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Thread: SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party.

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party.

    There aren’t very many good turn-based strategy RPGs, and Wiz8 is one of the best, in my opinion. There is no excuse if any given battle isn’t perfect, because the player has complete control. My personal preference is ranged combat in this game, and the Lunastralis MOD is the perfect one for me. (Qusar, awesome!) Though this walkthrough is specifically written for a ranged party, any party can use it even if you have no ranged attackers.

    You might not have ever tried an All-Ranged Wiz8 game, or you might have tried one and not been successful. I have seen many posts over the years where folks want a step-by-step guide, and we haven’t had one for most of the MODs. This walkthrough does assume that you have played the vanilla game, though I do provide refreshers for a lot of strategy that hold true for all versions.

    There are a lot of good mods, but this one is my favorite, and this is my favorite way to play it. I started a walkthrough about 4 years ago, but I underestimated the time required. Sheesh! It makes me really appreciate the time our Modders spend making the games for us. (!) Every time I played it through, I realized I could have done something more efficiently or in a better sequence. I hope it inspires many players to go back and revisit this game, and especially this mod.

    Yes, I know. I should have posted this back in 2011 when I first started writing it. In the meantime, it has grown to over 33,000 words, which is about halfway to becoming a novel. Along the way, I played through the Luna MOD at least 4 times to the end, and several times about halfway through. I rethought party decisions and tried various training and character multi-classing. What you see below is the end result of much tinkering until I was satisfied with the setup. I hope you find it helpful.

    Here are some particulars:
    I included some very specific party creation advice, as well as the why’s and wherefore’s based on several complete plays of this mod. This includes what order to obtain advanced secondary skills such as Eagle Eye, Reflextion, Snake Speed, etc., and what classes and gear are optimal. I also discuss the advantages of several NPCs, and who you should recruit and when. (A also make a few semi-arbitrary decisions just because I like it that way. To each their own.)

    You will find explicit instructions for skill and ability management and the most efficient times and methods to build your party’s skills.
    This walkthrough includes a complete set of spoilers. Don’t look unless you want to be told all the answers and all the important items. Let me know what I missed. (If I recall, I never did figure out what to use on one of the braziers in Trynton)

    I spent a lot of time on sequencing. Wizardry 8 is a non-linear game, though there are certain things that need to be done in sequence. The Luna mod adds more things where sequencing is important. Play it however you want, but this walkthrough is a good solution to that issue. You will NOT wander around for hours trying to figure out what to do when using this walkthrough.

    This walkthrough helps you understand mod uniqueness, such as how to take best advantage of eight different Set/Return portal locations. (Eight!)

    This walkthrough takes a number of sidetracks to explain things like:
    -item farming, and where to go to get some good items early
    -winning difficult fights, (managing aggro, providing distractions, etc.)
    -portal management
    -skill-up opportunities
    -minimum requirements for certain key items
    -how to get the best price for your goods
    -how to generate as much gold as you want
    -how to create and/or stock up on the best ammunition in the game, etc.

    I will upload the walkthrough in several parts, since I’m not sure how long a post can be. If anyone wants to volunteer to post it as a single downloadable text file somewhere, please feel free to do so. It’s here for all of us. Enjoy!


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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 1).

    Wizardry 8
    Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD
    Unofficial and
    - Walkthrough V1.2 -

    by Icynova (
    Version 1.0, Last Updated 2/6/2011
    Version 1.1, Last Updated 4/11/2014
    Version 1.2, Last Updated 1/11/2015

    This guide may be used and reposted without my permission. All I ask is that if you plagiarize my work, make sure you give credit to Icynova.

    On the other hand, you may NOT sell any of this content for money or other compensation. I am a professional writer, and my work is copyright protected. Use it, but don't abuse it.

    Wizardry 8 is (c) 2001 Sir-Tech Canada Ltd.

    None. What do you think I am, a published author? Actually, I am, but in this case just do a Ctrl-F 'Find' on whatever topic you are looking for. That's what you are going to end up doing anyway.

    But... here are a few major sections:

    1: Setup
    2: Party Selection
    3: Walkthrough

    Wizardry 8 is a highly configurable and non-linear game. Any walkthrough is a loose suggestion at best of one of a million different ways to get through a game. As such, this guide largely presupposes a certain type of party using ranged abilities. If you choose a different party, then some of the content will not apply. This guide is highly detailed in many areas, but it also assumes that you have played the game before. If you have never played Wizardy 8, then it would be a good idea to have a Vanilla walkthrough in hand as well.

    1: Setup

    As a (mostly) non-linear game you can go anywhere and do things in a lot of different ways. this walkthrough is one suggestion. I do give some short-cuts, but I don't guarantee my way is the best way.

    First of all, make sure you load the Lunastralis patch. The latest as of this writing is patch 5. There is no readme with it, but you can see several new item files, including upgraded bullets for your Gadgeteers. Please, please save your game often. I managed to get myself stuck on the geometry in almost every new area I visited, probably because I was exploring so thouroughly. Worst spots were doorways and rocky areas. The only remedy I could find was to port out, or to <Esc> out and reload, hence the advice to save ~very~ often.

    Before you start, go in and turn on auto-save. You'll be glad you did.

    2: Party Selection

    NOTE: Gadgeteers: Beware. In the first few levels, and again at Level 26, you can end up with your Modern Weapons skill too low to equip your own Omnigun. At level 26, you must have MW=125 for the Omnigun Mark 12. For that reason, I include many opportunitites to skill-up. It also helps to pump MW during level-ups.

    Qusar has included many, many awesome items on vendors. Awesome items come with an awesome price, too. ;-) If you want them, I don't know any way to generate that kind of gold other than Alchemy. Keep that in mind in your party creation, although there are several findable items that boost Alchemy. You can easily burn through millions of gold over the course of a game. (Or not, I'm sure you could manage without, but who would want to?) Gold is good.

    From reading the online threads, I knew Modern Weapons and Alchemy would be emphasized in this mod, so you can see the focus on that. I have a strong preference for Ranged combat, so you can see that as well. For RP purposes, I wanted all Hobbits. Don't get all bent out of shape about it. ;-) Actually, I couldn't resist switching to an Elf for the Bishop, just because it unlocks Power Cast and Iron Will two levels sooner (and others later). So my preferred group contains 5 Hobbits (3 Rangers and 2 Gadgeteers),and an Elf Bishop. However, to fit my role-play preference, I gave the elf a Hobbit picture. Best of both worlds.

    Note that with this party, you NEVER have to reposition for melee. So, You should try that at least once, IMO, it's great! You may want to run up for better accuracy when your opponent stays at throwing distance, but staying at distance requires more shots/rounds and more skill-ups, which translates to increased accuracy in the long run. Moving is optional.

    I decided to boost Vitality as much as possible from the start (+10 VIT, +10 SEN, and +10 SPD at character creation for both Rangers and Gadgeteers.) I think one reason that some folks shy away from the Gadgeteer is that they pass out so easily from using their gadgets. Boost Vitality at creation and at every opportunity, and you should be fine. DEX is always nice, but I'm not sure it's totally necessary for modern weapons. DEX is #4 on my list mainly so that I unlock Reflextion for the endgame.

    As shown below, put all possible creation and level-up points into the first pair of attributes (e.g., SEN/VIT). When those are maxed out, and only then, start boosting the second pair (e.g. SPD/DEX). Abilities vary, and your preferences may vary, but this strategy seems to work well.

    I know, everyone has different ideas, but here is my updated All-(sort of)-Hobbit Party Plan (all characters recreated from scratch to emphasize the given traits in the given order.):

    1) R. Bilbo: Ranger, Hobbit, *SEN/VIT* & *SPD/DEX*, Level-ups: Ranged Combat, Modern Weapon
    2) R. Samwise: Ranger, Hobbit, *SEN/VIT* & *SPD/DEX*, Level-ups: Ranged Combat, Modern Weapon
    3) R. Frodo: Ranger, Hobbit, *SEN/VIT* & *SPD/DEX*, Level-ups: Ranged Combat, Modern Weapon
    4) G. Tesla: Gadgeteer, Hobbit, *SEN/VIT* & *SPD/DEX*, Level-ups: Locks and Traps, Modern Weapon, Engineering
    5) G. Sprocket: Gadgeteer, Hobbit, *SEN/VIT* & *SPD/DEX*, Level-ups: Ranged Combat, Modern Weapon, Engineering
    6) B. Elana: Bishop, Elf, *INT/PIE* & *SPD/SEN*, Specialties: Wizardry, Divinity, and Alchemy, Level-ups: Ranged Combat, Throwing & Sling, and whatever magic class/realm I am pushing at the moment. (Look on-line for the guide to Bishop-building. It's a lot more complicated than you might think.)

    The name of my characters simply denotes their character class (R=Ranger, etc.) Helps me keep it straight during the game. As a Valkrie, Vi can fill in Priestly duties if needed, and makes an excellent Tank. Sparkle is my preferred 8'th member; She is kind of like the party mascot+, and she is a Ranger+++. 4 Rangers with Rifles. Weeee! (Keep in mind that Rangers get portal spells as well, so you can set portals all over the world for convenience.)

    NOTE: I found out something useful to do with the Alchemy skill-books. Equip the alchemy boosters during level-up, and you might have additional spells available. After you move the books to another character, you can still cast the spells even though you no longer have the raw skill to have learned the spell in the first place. I was able to get my Portal spells a level early, and that alone makes it worth trying. Yes, I have seen posts in the past that contradict this idea, but I have seen it work. Only extreme Alchemy boosts, such as you find in this mod, make this a viable strategy.

    Modern Weapons:

    Up until mid-game, the triple crossbow outperforms the Modern Weapons. (Gadgeteer combine. 3 X Light Crossbow = Triple crossbow. I honestly don’t know why folks don’t proclaim this the ultimate ranged weapon in Vanilla Wiz 8… ?, cause it is.) In previous games, the triple crossbow increased my damage so much that my favorite character class is the Ranger. If you choose any character class that doesn't get a Modern Weapons skill, choose the Crossbow as your weapon of choice. (Bishop and other magic-users can't do either one, unfortunately.) The Double Slingshot with high-end stones is decent, but not nearly as good as the Triple Crossbow with Ferro's Lightning Bolts. Unfortunately, with the party build I described above, bows and crossbows are out of the picture before you leave the Upper Monastery because you have to focus on modern weapons ASAP. Just keep it in mind for use with other mods.

    NOTE: IF you do decide to use the triple-crossbow, buy up Lightning Bolts whenever you can and stash them somewhere. For some reason once you hit level 20 or so, Ferro gets stingy with the Lightning Bolts and you may have to go back to Hunting Quarrels.

    Finally, you will notice an emphasis on Speed and Accuracy. Stamina management is always an issue for Bards and Gadgeteers, (and others depending on the weapon of choice, since the triple bow sucks down stamina pretty fast). A poorly-developed Gadeteer is not much fun. The VIT you pump into your Gadgeteers pretty much makes the stamina problem go away. Don't forget to upgrade ammo as you unlock the types (Barbed Arrows, Doom Darts, Lightning Bolts, etc.) Intelligence for an Engineer doesn't seem to be as important as I used to think it was. Dexterity has the twin goals of boosting Ranged Combat and unlocking Reflextion for the later game Armor-Class rampup.

