will be removed.

Real Life Threats
Real Life threats to people will result in account banning or termination. What is done will be subject to the severity of the threat you make and your prior history.

Board Ignore Function
The Ignore function will allow you to ignore anyone on the boards, including staff members. This should be used cautiously for ignoring anyone on the Postcount Staff and only for people who do not moderate boards you post on. Ignoring a mod for a board you post on could result in bans you could have avoided if they were able to properly contact you and let you know of issues in your postings. Any user who ignores a moderator runs the risk of extended bans if the moderator cannot contact them properly and these situations will receive no leniency because of the ignore function. Postcount staff strongly recommends you only use this feature for people who are not moderators on boards that you post on.

Admin/Mod Bashing
The public board is NOT the place for admin/mod bashing/baiting or rule discussing. If you have a problem, use the Private Message system. Your thread will be deleted and you will be banned if you ignore warnings.

Avatars, Signatures and Usernames
All of the above fall under the standard rules. Usernames that break the rules will be permanently banned except in the case of a "grandfathered" username that was not banned early on, in these cases the name will be changed to something acceptable. Avatars and Signatures follow the same rules noted above (no porn, nudity, racism, etc).

DAoC Specific Rules
The DAoC boards have specific rules, please be aware of these.
  • Each DAoC board has it's own set of rules, please be aware of these. You can find info in the stickies on each board.
  • Class boards are On Topic only, no sports/TV/general chat allowed
  • Likewise, the DAoC Board is On Topic only also. Discussions relating to other games are allowed but only in comparison to DAoC. This board is strictly moderated.
  • Ywain is a community board and very lightly moderated. Political, religious or other so called Hot Topic threads are not allowed on this board. Please use the Politics board for these discussions.
  • Dev/Game bashing is not allowed on any DAoC Board.
  • Freeshard links, promotion and advocating are not allowed on any DAoC board.
  • Cheating accusations should be reported in-game via the appeal system or by emailing, not via the boards. Throwing out baseless and random accusations will get you modded.
  • DAoC account sales and buys for RL cash are allowed. Account trading is allowed. Account sales/buys/trades can only be posted on the Trades & Sales board. Selling plat or items for real life money, including links to websites that offer this service, are not allowed. Please note that we are not responsible for any transactions between buyers and sellers and you buy and sell accounts at your own risk.

  • is not responsible for any views, opinions or statements expressed on the forum, as the poster of the particular content assumes full responsibility. No responsibility is taken or should be assumed for any such views, opinions or statements posted on
  • disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the material on this site. Any and all information you receive through the forum or via private messages, email etc. is always given on the condition that you 'use it at your own risk'. The host and agents of the forum will not be held responsible for any consequences of the use of such advice. disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information on this site.
  • All materials, information, products and services included on are provided "as is", with no warranties whatsoever. expressly disclaims to the fullest extent permitted by law all express, implied, and statutory warranties. disclaims any warranties for services or goods received through or advertised on
  • There are links to external websites on These sites are provided purely as a convenience to site visitors and are not endorsements of any products, services or information contained on such sites, and unless stated otherwise, no information in any such site has been endorsed or is approved by These other sites may contain opinions or viewpoints of third parties which do not necessarily reflect our opinions or viewpoints.
  • reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on this site. Your continued use of indicates your acceptance of the amended Terms of Service.
  • administration has the final say in all disputes and reserves the right to deal with situations on a case by case basis as needed.
  • Legal threats made against the site or its staff will result in immediate removal of access to the site until the issue is resolved.

A Special Note about User Content Posted on the Site
  • All user content (uploads, posts, signatures, etc) is the sole responsibility of the user who posted it. may, but is not obligated to, review and modify or remove (without notice) any User Content in its sole discretion, including without limitation User Content that in the sole judgment of's agents violate these Terms of Service or which might be offensive, illegal, or that might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of Users or others.
  • By posting User Content to any part of this site, you automatically place it in the Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license.
  • Request for removal of user content will be handled on a case by case basis. This requires citing an individual piece of content (post, image, etc) and providing justification for its removal. Mass deletion of content, for example an entire account, will not be considered without a VERY compelling argument.

  • Copyright Policy
    Unless otherwise noted content on the site is placed in the Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license. Any content posted by visitors to is also automatically placed in the Public Domain. Visitors agree to only post material that is either their original work or that is already in the public domain. Content posted by agents of the Company that deviates from this Copyright must include its own Copyright information. Embedded content (images, videos, etc) with an existing Copyright is assumed to be posted with permission and does not fall under this policy. Any question of Copyright violation should be addressed to the site admins who will review the content and, if a violation is found, remove it.