    I think the biggest head scratcher was Ranged Damage vs. Initiative vs. Hit Points vs. Armor Class for my Rifle squad. Essentially, that's a decision between offensive power and defensive power. I decided to go with the 'Durable' Sniper route and push for Eagle Eye and Iron Skin at the same time. Speed (Snake Speed) and Dexterity (Reflextion) come in second, and will continue to boost both offense and defense as the game matures. The Rangers and Gadgeteers all push for Eagle Eye as soon as they can. In this MOD, most zones are vanilla-easy with a few difficult bosses thrown in, but Ascenscion Peak is Very tough. You will have to level up to at least the upper 20's to have a strong showing there. By level 30, you should be able to max out all 4 critical stats and be starting to work on strength to minimize the encumbrance penalty.

    There it is. I have tried to take everyone's advice, put it into a blender, and see what floats to the top. I think this party is a good combination of my personal preferences and advice from others. Maybe this write-up will help someone else. That's one thing I love about Wizardry; planning to play the game is as much fun as actually doing it. ;-)

    Notes on Luna NPCs:
    -All NPCs will go anywhere with you, despite the whining they do about going away.
    -Madras does not add anything useful if you already have a Gadgeteer, and he comes a bit too late, level-wise. A ranger is a better overall investment, in my opinion. See: Sparkle.
    -RFS-81 is extremely useful, especially if you recruit it right away. It is recruitable at party level one, and it is already level 10. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a Modern Weapons skill, and quickly pales in this MOD. Trade him in as soon as you encounter someone better, like Vi.
    -Sparkle is a solid investment in this MOD, even if you already have a strong contingent of Rangers. You have to be able to stomach her syrupy-sweet dialog, though.
    -Vi has always been a solid choice, but I rarely pick her. In this MOD, however, she as almost too good to pass up, especially if you need her priest skills. She is a great asset with Polearm+Modern Weapons+Healing/Stamina/Identify (And she comes with a Starwalker M gun!). My advice is to recruit Vi as early as you can and build her up for the final fight. She's the only one that needs to be in the front row of your battle formation.

    WARNING! The Armored Space Combat Suit that you find on the Moon is the best armor torso piece in the game. It does, however, have a strength requirement of 90 to equip it. Vi comes with a strength of 68, so if you want her to wear this armor, you will need to boost her strength at level-ups until it reaches at least an unaugmented 80. You will find a strategy at the appropriate point in this guide on how to equip the armor with a raw strength of 80. It isn't a game changer, since it is only an incremental upgrade. You may choose to forego this chest piece in favor of other stat improvements like speed or dexterity, which may be a better overall strategy for armor class. This is just a warning that if you want the best possible armor, you'll have to prepare ahead of time.


    Party lessons learned from multiple run-throughs of the Lunastralis MOD:

    1) Make at least half your party female, especially the Bishop and any pure casters. The Stud-Cuir Bra +2 that you can buy in Arnika will last much of the game as a torso armor. It's awesome, but only wearable by females.

    2) The Bard did fairly well with the Triple Crossbow/Lightning Bolts when she wasn't using an instrument (except for missing a lot at long range). The Bard still needed all the Stamina she could get (VIT), but had a dire need for Eagle Eye when shooting at targets more than a few paces away. I don't recommend a Bard in this mod, but if you do use one, push senses right away for Eagle Eye.

    3) Use Ranged attacks only, except for Vi with her Polearm skill (only when a monster runs up to her--don't reposition for this.) Don't even bother to equip a melee weapon on your other classes, they just take up carrying capacity. I know, it seems weird.

    4) I tried cross-training a Bard and Bishop with one level of Ranger to build up the Modern Weapon skill, but it unbalanced the party and left me with weaker characters. I don't recommend this strategy.

    5) On other Wiz 8 MODs, I switched to Rogue in the Monastery for 1 level (Level 5) to train Stealth. IF you choose to do that, then you need to design your characters with Rogue starting stats. So go through the character creation process with that in mind, and bring stats up to minimum for a Rogue, (DEX:55/SPD:50/SEN:50). However, keep in mind that the Lunastralis MOD has upgraded armor that helps make up for the lack of stealth. Plus, with Sparkle and Vi in the party, that gives you 7 healers (4 by Alchemy, 2 by Divinity, and 1 by Gadget). Only the second Gadgeteer can't heal others, but give him one of those +AC3 heal-all pendants from Crock and every character can heal in a pinch. That means that the time and trouble you spend training Stealth/Rogue at the cost of a Primary Class level is not really necessary. So, I don't recommend Stealth training.

    Summary: No Bards, no pure casters, no melee types except for Vi, and no cross-training.

    For the next part of the walkthrough, it's time to play!

    3: Walkthrough


    Level notes: Caustic Vine=L9, Water Scorpions=L6X4

    LOWER MONASTERY:Beach: (1) OMG I love it! I couldn't count the number of times I wondered where the spaceship was. I mean, if 6 of us survived the crash, there had to be more than a metal plate and a piece of tail-fin left of the spaceship.

    Save the game, in case you want to start over with the same party later. Buskins are now female only? Wow. That's pretty odd for the starting equipment of a guy to include female-only shoes. I gotta wonder about the manhood of these Hobbits! Move up and grab your first new Modern Weapon, a Taser. There is also a note from the author of the MOD, Qusar, and a Tekknology I (Engineering +20) Book. If you have Gadgeteers, make sure you put their ammo in the off hand slot so they can shoot.

    Anthropomorphising the Astral Dominae by controlling the Djinn was a great touch. Talk to it for 4K XP and the Winged Boots. Kill it for another 4K XP. I found the Astral Abduction has a random drop table that goes up to steel armor. I killed him several times to get a good drop (Steel Helm). Results may vary. I actually got 8 Lt. Heals one time. If you do this repeatedly, remember to punch the Esc key multiple times to clear all the pop-ups real fast.

    Now you get to level up. Gadgeteers zoom up to level 5, while hybrid classes (like Rangers) only get to level 4.

    Beware if you have Gadgeteers in your party. If you don't put enough of your level-up points into Modern Weapons, then you will end up not being able to equip your own Omnigun. Yes, there are potential gotchas for gaining so many levels so fast.

    LOWER MONASTERY:Spaceship: (1) Move over underneatch the ship and go in. Hats off to Q. A great new area. Kill Robotron for his Daeganic Infusers, which can be combined with stone ammo if you wish. Recruit RFS-81 and put him alone at the front of your party as a shield. Even if you don't plan to keep him, he helps out in several ways. IMO, using him as an XP sponge to slow down your advancement just a tad is actually a good thing. Being able to recruit RFS-81 at party level 4-5 (With it being level 10) is interesting, but I can't complain. He does make the Monastery a bit easy, though. I leave him on Defend unless the fighting gets too rough. Still, I didn't pass him up! He is stripped bare, and doesn't even have anything to pickpocket.

    Pick up the HLL Standard Space Helmet (White Space Helmet with Gold Visor) and click on Grimpak's body. Poor Captain. (/em mourns). OMG, it's Christmas time. Now loot the chest for some excellent items. Your second Modern weapon is a RuPaulse Gun, Grimpaks Testament (which will get you an even nicer weapon later), A Ring of Power (Looks like the ring of protection, but way-way better), A Cloak of Perception (+20 Senses!), a PK Crystal necklace (Psionic-only), and an Acid Bomb.

    Qusar. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...

    Don't put the ring on your front line, instead put it on the Bishop. The +2 Spell-Regeneration is way better than camping with a Bard! (Another reason the Bard is less useful in this mod.) It's awesome for training sessions. There is nothing else you can do in the ship at this point, so head on in to the Monastery Building.

    Lower Monastery: (1) Not a lot different here. You will find your first Alchemy book, the Alchemicus I, up the ramp in the office where the spell book is. Camp out with Burz to buy everyone shields and weapons, as desired. He also carries Musket Balls for your Omniguns at the rate of about 25/day. Stock up on those as well as plenty of bullet stones.

    This is a good time to stop and discuss some basic strategies. For some players, this will be review, but if you haven't played in years or are new to Wiz8, this information may make your game go more smoothly.

    Vendor Farming: 'Farming' vendors for items is a concept where you keep revisiting the same vendors to stock up on multiple items as they restock. Vanilla Wiz8 vendors restock at varying rates, but most items reappear 24-hours after you have purchased them. In most cases, the restock is random and does not work every time, so you just have to keep trying. Press 'C' to camp, which lasts for 8 game hours. Three uninterrupted camps is equivalent to 1 day. Qusar's new vendors tend to restock after only 2 camp sessions. New items appear at the bottom of the list.

    Vendor Restacking: Vendors have a glitch where they can carry more items in stock than you can see on your screen. This situation is caused by camping repeatedly, where ranged ammunition fills up all available vendor slots. If you suspect this may be happening (usually because an item refuses to show up on the list after a couple days of camping), go in and buy up all the cheapest ammo. As you buy it, the ammo restacks in your inventory in groups of the maximum stack size. Sell back anything you don't want. Now the vendor has restacked ammo, which takes up fewer inventory slots. Exit and reenter dialog with the vendor to see if anything new shows up at the bottom of the list. Due to unfavorable trade losses, this method does cost some gold, but at least you get what you are looking for. The cheaper the ammo, the less gold you use, so avoid restacking the expensive ammo. An alternate method is to drop the excess inventory on the ground or in a chest. Your call.

    Chest "Seeding": Chests may contain random and non-random elements, however almost everything is random. The random contents of chests are determined the first time a game area (zone) is loaded. The only way to get a second chance at better loot is to go back to a saved game prior to entering that zone for the first time. A zone change is marked by the "Loading (zonename)..." screen with the gears turning in the lower left corner. One of the reasons to be aware of this is that random loot may also be influenced by your average party level. If you first enter a zone at a low level, the chests in that zone will forever be influenced by that party level, (not by the level of your party at the time you loot the chest).

    Skill Training: When you end up with 1 or 2 mobs left, and they are ranged enemies (like a "throwing" bandit or a seeker), set your strong ranged fighters to Defend and let your 1 or 2 weakest ranged skills finish them off from max distance. It may take 50 rounds, but that will help your weak shooters catch up with the rest of your party. Doing that, even your Bishop will start kicking boo-tay with a sling. (Eventually) THAT'S why you stock up on hundreds of bullet stones and other cheap ammo; for training.

    Shield Training: You can save the roach room for later (the crypt full of skeletons in the Lower Monastery). Come back after you level up quite a bit, equip shields, put everyone on Defend, and let the battle auto-run for many hours to bump up everyone's shield skill. In some of the super-tough fights to come, this allows you to get a big AC bonus with shields up while you spend a round or two buffing up with spells and summoning pets, etc. It's a pain, though, and not completely necessary.

    Artifacts Training Glitch: Beware, if you train Artifacts before you pick up your preferred NPCs, they will be difficult or nearly impossible to train on Artifacts later. Some of the new armor in this MOD has an Artifacts requirement that may be hard to come by if some party members get out of sync with the rest of the party's artifacts skills.

    How to Train the Artifacts Skill: If you didn't already know, before you pick up an item, hover the cursor over it. If it says (unidentified), then pick it up, but DO NOT drop it on a character. Instead, punch [I] and put it directly into inventory. This allows you to save ID for later. Once you Recruit your preferred NPCs, THEN have an ID session, not before. It works like this:

    1) Open inventory.
    2) Click the [?] button.
    3) Pick up any stack of items and put it in the inventory of a character that has a lot of empty slots. Start with the most basic items, like Bullet Stones and plain Arrows.
    4) Press [Shift] as you left-click on the stack--that picks up only a single item.
    5) Spread out stacks of one-each, and right click each item one at a time. This results in your party performing an identification of the item, and helps skill up in Artifacts. If the Identify fails, then save that stack for later.
    6) Basically, a stack of 68 unidentified arrows now results in 68 opportunities to skill up, instead of just 1. This also has the effect of bringing your artifact-challenged members up to the rest of the group, since lower skill levels have a better chance to skill-up. (UNLESS they get too far behind, in which case they never go up.)
    7) Once you are done skilling up in Artifacts, your Bishop can use the remaining unidentified items for training Psionics & Mental with the Identify spell. 68 chances at a skill-up are way better than just 1. Use the same approach by casting Identify 68 times (Bishops have a dedicated button on the inventory screen to make this easier).

    Once your WHOLE party of 8 levels up to a skill of Artifacts=18, you don't have to worry so much about getting out of sync. Bullet Stones and plain Arrows, by the way, stop giving skill-ups when you reach 18, so keep using those until the last party member hits 18, then you don't need those any more. Heavy Heals only take your artifacts up to 36. Cure Disease is your next best bet and will take you up around 60. It's tough to train between 60-75. However, the Alchemied Potions of Renewal will kick in at 75. Beware, if you start skilling up on those, anyone below 75 will be left behind and won't get skillups. Remember that for later.

    Back to the game, shields only pop up every other day or so at Burz. Luckily, there is a hidden shield back in the water cave. Gregor was replaced by a Caustic Vine. Good for introducing new players to things like blinding, but I kind of miss the Big Guy. Save your game first, because you might end up with your entire party blinded for long enough to die. RFS is helpful in this fight because he can still attack effectively while blinded.

    There are two side-trips you might want to take back to the Beach:

    1) Jump down into the water (if you wish) to fight the Water Scorpions. The fish have grown legs and armor, yikes! This will probably be your first challenging fight because this is an upgraded encounter. Don't try it until level 5, and back into a corner with RFS up front taking the brunt of the attack and you should be fine. Pick up 2 hidden items on a shelf back in the cave, and jump down the waterfall to pick up the Rez powder.

    2) The sarcophagus room in the Lower Monastery has a new portal that takes you back to the beach in an area that you couldn’t get to before. ~Save First~ It may take you several tries to pick up the Soulship item and run out of the water before anyone drowns. The portal sends you underwater. Yes this can be done, and then you don't need to come back here with scuba gear. There is only the 1 item to find. I recommend you scoop it up on your cursor and don't take the time to put it in inventory until everyone is safely above water. Run. Run fast.

    END PART 1

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 2).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]

    Upper Monastery:

    Level Notes: No big fights here.

    The only differences I noticed here were a few new items. The Control Helmet (Dark Gray heaume) has +5 MW, which would allow a non-MW character to equip a RuPaulse if you run out of ammo. But, why use a modern weapon on a character that cannot gain skills in it? Better to equip a sling and get good at it over time. Stay stocked up on stones.

    In the Library, pick up the Mysterium Conjunctionis (+30 Alchemy). Equip the +Alchemy items during level up to unlock Alchemy spells earlier, especially for your Rangers, and they also give additional spell points. Read the other new books for a clue to the changed story. Make sure to pick up the Hydrangea Macrophylla (red flower) in the hot tub garden, you'll use it later. The unidentified spellbook is "Divine Trap." This is a critical spell for training Divinity. Once the glass is all broken, you'll find: a Cloak of Perception in the lobby, an Alchemicus II Book (Alchemy +10) and Taser in the upstairs office, and a Necromatic Helm (Box Helm-cursed) downstairs.

    Obtaining this Taser means everybody with a Modern Weapons skill now has a modern weapon. Yea!

    NOTE: The Taser is the only MW that doesn't require an MW skill to use. On a side note, I find it very strange that you can't carry a shield and a pistol at the same time. On a bizarre note, the first instant kill in my game was the Bishop, on his ~very first shot~, with the Taser no less! Still, I wouldn't bother giving the Taser to the Bishop. Do as I say, not as I do. I won't do it again, I promise.

    Lower Monastery: (2) Now is a good time to go back and camp at Burz. Now that you have 2 +Alchemy books, you can open the Alchemy bank account and load up on $$. Burz carries both Medium and Light Heals for conversion to Heavy Heals for profit, but you may not be able to Identify them yet. I recommend using one of your precious spell picks for the Identify spell. Not only will it tell you about all the goodies Qusar has provided, but it also starts skilling up the Psionic/Mental realm on your Bishop.

    Also, as much as it might pain you, now is the time to sell off all your swords and other melee weapons, bows, crossbows, and all of your arrows (except for the unidentified ones!). Arrows will be useful later on for the gageteers, but you won't want plain arrows at that time. No sense in carrying these around.

    Arnika Road (1):

    Level Notes: Iron Weeds=L10

    After exiting the Monastery, head North. Avoid battle so that you save those experience points for Vi. Save the game and run along the edges to see how far you can get without a fight. Ultimately, you will probably have to hit "Run" and retreat away to the North. Head North quickly and recruit Sparkle. Sparkle is running an Ironweed ranch on Arnika Road and bored to tears. You will probably want to shake her down for her Modern Weapon even if you don’t want her to join for real. If you dismiss Sparkle, she does not return to the Ranch. Instead, she goes back to the barracks at the Umpani Base Camp. The Iron Weeds at Sparkle’s ranch are probably a bit too tough for your party right now. They are guarding: Woodsmans Axe (which coincidentally is an upgrade for Sparkle), Leather Cuirass, and a couple minor items. Nothing worth the trouble of the Iron Weeds. Fortunately, you also get the Iron Weed Thorns for Antone's armor quest, so it isn't a total loss if you do try it.

    This is a good place to PL (Power Level) in the first half of the game, but come back here AFTER you have your permanent NPCs recruited. I'll explain the concept of PL'ing later.

    Northern Wilderness (1): Level Notes: Battering Hogar=L10. This area is all standard, except for a Hydrangea Macrophylla (Red Flower) due west of the small island. The retro dungeon is gone. As before, run along the edge and try to avoid any fights.

    NOTE: This may be a different route than you usually take. Avoid combat as much as possible by saving before you move into a new area, so that you don't get too much XP prior to recruiting Vi, but there are some great items to get from the Umpani's before you go to Arnika.

    Umpani Base Camp (1): Buy tons of Impaling stones for your Omniguns and slings, as well as the Umpani Flag. Don't get too hung up on the Impaling stones, though, because you get more skill-ups on plain bullet stones (fights last longer). Since you have a Bishop, every spell book can be learned, so grab a copy of the ones you can't learn yet for future use. It may be awhile before you come back here.

    Books to get from Kunar for all your Rangers (X4):

    1: Itching Skin
    1: Light
    2: Razor Cloak
    2: Blinding Flash
    3: Knock Knock (or you can wait until Arnika)
    3: Chameleon

    Alchemy lots of gold. I never used any Bishop skill-up points for Alchemy because I knew it would be easy to raise. Equip the +Alchemy books. Once your boosted skill is 50+, then start making Renewal potions. It will take you forever to make enough money on Heavy Heals alone. Kunar has a LOT of expensive spellbooks, and your Bishop desperately needs some spells. (You HAVE been saving your spell picks for later, right?) Please note, use your Identify spell for everything instead of the right-click identify. Avoid looting the chests and lockers as well. This is to avoid Artifact skills until you are a full party. ID everything with spells one at a time to train Psionics and Mental instead.

    Join up, get the quest, and do the obstacle course for the Tekknology III Book (+50 Engineering) item and a Starwalker M, then head back down to Arnika. With the +50 Engineering equipped, the Lightning Rod becomes a little bit more powerful. This is basically a raid on the Umpani's for early goodies. Easy pickings; Grab~n~run.

    NOTE: You now have an extra Taser. Don't sell it because it is great for weapons training.

    Arnika Road (2): Go South. Try to avoid combat. Run away towards Arnika if you get engaged with an enemy.

    Arnika-Trynton Road (1): Head south to Arnika. Try to avoid combat.

    Arnika (1):

    Level Notes: Guardian Golem (Vault C)=L7, Hogar (Antones Vault)=L7, Vampiric Head (Temple Basement)=L15, Ancient Guardian (Portal)X3=L25

    OK, now things start to get really different.

    Arnika: Holy Wow! Arnika has had an extensive rework. First thing I noticed was new textures on the buildings. Disband RFS, (IMO). Pick up Myles and Rescue Vi. Vi is only level 6, which is why you have been avoiding combat up till now (you will probably be at least level 7). You will find Magnetic Boots at the crash site, and Vi carries a second Starwalker M. (Recruit her to steal the gun, if nothing else.) The Savant’s tower is protected by a force field.

    NOTE: See this guide elsewhere for suggestions on Vi's stat skills. You might choose to level up her strength to 80 prior to going to the moon.

    Here is a good example of the importance of the Artifacts skill in the Lunastralis mod. The Magnetic Boots require Artifacts of 40, and Vi comes with a skill of 1. Now that your party is complete, it's time to train up in Artifacts, as described previously.

    Now you don't really have to recruit Myles or pay off his bar tab. Personally, you should pickpocket him a couple of times (if you have a pickpocket), recruit him, rescue Vi, steal all his stuff, then release him. Myles’s bar tab is waaay more pricey than before; I had to Alchemy my way up to 11K or so to pay it. What a lush. He must have really sweet-talked He’Li like crazy to get his bar tab that high before she got grumpy about it.

    The only spell that Anna has for the Rangers is Knock Knock, in case you didn't get a full set from the Umpani base.

    Buy the following books from Braffit for the Rangers (X4):
    1: Heal Wounds
    3: Cure Paralysis
    3: Cure Poison

    And for Vi:
    1: Make Wounds
    2: Guardian Angel
    3: Cure Paralysis
    3: Cure Poison
    3: Magic Screen
    3: Rest All

    As you buy, create, and sell potions, note that Heli pays the best price. Always sell to her when you can. Only sell the Renewal Potions unless you have no other option. After awhile, you will end up with quite a surplus of Heavy Heals. Don't forget the recipe: Cure Lt. Condition + Hv. Heal = Cure Disease. The main limiting factor on Renewals is the Cure Disease, but things balance out pretty well when you make your own. Also the Rt.-Click identify on the Cure Disease Potions that you make takes your Artifacts up to about 60, which is another reason to make them.

    The key cards are better hidden than before. Visit He'Li. He’Li is positioned out from behind the bar and there is some appropriate Bard music. Her keycard is upstairs between the bed and the wall. Antone keeps his card inside the forge. Click the swordfish in Anna's shop to get her keycard, and pick up the scuba gear.

    Inside Antones Vault, you will find Bloodlust (Berserk Longsword) and an Emerald FN Type 1 Modern Weapon. You will also find a Hogar that is good for training Ranged skills, mainly because the loyal critter will not abandon the loot (will not exit the vault). Before taking the portal to the Rattkin tree, make sure you are done With Arnika for awhile. (See the last paragraph in this section.)

    EXPLOIT: Give your 2 or 3 lowest Ranged trainees the RuPaulse pistols (Not Tasers, because they have 1% Kill on them). Your choices for power training at the start will probably be: 1) Vi, 2) your Gadgeteer doing locks and traps, and 3) the Bishop. Stand on the edge of the checkered floor, just before the vault ramp, ~SAVE GAME~, hit combat and move up until the Hogar becomes hostile, then back away to max distance (which for RuPaulse is only Throwing distance). The primary limitation on how many rounds you can go is how long you can go before getting an Instant Kill. While you are at it, cast spells like Itching Skin, Web, Rest All, Blinding Flash, etc., along with gadgets and instruments if you have them. I recommend going 15-25 rounds at a time, then run back around the hallway until combat ends. Get back in position and camp 1-2 days until the Hogar has its hitpoints back. ~SAVE GAME~, wash, rinse, repeat.

    If you manage to get a Critical Kill, then reload from the last save game and try again. I call this an exploit, because I doubt the game designers intended this kind of skills training. You can keep going as long as you want. I would do at least a couple hundred rounds of letting your Bishop use the sling. Might as well get good at it, so you can walk away and let this skill rise. If you want to save the poor brute for later, just run in, grab the 2 items, and run back out.

    General notes: The spaceport is clearly different, since you can visibly see a big rocket that wasn’t there before. There are a couple of abandoned dwellings with a “specific item required” that you will open later, and another with a lock that is pretty tough. (There is nothing in this room--it is just provided for Locks/Knocks training purposes, so use it. You will need this skill very soon.) Stand near the burning ship crash and look for a building with a large blocky chimney. Unlock that door, grab the doll, and push the button on the generator. This drops the protective screen over the HLL building so you can enter. The house to the North of that one has a few new items: Diamond Ring (do not sell), Stilleto Trippler shoes, and Canezou Robes.

    In the HLL building, the HLL Commander will give you the quest to deactivate the Savant's bomb. Pick up an HLL Standard Space Leg Suit upstairs. Downstairs, get the Retina and another RuPaulse Gun.

    NOTE: IMO, in the Luna MOD, the sweet spot for MW skill is 55. At that point you can use both the Nomader Psbx1970 and the Grim Pak Mx 10. The next weapon you unlock that is really practical is the Morgana Spitter at MW 70. So, while skilling up by knocking off Savant Guards, I am also bouncing between He'Li and Braffit buying up potions for Alchemy $$$ and buying Spell Books for all my casters. Another strategy is to equip both a pistol and a rifle on each character. Make the pistol the primary weapon, and switch to the rifle only when you get into a tough fight. MW and Ranged skill-ups come faster this way because of the lower damage of the hand guns (Hence, more combat rounds and more shots fired).

    A good place to farm Savant Guards for the Infusers is right in front of the force field which guards the Savant's Tower. They spawn inside the barrier, but will come out to fight you. I like to camp on top of the big blocks in front of the barrier (It looks like you can't, but just run up onto the blocks.), and alternate with skilling magic at the fires in front of the crash site. I did this until my Rangers could learn the Knock spell for training up on the Vault door and unlocked more spellbooks at Anna and Braffit, which means more alchemy 4$'s... Keep in mind that fighting Savant Drones at maximum range with pistols is a great way to get MW skills.

    Spaceport: Use the Retina from HLL Headquarters to open the door. At the top of the elevator, pick up the Ho-Memne. In the second garage, pick up the Daegan Cartridges and talk to the Spaceship Mechanic for 10K XP. Buy a System Override Plugin. Buy the X-Ray Chip if you plan to build the X-Ray Scanner Gadget, and a Giant Magnet for the Forcefield Generator gadget. He also carries Daeganic Infusers which will combine with your Impaling Stones from the Umpani Base to get Nanite Imparator Ammo, and is the only place to buy ammo for the new guns that need it. (Also Ta'Li stones will combine with Infusers to get Drainagic Ammo, and Medusa's for Nanite Leech ammo. You need high Engineering for these combines.) I suggest you walk away from here with at least 100 Daegan Cartridges; You will have the gun to fire them soon.

    NOTE: Buy and farm Nanite Infusers. They are useful for late-game ammo as well as generating gold.

    Final note, your party should not be struggling (unless you are playing on Expert, maybe?) so I'm not real big on stocking up on the Vn_ReaperC from the Spaceship Mechanic, but to each their own. ;-) I usually only buy 1 of these, since a lot of my fighting is done with the pistols in the first half of the game. You will gain more good weapons as you go, anyway.

    NOTE: The Mystery Ray and the RuPaulse gun are, in my opinion, the best modern practice guns in the Luna mod. They have low damage, no intrinsic 'kill' bonuses, and the Mystery Ray has a +1 initiative. Buy a couple of Mystery Rays to replace the Tasers if you want to keep your MW skills in good shape.

    Hopefully, you have at least 200k gold by now. I usually work it until I have 310k minimum for use at the next vendor, but you can always return. No biggie. Now that money is no problem, note that both Antone and Anna carry a new item called "Stud-Cuir Bra +2." Anna gives you a better price, but it seems like Antone offers it to you at a lower party level. This torso armor will last most of the game. It's awesome, but only wearable by females. Hope your party is not all guys. ;-)

    Finally, go to the temple basement. In the Monk's dorm, you'll find an Alchemicus III Book (Alchemy +15). Use the Diamond Ring to cut the glass and grab the Wheel Key (Keep the ring, there's one more use for it later). Go to the basement chapel (round room at the end of the hall). It is protected by a 6-tumbler lock. If you didn't get your locks skill up before, then you'll have to do it now. Kill the undeads inside. There is a hidden Cross of Protection behind one of the columns, but by the time you can kill a L15 Vampiric Head, you won't need the Cross.

    NOTE: Keep one Ring of Protection and one Locket of Reflection until you get to the Rapax Rift. You will need these for Ferro's custom armor quests.

    You now have 3 more portals to play with. Left to Right they are 1) Portal back to the beach at the Lower Monastery, (2) Merchant area where Baldur will sell you some very expensive modern gear (Terra Incognita), and (3) The Soul Chapel (Terra Incognita).

    Take door #2 first:

    Merchant Area: Get to this area from the wheel room in the basement of the Arnika Temple. It is the central portal. Pick up the Tekknology II Book (Engineering +30), and the Snafaru Rifle in front of Baldur Urbeard. The weapons to the left and right are not accessible. He sells several very expensive technology items, some of which are combinable. I try to show up here with enough gold to purchase 10 or 11 Quest Convergency III's (@ 30,921 gp each), or at least Quest Convergency II's (@ 3,102 gp each). That way, everyone in your party can have at least Stamina +1, giving you the ability to run everywhere all the time. Quest Convergency II's are a better value, with decent stats for a tenth the price, but I try to jump in at level III for the extra protection. Read all item descriptions for clues to the game, even if you don't buy them.

    HINT: You already picked up a Ho-Memne at the Spaceport. The Holographic 3-D Projector runs about 49k gold. With that, and using the +Eng itmes, you can combine them into a Set-Portal gadget (Re-Com Sequencer). Using that, 3 of your characters (Gadgeteer & Valkyrie) can Set portal, even though you can't return to portal yet. Or, raise another 100k to get the parts for the Re-Compiler 'Return to Portal' device. The Re-Compiler has +4 Armor-Class as well as other good stats, and is powerful enough to last you all the way through to the end of the game. It's a good investment, but only equippable by Vi and the gadgeteers.

    This merchant restocks every 16 hours instead of 24 (due, I imagine, to high-tech logistics). Now is a good time to combine the Control Helmet with the Visor to get the Visor Helmet, which gives one character +15 MW, which should allow sombody to equip the Vn_ReaperC. If you are desperate for a portal spell, you can buy the parts and make Set/Return portal gadgets. (see Re-Compiler & Re-Com Sequencer, below). One set allows each character to "memorize" a different portal location, which is very nice for non-magic characters. However, those gadgets are quite expensive.

    Now is a good time to take a look at some of the new Combinable Items in Lunastralis:

    Part 1 {id #} + Part 2 {id #} = End Result
    Weapon part I {id 947} + Weapon part II {id 948} = Assembler I
    Uni Key {id 914} + Chaos Key {id 899} = Universal Key
    Starlight Crystal {id 831} + Caput Mortuum {id 837} = Soulship
    Powder of Glory and Fame {id 944} + Mushroom {id 924} = Mush
    Nomader Psbx1970 {id 920} + Rangefinder {id 937} = William s Dutch XR
    Mush {id 945} + Zuzu Petals {id 435} = Psychotropicum
    Lapis Lazuli {id 888} + Lapis Magulensis {id 840} = Lapis philosophorum
    Knowledge Key {id 901} + Life Key {id 900} = Uni Key
    Ho-Memne {id 956} + Holographic 3D Projector {id 953} = Re-Com-Sequencer
    HLL Standard Space Helmet {id 851} + HLL Standard Space Helmet {id 851} = HLL Deep Space Helmet
    HLL Standard Space Helmet {id 851} + HLL Deep Space Helmet {id 852} = HLL Commando Space Helmet
    De-Modulator {id 955} + Ho-Memne {id 956} = Re-Compiler
    De-Modulator {id 955} + Hi-Generator {id 954} = Ma-Orb
    Cornucopia {id 941} + Mortar {id 885} = Powder o Glory
    Control Helmet {id 951} + Visor {id 917} = Visor Helmet
    Assembler I {id 950} + Weapon part III {id 949} = * M A D G O D B F G *
    Ashes {id 836} + Fiery Essence {id 827} = Lapis Magulensis

    NOTE: With the +30 Eng Book, you should now have high enough Eng to make Nanite Leech Ammo with Daeganic Infusers, if you can find any Medusa Stones, that is. You will be able to buy them at Crock, in the swamp, later, as well as Ferro in the Rift.

    BUG: If the act of swapping weapons lowers your Modern Weapons skill to a level lower than that required for the swapped weapon, the game will CRASH. Every time. The addition of +MW on weapons creates this situation, which the game designers did not plan for. Either unequip the secondary weapon, or lock them so they can't switch until your MW skill is sufficient for both guns.

    Now go to area #3:

    Soul Chapel: Get to this area from the wheel room in the basement of the Arnika Temple. It is the rightmost portal. Buff up and equip your best Ranged Weapons with good ammo, because this is probably an impossible fight at your level. Did I say impossible?

    EXPLOIT: Try this; Zone in, DON'T MOVE, hit the attack button, and use ranged weapons only. You will be facing 3 Level 25 Ancient Guardians, but they will not attack you if you hold still in this spot. Note that the third Guardian will often be out of thrown range. Since most of the handguns operate only at that range, you'll have to use rifles, etc., to take out the third one. If you just want to go melee, then the best tactical position is to run up behind the statue to the zoneout point, say <No> to entering Arnika, and fight from there. That way, you only have to fight one creature at a time, and you can always back up a step to escape if things get too rough.

    If the fight ends without killing #3, then you can either fight it like normal, or run behind the statue in attack mode and hope it retreats. Usually, the third mob will run away and give you the opportunity to do the turn-in. Not sure why, but the 'standing still' exploit does not work the second time. Killing these 3 critters gets you 180k XP with a full group, and everyone will level up. If you can't kill the last one, then come back after you level up some.

    Use the Soulship on the statue (the one you picked up in underwater area of the Lower Monastery). The statue says, "Now you are an adept... Listen carefully." After you listen to the metaphysical soliliquy, your answer is "Dream". You get 100,000 XP and a Soul Anchor. Give the Soul Anchor to Vi, since it is perfectly suited to her skills, and is one of the best jewelry items you will find. This will probably get you another round of level-ups, and by equipping the +Alchemy books, all or most of your Rangers can now read all those spell books you've been lugging around. Zone out.

    And finish up with Door #1, which takes you to the:


    END PART 2

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 3).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]


    You are back on the beach. Try to kill some Venom Crabs to get your Venom Crab Shell for Antone. Wade through the water back to the ship. Use the System Override Plugin from the Spaceship Mechanic in Arnika to open the door at the East Input Panel. It leads to Terra Incognita's Mook Vessel area.

    Mook Vessel: There are 5 doors here. We'll number them 1-5 left to right. Visit the Doors in any order, then exit at Door #1. (1) Exit back to the rest of the ship. (2) Daegan Rifle with 10 cartridges. (3) A control room. Look to the far right for a loose panel. Take the Chipboard. (4) Pick up the Control helmet behind the consoles. (5) Grab the Hi-Generator (L3 Lightning, unlimited use). Note that Lightning is a level 6 spell. It is a very powerful item at this stage of the game, but don't overuse it because it doesn't give you any skill-ups in anything when you activate it. Better to use regular gadgets and spells for routine fights.

    Now go inside the Monastery and unlock the Wheel Room with the Wheel Key (if you dare). Fight the Astral Perversion and a Screaming Head for Weapon part 1 plus the usual loot. The trick to this combat is to go into attack mode before the door is open (gives you initiative), then open a Canned Elemental or two to distract the Perversion while you pepper him to death from range with your new rifles. My party was level 10 and had no trouble and no deaths this way. Not sure what you can do if you don't have any Elementals to summon. Come back later if you can't beat this right now. (Just to save the trouble, switch to Novice mode for this one fight if it helps you get it out of the way. It's worth a try. This is a tough fight at level 10.) Don't forget to switch back to your normal difficulty level. If you want to do this later, I'll remind you when it's a good time.

    Run through the...

    Upper Monastery (2): There's nothing new to do here, unless you are evil and want to kill poor Burz. (Don't do it! You'll hear "Got some new stuff in stock," in your nightmares.)

    Did I say nothing new? Yes, but don't forget that you saved the crypt-room roaches for later. This is later, and it's a good time for training up, but it requires an investment of several hours (overnight if you really want to max your skills.)

    Shield Training, if you choose to do it:

    1) Stop at the entrance to the crypt room (The other end of the hallway from the safe).

    2) ~SAVE GAME~

    3) Go into Attack mode so that you can run out into the center of the room before they drop down. IMPORTANT. This allows the 9 bugs to completely surround your party, which is something you want.

    4) Careful now, you don't want to accidentally kill any mobs. (Do not cast Razor Cloak, like I did. I accidentally killed 2 roaches that way about 4 hours into training.)
    a) Set everyone to 'defend', which is the shield icon.
    b) Swap everyone to a visibly-equipped shield. You get no Shield skills unless you have a shield showing. As I said earlier, Burz does carry a basic shield if you don't have enough.
    c) Open the formation window and put everybody in a circle on the outside.

    5) Go into Continuous-Attack mode. I like to watch TV while this is going on, and during commercials I cast spells like Itching Skin, Bless, Light, etc. Have your Bishop cast the crud out of Stamina. Stamina is a targetable spell, and you can cast it on the roaches whenever they pass-out. (Lol, wake up so you can beat on me some more!) It's nice to watch your power circles go from red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to all-green (if you do it enough). This works because of all the +SP (spell-point) regen you got on the Convergence items, not to mention the +HP (hit-point) regen. Quest Convergency III's make this waay easier than in the vanilla game.

    6) About once per hour, check to see that everyone is getting skill-ups in Shield (Inventory window, skills page). Also about once an hour, I pop up the formation window and move folks around to even things out. If 1 party member gets way ahead of the others, just put them into the center of the formation circle for an hour, and then bring them back out. I usually let this run for around 4,000 combat rounds.

    The best use for the shield skill, in my opinion, is for really tough fights. Swap to shields for the first few rounds (Magic-users can keep it up all the time if you want.) Have your hybrids (Rangers, Valkyrie) cast Blinding Flash, buffs, cloud spells, etc. Then, after the enemy is dazed and confused, switch back to rifles and kick some boo-tay.

    Done with training? Finally? Sheesh, move on. I don't actually do this every game. It is not essential. Make sure you have lots of bullets in your bags before you go.

    Arnika Road (2): Don't forget to attack the bandit group who has the Piercing Pipes, since you probably skipped them earlier. Okay, so you got all your buddies in tow. Now is a good time to farm loot and XP if you feel like it. There's no compelling reason to this, but all those 'free' levels may have you falling behind in combat skills. Here's my method...

    POWER LEVELLING (Example: on Arnika Road):

    1) Near the central crossroads, a little to the southwest, you will find a crevice so deep that enemies cannot see you. This is a 'safe' place to camp and recover between fights. It's like a super-chameleon spell. The enemy can't see you here unless they are very close. ~Remember to reset your formation to put Vi up front!~ Back into the crevice, and camp until you can see 2 or 3 groups of enemies loitering on the road.

    2) Move up until they notice you. Wait until they get solidly within your radar, and then back into the crevice again. Punch the sword icon, fight, camp, repeat.

    3) I like to do this until I get a few pairs of Ariel's Slippers and upgrade most of my armor to leathers. As always, practice with your gadgets and spells (and instruments, if you are using them) to keep up with your skills. Actually, this crevice is the best place I know of to use spells with a cone-shaped target area. In the Vanilla game, the Piercing Pipes rock this crevice! Itching Skin, Whipping Rocks, etc., all come in handy here as well.

    NOTE: The front door of the locked house is a good place to fight, but not a good place to camp.

    NOTE: Later on and especially for other zones, learn the X-Ray spell. With X-Ray up, you can go to the zone map (Tab key), and the red dots show where your opponents are. This allows you to quickly run around killing groups as they spawn, rather than waiting for them to stumble across your camping spot.

    Level & farm loot as long and as often as desired, but I generally stop once I'm no longer getting any gear upgrades. Move South and zone in to...

    Arnika-Trynton Road (2):

    You could do the graveyard now, but you don't have an item you need and the main rewards here are XP. Let's wait. Go to Arnika.

    Arnika (2): Prepare for an extended leave, and make sure you set a portal here if you can. Note that your Bishop will probably get the portel spell at level 11. To get it, you can either level up by farming daegonic infusers (killing Savant troops) in Arnika, PL on the roads, do the graveyard quest, or build up enough money to buy the parts to create the Set/Return portal gadget (which was my choice). Keep in mind that two Gadgeteers can share the same gadget but have different Portal Sets, which means you can port back to Arnika from anywhere and the second Gadgeteer can port you right back where you came from. The portal Gadgets are also usable by Vi, giving you a third portal location before your pure casters are even old enough to learn portal. However you manage it, I will assume that you have a portal capability now, and have set it to Arnika for return later.

    Buy, sell, etc., then use the portal in the house to the Rattkin Tree. To use the portal, talk to the Manifestation for 10K XP, and then kill it for 500 gold.


    Tanika Fish=L16, Riptide=L20, Astral Deformation=L28

    Assuming you came in from the Arnika-Rattkin portal: Take the path South, and then hang a left. Talk to Milano, answer "Astral Dominae," and go see the body of Don Barlone. The Luna story diverges dramatically here. The Rattkin are kinda demoted as far as the storyline goes. Someone else has already gotten to the Astral Dominae and it won't be nearly so easy to get as before.

    You'll find the Ratt key. There is a chance to get the Mystic Spear for Vi from one of Don's chests. Save and reload prior to portalling in if you want to try and get it. However, don't sweat it, you can get the spear in a guaranteed location very soon. Also save before the chests, one of them has a high-level trap on it, and you don't want to lose all your gold or potions.

    Talk to Milano a second time, and he gives you Barlon's Key. In the back room, look on the West wall for a hidden panel that reveals a locked safe. Use Barlon's Key to get Snakeskin Boots, Ymmu's Paw, and the Barlon note. Read the note.

    Retrace your steps, and go up the ramp this time. Use the Ratt key to get into the breeding room. The Rattkin Breeders are a much upgraded fight, as well as unnecessary. Use rifles, spell buffs, and your best ammo, and hit the Attack Sword before the door finishes opening so you can get initiative. One of my gadgies preemptively blinded the first Breeder and it was a cakewalk after that. Each Breeder drops a Burning Spear, which is nice, but Vi will upgrade once she gets back down to the ground.

    Do not proceed to Trynton Upper Branches. The bridge looks like it is repaired, but it's a trap, and you don't have the rope to fix it. Once you are done exploring this area (not much else to see here), go ahead and take the 'back' way down (lift, rope, rope). Remember the final rope is tricky; click on the upper edge of the coiled rope to unroll it.

    If you are feeling a little bit evil, here's a 'fun' thing to do. Scoot up as close as you can behind the three Trynnie Hunters, save, and camp. The Trynnie will die protecting you from the next set of wandering monsters. Not that they drop anything good, but...

    The ground area may get you a Pikus Egg, some spider silk, and a Hogar tusk. Since the Pikus kick so hard, I like to get up close, hit Attack, run up until you see the 'become hostile' message, and then run away into a nearby crevice for the fight. This makes tham a lot easier. On the Eastern edge near the Swamp entrance you will find a Lunastralis Flower.

    Drop down to the ocean to explore the shipwreck there, but first switch to rifles and good ammo and buff up with spells. The Tanika Fish are vicious biters, put your best armor up front and back into a corner if you can. Fight Riptide to gain access to the ship. You'll get a Mystic Spear, which is the best polearms in the game, by looking behind the treasure chest in the shipwreck. Climb back up.

    NOTE: Don't forget that Vi can equip a shield and the spear at the same time. It is not a two-handed weapon like you would expect.

    You can go on to the Swamp now, or go ahead and crawl the trees for Trynnie loot (semi-optional). The compelling reasons to crawl upper Trynton are:

    * +5 Intelligence to all party members (!)
    * Shiny Metal Ball "Bobo's ball" (You don't need this if you do the Umpani/T'Rang alliance)
    * A couple of Gadgeteer items: Shiny Chrome Plate, and [Glowing Goo + Orange Goo = Lava Lamp]
    * A couple of Instruments: Snare of Delay
    * Antoine ingredients: Spirit Staff
    * Spells: Missile Shield, Identify Item

    I personally like to explore everything, so talk to Chief Gary, and then hug one wall as you traverse the maze (either left or right side) until you come back to the Chief. While doing this, click on every ladder in your path. I'm pretty sure you don't miss anything when you do it this way. There is only one interesting item in the trunk: Trynnie Breastplate. It might be an upgrade at this point, maybe not. Climb the rope.

    Soon after you climb the rope to the First Bough, you'll find an incense brazier. [?, never did figure this one out]

    Fight Strategy for the Astral Deformation:

    Soon after that, there's a door directly into the bole of a tree. Fight the Astral Deformation for a Vulcan Hammer and the contents of it's treasure chest. You may need Enchanted Blade up to get very many hits on it, because it is level 28. But, it is not an impossible fight even at this level. Here's what I do:

    1) Stand to the right of the door as you pick the lock.
    2) As soon as the door starts to open, run back to the building you just passed and hide in the very back.
    3) Camp. When you wake up, the two Trynnie Patrols will be reset to their starting positions. Follow them as they walk outside. Usually, the Astral Deformation is waiting for you right there, or will attack soon after you show your face. The Trynnie will serve as a distraction while you get Vi's Mystic Spear in position, cast Bless, and start doing damage. The Trynnie may die, but hopefully you won't. If you do, reload and try again. This is an optional fight, in any case. Nobody in my group uses a hammer. Vendor fodder.

    Click the pool of water and answer "dreams" for an Earthshaker Bomb, +10k XP, and +5 INT to every character present. (!)

    Take the elevator to the Trynton Upper Branches. Fuzfas is a good place to stock up on Cure Disease potions. If you're like me, I had about 75 Heavy Heals in inventory, and Fuzfas supplied enough Cure Diseases to convert them all (Okay, I had to camp a few times). Purchase Identify Item for Vi, Missile Shield for the Bishop, and make a Lava Lamp or two. Buy Incense X4 and a Mystery Potion, and go to the Seventh Bough. Drink the Mystery Potion, eat the Zuzu Petals, and talk to Shaman Das for 25k XP and a couple of journal entries. This area is mostly vanilla, so do all the normal stuff. One difference is the Dragon Head mounted on the wall in the sanctuary. Click it to liberate its treasure.

    The only reason to fix the bridge to the Rattkin tree is to open up the short way down to the ground. You have done all you can in this area for now. Combine the Goodavines into a rope, click it on the bridge, and take the elevators/ropes down. Don't forget to talk to Chief Gari one last time. He is so grateful that he gives you Ebony Plate(l) and 250K XP. You will never be any closer to the graveyard than you are right now, so zone out to...

    Arnika-Trynton Road (3):

    Astral Corruption=L21 (Drops the Ring of Life, a perfect gift for Vi.), Mummy=L9 (X4)

    Run to the Graveyard. Make sure you bring a few Cure Disease potions if you can't cast the spell yet, because the Mummies are notorious for passing out the Flu. Nasty stuff if you don't get rid of it in good time. Pick up the Hydrangea Macrophylla (Red Flower) against the North wall near the center of the map, and another one in the ravine against the west wall just before the Graveyard. Clear out the mummies, which drop Mummy Dust for Antoine. The retro dungeon is gone (to supply a slot for a new area, I presume.)

    There is still one activated rune on the West side of the Masoleum, which opens the door on the East side. Pick up the Scarab Necklace from the remains of an unlucky tomb raider, grab the standard loot (Siren's Wail instrument and Antone's skull from a tomb), and use the Holy Water on the captive ghost for 50k experience.

    Finally, loot the one chest in the very back behind the stone wall. You have to run all the way around back of the graveyard to get to it, but it rarely contains anything good because you 'seeded' this chest (locking it in at low-level loot) back when you first zoned into this area when you were newbs straight from the Monastery.

    There is a statue here that will give 22,222 experience in return for a Scarlet Pimpernel flower. Unfortunately, you won't have that until later.

    If you crawled Trynton, I recommend porting back to Arnika. If you didn't get the portal capability before (like I tole ya to ;-) ), run South to Arnika and do it now since you are so close.

    (1) You are likely encumbered and need to sell off loot.
    (2) Braffit and Anna start selling higher spell books around Party L10.
    (3) The Swamp is a great place to spend gold, but a terrible place to make it. You probably need to replenish $$. Fuzzfas is good place to purchase ingredients, but he doesn't give the best price on resell. Save up all your Renewal Potions to take back and sell to He'Li.
    (4) Give your special items to Antone (Spirit Staff, Spider Silk, Iron Weed Thorns, Mummy Dust, Skull from a crypt, Pikus Egg, etc.). With the upgraded armor in this MOD, Antones crafted gear is no longer particularly useful, but I do it just for fun.

    Port back to Trynton, and enter the Swamp.

    END PART 3

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 4).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]

    Swamp (1):

    You've been collecting every empty bottle in sight so far, right? Go fill them from the Tar Pit to get a batch of Cherry Bombs, if you wish. The bridge is now a dam. There is a new “Old Mook Settler” in one of the huts who gives you 10K experience, a key, and a quest to kill a Crocodile. According to the dialog, he will sell you some of his old space gear once your quest is complete. He sells you stuff anyway, though. He seems like a good guy to know, since his items include a Thermal Pineapple (tactical nuke) and HLL Standard Space Gloves and Legs. Hope you brought along your wallet or purse. The Legs are about 75k and the gloves are 25k gold each. You don't actually need to buy the mortor, since you find one in the game by the time you need it.

    The Mook also carries a pre-made Invigorator Belt Gadget (buy 1 for each of your gadgies), and a gun called a Danny AIC (Accelerated Ice Cannon). I wouldn't buy the AIC, or if you do, keep it in the pack until a super-tough fight comes along. It uses power packs which are crazy expensive (2k gold per shot!). The ammo can only be purchased from the Spaceship Mechanic in Arnika. Besides, you get a free AIC later in the Mount Gigas Upper Caves. Save your gold.

    The mechanic in Arnika carries the Giant Magnet, and the Settler here carries a High-Voltage Amplifier. I told you to buy the Magnet earlier, so get the Amp now and combine to get a Forcefield Generator gadget. You could make several of these, but there's no point since the gadget covers the whole party in one usage.

    The hut next door contains a Visor. Use it to upgrade your last Control Helmet. Open the door at the bridge (center of the swamp zone) with the Settler Door Key. You will encounter a Steelskin Crock guarding a Diamond and a couple of piles of Gold Nuggets, and dropping a Steelhide Skin. On two of my Luna games, it also dropped a pair of Assassin's Caps for me. This does not appear to be a 100% drop, but if it drops you get two caps. The Steelhide Skin doesn't seem to be available any other way in case you are doing the armor quests from Antone. Pick up the Level 6 Banish spell off the beach.

    Visit Crock, the vendor you love to hate. Here are a few things to buy:

    1) Medusa Stones (all you can get)
    2) Impaling Stones (sell off any lesser stones, walk away with 2-4 stacks per Gadgeteer in your party, and by stacks I mean full stacks of 100 each.)
    3) Throwing Stilettos (all you can get, never sell these.)
    4) Flash Powder and Sneeze Powder (all you can get)
    5) Get 1 canned elemental for each character, for use when things go South. Or you can Alchemy these from an Ice Bomb and a Fire bomb.
    6) One Doubleshot Sling for your Bishop. (Yes, the Wrist Rocket does more damage, but I use the Doubleshot under the assumption that more shots = more skill-ups. It's a toss-up which is best for your party.)
    7) If you are saving every spell choice at level-up (which I do recommend), then you don't yet have Heal-All. Buy one Amulet of Healing, but keep in mind you will find another amulet in Martin's Bluff soon, and the Heal-All gadget is not that far away.

    Why do I recommend you buy all this stuff? Read on!

    I probably should have mentioned the Stilettos and the powder earlier, so this is a bonus for those who read through this walkthrough early in the game. ;-) You can buy Throwing Stilettos in Arnika, and some of the Bandits drop them as well. Why? They add +8% Kill to your Gadgeteers. Save these for super-tough fights, unless your opponent is immune to Kill shots.

    Same for those two powders, buy them every chance you get. Why? They don't look all that useful, do they? But they look great if you combine them together:

    Flash Powder = 80 gold
    Sneeze Powder = 5 gold
    Alchemy combine them to make Pandemonium Powder = 3,000 gold

    Besides the gold, I like to keep a few P. Powders on every character. They are a random effect, but tossing out 4 or 5 of these at once can turn a battle from a reload into a win. P. Powder affects all opponents within range. This is especially effective when you end up fighting 3 or 4 groups at once. This is also why, when I don't have any compelling place to put level-up points, I put them into Throwing and Sling. Powders are a thrown skill.

    So, what's the deal with all those Daeganic Infusers you've been carrying around? Now is a good time to cover those, since you now have a source of Medusa Stones.

    The best available ammo for slings and Gadgeteers are the Gold Nuggets (60% Knockout) and the Medusa Stones (20% Paralyze and 10% Knockout), both available from vendors in the Swamp. they both have 8-20 damage and +2 to hit, but have different special effects. Did I say the best ammo? I meant the best purchasable sling-ammo.

    There is a way to upgrade the Medusa stones, but the Gold Nuggets cannot be upgraded. This makes the Medua stones extremely valuable for boss fights. Note that you will get bonuses to the base damage based on the skills and levels of your characters and the weapons used to shoot them. It is all cumulative. You will get more than the base 8-20 damage. Also note that the Gadgeteers will eventually unlock the ability to fire crossbow bolts. The 'best' ammo at that point will depend on your weapon and on what special effects are most appropriate for your opponent.

    Use a Gadgeteer to combine the Medusa Stones from Crock with the Infusers from Arnika. You will need to equip the Tekknology III Book from training at the Umpani Base, because this combine requires a high skill. Note that this is the best training in the game for the Engineering skill. Combine one bullet at a time for skill-ups. By the way, did I ever mention Shift-Click to pick up one item off a stack? I hope you haven't been splitting stacks the hard way. ;-)

    The result is a new ammo called the Nanite Leech. Yes there are many lower-level combines all the way down Bullet Stones. This is interesting to do just to see what you get, but don't waste the bulk of your Infusers on anything less than the Medusa Stones. The Nanite Leech has an upgraded damage of 19-24 and a Drain HP power of 10%. This is powerful considering that a high-level character can pull off many shots per round, and a Gadgeteer gets all the Omnigun bonuses/effects on top of that. I always save up several stacks of Leech ammo for Ascension Peak.

    In case you want to stock up, here is the result for Impaling Stones + Daeganic Infusers: You get Nanite Imperators. Damage is 14-18 and includes a total of +20% various special effects. This would bring your Gadgeteers up closer to the damage level of the MW rifles in the early game. I play Wiz 8 on Normal. If I wanted to play on Expert Skill Level, then I would most certainly use this recipe during the first 15 levels or so.

    Now that you can purchase Medusa Stones from Kunar, you can also take advantage of the Nanite Leech moneymaker strategy. (Nanite Infusers+Medusa Stones, Engineering combine). You can buy/farm Daeganic Infusers in Arnika for gold. Nanite Leech ammo sells for 256 gold each. Medusa Stones cost 10 gold each and Nanite Infusers cost 15 gold each, for a total cost of 25g. That's a 10:1 return on the combine. Figure your average Savant android encounter nets you 15 Infusers, that's a net gain of 3,690g per fight.

    Pick up spells for your Rangers. This is going to get very expensive, so set portals between Crock and Arnika to make gold as needed.

    Spells to buy from Crock for your Rangers X4:

    L1: Acid Splash
    L4: Ring of Fire
    L4: Acid Bomb
    L4: Crush
    L4: Cure Disease
    L4: Element Shield
    L4: Fire Bomb

    I'm not going to make a list for Vi and the Bishop, but I will explain how to tell what spell books you need to buy.

    1) Open the vendor interface. (No, you can't sort the list--too bad)
    2) Click on the portrait of one of your spell casters.
    3) Scroll down the list and Right-Click on each book for sale.
    a) First, look at the class icons. If the correct class for your character is NOT grayed out, then this is a valid spellbook. Grayed out, then move on to the next one.
    b) Now, look and see if there is a message in green or red. The green message says that you already know this spell, and the red one says you cannot learn this spell yet. If it is red, then buy it now for later use.
    c) If there is no message, then you can learn this spell right now. Buy it.
    d) BEWARE. There is no message on spells that are the wrong class for you. This user interface could have used a little more polish, but it's what we have. Be careful not to buy spellbooks for the wrong class.
    4) Camp for at least 24 hours (3 camps) to replenish inventory. Some books only get replenished every 2 or 3 days.
    5) Repeat for each spellcaster.

    You can go a lot of different directions from here, but I go to Marten's Bluff for the spellbooks, and so I can set a portal at the teleporter. Head South...

    Marten's Bluff (1): Do all the normal stuff here.

    Make sure you bring some Rez powders or scrolls. Those Deathsting Apuses will get a few kill shots along the way. You already have the perfume, so go ahead and smush the horny Rapax, and take his head down the elevator. You should be able to zoom through the first few T'Rang quests, since you have the Umpani flag (see? that side trip came in handy), as well as the Rapax head.

    Grab the Blarneystone Amulet (cursed) from the hidden area behind the painting to boost Communication when you sell. It is pretty convenient that you also find the Remove Curse spell in the same room. Also in this general area is the Brilliant Helm. With +20 Intelligence, I generally put it on the Bishop to boost her skill-up rate, and she wears it all the way to the last fight.

    Sadoc-->Arnika is a gravy train of gold. Between these two vending areas, you can make stacks and stacks of Renewal Potions, which is a good thing because Sadoc carries a ton of spells (especially those starting with the letter 'S', lol).

    For your Rangers X4:
    L1: Acid Splash
    L1: Stamina
    L2: Dracon Breath
    L2: Sonic Boom
    L2: Cure Lesser Condition
    L3: Noxious Fumes

    You'll find lots of L3 spells for the Bishop--and a few for Vi--then finish crawling the zone as usual. Set a permanent portal at the transporter, but leave your portal in place to the swamp to save some time. Here is a good portal setup for now:

    Gadgeteer #1: Crock
    Gadgeteer #2: T'Rang Transporter
    Vi: Arnika
    Bishop: Where ever you are at the moment and want to come back to.

    Here are a few additional non-vanilla high points of crawling the Bluff:

    1) In Martin's bedroom, you get an Alchemicus V (Alchemy +25) and an Alchemicus VI (Alchemy +30). You now have an embarassment of Alchemy skill riches, though I tend to use the books situationally and equip other items most of the time.

    2) After the T'Rang Transporter, go up the East stairs through the arrow-shooting room (pick up an Amulet of Healing in this area), and back down the other stairs. There is a room in this hallway that contains a Deathstalker FX71 high-end pistol, a Cooperspool (must-have item), and a Holographic 3-D Projector.

    Why would you open the guarded vault with the combination lock? I don't know. I never figured out any benefit to it.

    There are many choices here. All you need to go to the moon now is the Silver Nugget from the mines, but I prefer to save that for later.

    Pick up the idol as your very last thing at the Bluff. In front of the idol you'll find a Nomader rifle called the PSBX1970. With an extra +5 to hit, it gives superior performance at long distances. It's a nice upgrade for now, and you get to upgrade this weapon again once you get to the moon. Then...

    Swamp (2): ...port straight to Crock to deal with the weasely little traitor. Please don't forget that even though you have to run to Brekek, you can port directly back to Crock once you're loaded with finger-lickin-good mutant leg meat. Get your missing character back, and then zone out to...

    Southeast Wilderness (1): The reason I recommend going here next is for the Lazarus stone to make the Regenerating Stone. You could run around this zone all evening, but there are only a few things you really need here. To be most efficient, follow this route:

    1) From Crock, go straight East to the Southeast Wilderness.

    2) Hug the left wall. Follow the path all the way to the gazebo.

    3) If desired, pick up the Chaos Drone instrument in the grassy valley between the paths (among the trees).

    4) Go up the second ramp to the temple.

    NOTE: You can easily get the stone without triggering the big Temple fight. Stand just to the side of the door, go into combat, take one or two steps toward the stone, grab it on your cursor, and step back immediately while still in combat mode. You do not want to trigger the combatants inside yet, because then they will be out of position for later. Make the Gadget.

    NOTE: Read the section later on about how to approach this fight. You might even be able to do it now. It's worth a try.

    4) Run back down to the gazebo.

    5) [Optional] If you want the Ring of Reflextion, hang a right at the bottom of the ramp (along the beachfront road). Hug the right wall until you find a small cul-de-sac and pick up the ring. Run back to the gazebo. This ring is worth the trip, and you will likely continue to use it through he endgame.

    6) [Optional] There are only two Scarlet Pimpernels in the game, and you don't need them both. If you want this one, go south, through the grassy area between the two ramps, and through the tunnel. Hug the left wall this time until you find the Scarlet Pimpernel flower. Looking at the map, the flower is directly south of the temple, at the southernmost part of the zone, in the path behind the fountain.

    7) [Optional] Portal back to the Trangsporter, press button #2, and port to the house on Arnika-Trynton Road. Run back to the graveyard and give the Scarlet Pimpernel to the statue there for 22,222 XP.

    That's all you need, here.

    Portal back to the Trangsporter, hit the Rapax button, and zone to the Rift entrance. If you listened to my portal-setting advice earlier, then you are a winner-winner chicken dinner!

    Rapax Rift: The Rapax Rift is not a necessary stop from a questing perspective anymore, but it is a great place to gain skills, XP, and gear. I suggest crawling the entire zone while stocking up on Medusa Stones and Snakeskin boots at Ferro (you'll find him near the Rapax prisoner with the chain). He also carries Lightning Bolts, which are the best bolts available. The Omnigun can fire them at Gadgeteer L16, which you will probably gain while in this zone. The Rapax even drop armor and spell books that you can actually use at this point. Ferro also has some more expensive gear, such as the Infinity Helm and the Cloak of Many Colors, which are attractive if you can afford them, and you will use them until the end of the game. I can't resist the cloak and the Snakeskin Boots, and usually buy several of each.

    If you zoomed quickly through the mod to this point, hang around here until you get your party up to level 12. L12 unlocks Set Portal on pure casters. Level 15 unlocks portals on hybrids, such as your Rangers, which I unlocked while in this zone. Once your Rangers can port, you open up 4 more portal locations. For now, I used my Bishop (Named B. Elana, for you Star Trek fans), to set portal at Ferro.

    Since Ferro pays the highest price in this MOD for your goods, a portal to the Rift is a good investment. Keep in mind that the Blarneystone Amulet (cursed) from the Bluff, and the Re-Com-Sequencer can raise your Communication skill for better prices as well. Highest skill in the party determines the bonus, so put it all on one character before you sell. However, I'm not convinced that it helped with Ferro. It did raise He'li's paying prices, though.

    Ferro carries Heal All (finally!) and Return to Portal (which matches up with the 2 Set Portal books you already found. This saves a spell pick for two characters. Make sure to pick up Summon Elemental and Purify Air for each ranger. Summoning a herd of Elementals is a good way to win a tough fight.

    Here's a hint on the Rapax casters. They can decimate you in a round or two if you don't have your resistances up. Luckily, with Element Shield, Sould Shield, Magic Screen, and all your +resist items in play, it is very easy to peg all resistances at 100%. You can now cast (in the party makeup that I recommended) Heal All by three party members, but it isn't that critical with good resists.

    Exploit: I have run across a certain situation twice, but I don't know how to reliably reproduce it. In the mountain halls where the red ramps are, sometimes you will end up with an enemy that goes 'semi-transparent' on you. It isn't something you see visually, but ranged attacks go right through the Rapax without hitting. Melee attacks hit, and magic damage attacks hit, but not arrows, slings, Omniguns, etc. When this happens, you can walk your party right through your opponent during battle, but if the Rapax ever moves, then the effect goes away. Both times, the semi-transparent enemy was "downhill" from my formation. This is a perfect setup for training. If it ever happens, make sure you aren't doing any melee, load up with cheap ammo, and cast every non-damaging spell you can until you are out of spell points. When you have no spell points, shooot with guns. I ran this for 50 rounds until I got tired of it, and got probably a dozen or more skill-ups per character. With regenerating spell points and modern weapons that don't use ammo, I could have kept this up all day. I recommend fighting Rapax on the ramps, and positioning your party uphill from the battle. Maybe you'll get lucky.

    The Rapax Corpses in the underground prison are not a necessary fight, but the far room does contain a Hex spellbook.

    Port back to the Transporter-->Mountain Wilderness again, but this time crawl the zone.

    Mountain Wilderness (1): There are only a few highlights in this zone, which you can wrap up in short order. Most of them are optional.

    1) IF you have a Gadgeteer, you need to make a quick side trip. Go south and through the tunnel back to SE Wilderness. Pick up the chisel in the tunnel. Why didn't we get it before? Efficiency. Using the Portal and this entrance is quicker than if we had run across the zone earlier. Backtrack to Mountain Wilderness.

    2) Visit the Barrow in the center-ish part of the zone and loot Thorins Fist; It is needed to enter the Dwarven area of the Mine Tunnels. There are some other nice melee weapons here as well.

    3) Go straight south and rescue Anselm and his friends from the Rapax in the tunnel. Do a Heal-All during the fight if it lasts more than a couple of rounds to make sure they don't die. Anselm gives you the Rammbus Staff [cursed], 7777 gold, and 33333 XP.

    3) Hug the left wall (south edge, heading west), to the SW corner, where you'll find another Lunastralis flower along the wall.

    4) Pillage the hidden area behind the waterfall. There are great melee weapons here--including the Staff of Doom [cursed], Winterwand, Burning Spear, etc.--and various other goodies, but for a ranged party the weapons are all vendor fodder. If you have a melee party, consider sneaking down here earlier in the game. Here is an opportunity to train Artifacts a little using the stacks of higher-end ammo.

    NOTE: ~Save the game~ You may find that your Bishop is starting to die a lot because her defense stats are low. (Did you make a female Elf like I recommended?) We can fix that, possibly, right here. There are wandering faerie along the base of the ramp that leads up to Bela. If you are lucky, one of them will drop a Fae Ring [cursed], wearable only by Fearie and Elves. Not sure which is better, but either re-fight the Faeries or camp and fight repops to see if it will drop. With AC:+4, Speed +10, and Stealth +20, it will make your Elf Bishop much more survivable, and you will wear this ring for the rest of the game. There simply isn't anything better for a Bishop. Unfortunately, it also comes with Stamina -1, so give the Bishop the HLL Standard Space Leg Suit to compensate. With the Snakeskin Boots and the Fey Ring, you also have +20 speed, which is desperately needed. If your Bishop is still wearing wimpy upper armor, port back to Arnika and buy a Stud-Cuir Bra +2. All these items should make the Bishop much more survivable.

    5) Run up the ramp and talk to Bela. He isn’t selling anything unusual, or that you don't already have. Ask him about "Cosmic Forge" and then "Cosmic Circle" to get his quest. Give him the Diamond Ring for 6k gold and 300K XP.

    The old entrance to Ascenscion Peak now leads to the Ninja area of “Terra Incognita.” Port around to unload gear, unencumber, and stock up on good ammo. When you port back to Arnika to get some Daegan Cartridges, don't forget to turn in your Ebon Gem, Steelhide Skin, and anything else you need for Antone's custom gear. Port back and go into the Ninja Temple.

    END PART 4

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 5).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]

    Terra Incognita: Ninja Courtyard: Beware, it contains lots of level 35 ninjas, so don't run in here too soon. These guys give a ton of XP. Unfortunately, they don't respawn. Expect a couple of level-ups for everybody in this area.

    If you have been buying up the modern armor, then you should be fine in this zone. Fully buffed, your Average Armor Class should be 22+ for all party members. If not, expect difficulty with these hard-hitting ninjas. This zone is laid out like the Rapax Courtyard, including the burning oil trap in the entry corridor. Once you get to the locked door at the end, go up the ramps for a battle with a swarm of Ninjas. When you walk up the ramp, the ensuing battle will be epic. You can always run away and draw a few enemies with you at a time, and such, but a fully armored and buffed group can play with these guys.

    Back into the nearest corner at the top of the ramp and go to town. I blow every spell point I can (damage spells rarely land, but you still get skill-ups for that). Exercise every possible skill, because this fight is worth in the neighborhood of 475,000 experience points. Explore the side rooms upstairs for a Dojo key, unlock and enter the Dojo.

    Terra Incognita:Ninja Courtyard:Inner Dojo: Save often! A few years ago, I did a full graph paper map of the Dojo area, but I think it's more fun for you to explore and find the traps for yourself. Expect to die many times.

    First, you enter the upper maze. It is a simple layout of gates and traps. The first trap is spikes that come up from the floor, just run over them and heal. The second trap is a lava press. Just run through and heal if necessary. Open the trapped gate. The fourth trap is at the end of the corridor. Note that two floor squares are different from the rest, these drop you to the lower maze. It is possible--but tricky--to run across the back corner and pick up the treasure: 5 Death Star shuriken. Now walk onto the drop trap and fall down, and heal again.

    The lower maze is a similar layout with different traps. Make your way to the west end of the central corridor, if you wish, where you will get gassed by an unavoidable green mist to get to a chest with an empty bottle inside. It does heavy damage to your party. This is the BEST place in the game to train healing skills. Blast, Heal All, blast, Heal All, until you run out of spell points. Camp, repeat. I usually do this until at least Vi and the Bishop get all relevant skills up into the 90's. I pushed my Rangers up to Divine 50 here.

    Now move up the corridor to the East end, running through the ceiling spikes as they move up and down. The next area is a room modeled after the Spa Room in the Rapax Rift. SAVE prior to the swinging bridges; they are tough.

    As you move forward, the gate will lift and drop. Find a spot where the gate is up, wait until the moving platform is at the right spot, and run through to the platform. You may have to try this several times to get the timing right. Ride the second platform into the next room, which is also a Spa layout.

    Don't worry, the moving creatures cannot hurt you. Here, I can't figure out why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When you approach the 'wedding cake' platform, a third tier will rise and give you the Honbu key. Sometimes it rises, but no key. All I know to do is reload and try again and again until the key shows up. It will be hovering about a foot above the top platform. I think you're supposed to avoid the swinging blades, but I can't figure out what I did right when it does work. It may just be a scripting glitch (I assume it's in the game engine, not the MOD script).

    The black wall panel at the end is a portal that takes you back out to the Ninja Courtyard. Open the locked door with the Honbu Key and enter the Honbu Dojo. Once you 'breach' the castle at this door, the fire trap at the castle entrance is disabled.

    Inside, you will encounter rising tiers of progressively more difficult locks and enemies, as well as progressively better loot.

    1) (no lock) Blackbelt of 5 Flowers (Ninja only)
    2) (3-pin lock) Kusarigama (flail)
    3) (5-pin lock) Ashigaru (Martial only)
    4) (7-pin lock) Boomerang Shuriken
    5) (Super High-level trap) Bushido Blade and the Rammbus Staff

    With a party at mostly level 16, I only survived tier 2 with liberal doses of Resurrection. However, level 3 was a piece of cake using the following strategy:

    1) Unlock the door.

    2) As soon as the attack sword appears, click it to get initiative.

    3) Step backward off the ledge down to the previous level, where you will have the room you need for the next step. Get positioned in the center of the open area.

    4) Have the 4 Rangers and the Bishop cast Summon Elemental in a circle around the party. (You did buy the spellbooks when I told you to, right?) ONLY use green power bubbles, even if it's just 1 bubble. We can't afford fizzled spells. If you have a different party composition, use Canned Elementals to get a total of 3 or 4 allies.

    5) RE-cast Bless (Vi), Armorplate (Gadgie), and Haste (Bishop). Remember that newly cast buffs land on all allies, such as the elementals (!). Use scrolls if you can't cast the spells. This toughens up even a wimpy elemental.

    6) Fight as usual. At level 16, I didn't even need a healing spell, since the enemy is as likely to attack the elementals as the party. In fact, you might not even take a hit. try to reposition so that your pistol icons go white (meaning you have a clear shot to the ninjas between the ranks of elementals.)

    Ninja tier 4 was a little tougher. After popping the 7-pin lock, I cast 5 elementals and no party members died, though I did have to cast a few healing spells.

    I couldn't even disarm the trap on level 5, even with Divine-boosted L&T skill of 112%. The bad guys inside range from level 25 to 40, so I just set a spare portal here. We'll do the Ninja Boss fight later.

    Port to the Trangsporter, then run through to the Northern Wilderness (Bridge on the picture).

    Northern Wilderness: I did't count the last visit as a 'visit', since we didn't do any exploring. Run across the bridge and fight the Rogues for their diamond, but there isn't much here . As you can see with X-Ray, there is a Battering Hogar in a tunnel in the SE corner. At this point, he isn't guarding anything interesting unless you have a Bard. Loot the Hogar's Banshee's Howl if desired. I'm fairly sure the retro dungeon here was used to provide the new areas of the game, and no longer works. I could be wrong. In any case, it's time to pay the Umpani a visit.

    Umpani Base Camp: Stop by to give the T'Rang arm to Balbrak. He'll give you the Mook Alliance letter. Purchase higher Spellbooks from Kunar. I'm going to assume you have the 'what-spellbooks-do-my-guys-need' process figured out by now. Here is a list of what Kunar carries (by spellbook title, not spell name):
    Burning Thoughts

    NOTE: Kunar has a large number of potential items, so each item has a lower chance of being restocked on any given day. You may have to camp out here for weeks to get all your spellbooks. It's a real pain, but remember you also get spell points as you read new books, so every spell is worth learning. Besides, this gives you a chance to pile up healing potions for money making alchemy so that you can afford all these books. It's a necessary grind, in my opinion.

    Head back into the caves by the normal method.

    Mount Gigas Caves: There is now a gate blocking the sunken area. It is near the elevator to Mt. Gigas Upper Caves. Just move on to the Upper Caves; there isn't much to see here.

    Mount Gigas Upper Caves: Use the IUF Level 3 Security Pass at the training console. Look in the back room at the Rocket Range for an HLL Standard Space Suit (nothin standard about it; it's great!), and a Danny AIC MW (as previously discussed, it requires rare and expensive ammo from the Arnika Spaceport). Go ahead and proceed with your training.

    The game seems to get confused if you use the Arnika underwater back door to the scuba training, and won't let you complete your quests (Sgt. Rubble won't be there afterward to trigger game events). Plus, later during training you will get your Djinn Eye and Vampire Bat Wing for armor quests. We'll do that later. Once you talk to Rubble and pick up the scuba gear, there really isn't much point to going through the Mt. Gigas Water Caves. Bayjin Shallows is blocked by a gate, and Nessie is probably too tough to beat right now. You don't really have to talk to the general yet, but you'll find a pair of Precision Gloves among the crates in front of his office. My opinion, don't worry about the training or anything else here right now.

    The Humpawhammer is a good place to set another portal before you jump back to Arnika.

    Speaking of portals, here is what I have set at this point in the game:
    1) He'Li
    2) Humpawhammer (or somewhere else in Mt. Gigas Upper Caves, such as the General)
    3) Ninja tiered temple (awaiting boss fight)
    4) Ferro
    5) Crock
    6) SE Wilderness Temple (by the Unicorn statues, also awaiting big fight)
    7) Sadok
    8) T'rangsPorter

    Arnika: Go to the Mook compound. Deliver the Mook Alliance letter and the T'Rang-Mook Letter to Screg, take the Chaos Moliri, then put the Astral Dominae (fake) in its place. Trade Grimpak's Testament to the Mook Hologram upstairs for the Grim Pak Mx 10. (Nice!) Combine the Scanner with the X-Ray chip to make the X-ray Scanner. Buy supplies, Deagan ammo, spellbooks, etc. Make sure to visit He'li at least three times to trigger her support.

    I took Urq on a tour to the Swamp, Trynton, Lower Martin's Bluff, and back to Arnika. While in LMB, hand the Chaos Moliri to Z'Ant (Don't worry, Urq keeps your secret). Z'Ant gives it back to you, along with 8K gold and 150K XP. You can run out to Arnika road and clear out Sparkle's Uncle's ranch if you didn't before, but there isn't much to see here other than it being a new area. There is another Hydrangea Macrophylla flower here as well.

    Now is also a good time to finish up any leftover fights that were too tough before. In the Temple basement for instance, if the fight behind the third portal didn't work out for you last time, do it now. The extra 280K XP is a nice boost. If the Monastery Wheel Crypt fight was too tough before, run down there and do it now. Same goes for the underwater critters at the Arnika docks, but be careful not to trigger the port to the Mt Gigas Underwater caves. (Save first in case you do).

    Arnika: Underwater portion: Equip your scuba gear. At the docks, you can now release a chain that allows you to jump down into the water. Anna has a couple of extra scuba tanks for you. I sometimes go an unusual route for this, killing the water Mobs at a much earlier level just to round up the goodies underwater. I'll describe that method, even though you should be able to handle it easily at your current level.

    First, drop the chain at the docks. Second, buff up and walk up to the edge. Third, go into attack mode while still standing on the dock. There are several nasty critters underwater, but you can fight them without getting wet. Simply use ranged attacks for a couple of rounds and back away a step or two when things got tough (If your level is low, everybody may be down to about 20% hitpoints and most of your party insane.) Buff up with combat-only protective spells, heal up, Rez if needed, sit still a few rounds until insanity goes away, and then move back to the edge to finish them off.

    Jump into the water even if you only have the two scuba tanks so far. Yes, 6 characters will immediately die. Hopefully, one of your casters has the Rez spell. If you don't have a pure caster, then Rez comes quite a bit later. There's always Rez powders at the temple. Under the water you'll find a Diamondeyes mace, ElNuggeto, and a Golden Breastplate--all nice items. The Golden Breastplate will tide Vi over until she gets to the moon. If you explore around near the back wall, you'll zone straight into Mt. Gigas Water Caves without any warning. This does not work as a back door into Mt. Gigas unless you already have the underwater mission. Otherwise, the training door is locked and Bayjin is locked and you better have a portal spell or you will be stuck.

    However, the order this walkthrough takes you, you should not have any difficulty with these encounters. Clean out the loot (you might want to pop back up to sell ElNuggeto to He'Li or Ferro because it is so heavy).

    Umpani Base Camp: T'Rangsporter to the bridge, zone in and give the Mook Alliance Acceptance Letter to Balbrak for 160K XP.

    Now we have a decision to make. I'm guessing your Rangers and Vi are level 17 by now, and we don't want to hit the SE Wilderness temple until you hit 18. What happens at 18? Rangers and Valkyries get the Resurrect spell. Be sure to select it during level-up to 18. The temple mobs tend to cast Death Cloud and Instant Death a lot, and Rez makes this fight easier, especially when 6 of your 8 can cast it. (Once again, you are welcome to try it now, but don't come crying to me if you all die.) So, since some will be ready and some will not, let's do the Mine Tunnels first. This area is a real treat in Lunastralis!

    So... Port to Crock.

    Swamp: Visit Crock if you wish. Go to the Mook Settler and buy a couple of Thermal Pineapples if you don't have any on hand, then zone out to the Mine Tunnels.

    Mine Tunnels:


    Coming in from the Swamp entrance, pick up the 2 hidden "Dust of Defection" on the entry path. The first open area typically has a lot of enemies waiting, so you might want to hug the right wall as you enter for the big battle. You can find Wasp Wings and Vampire Bat Wings here. An Amulet of Healing (+AC3) is hidden up the path to the right. Search the huts as usual for the items there, then head up the mountain path to the new NPC named, "Bungee Jumper."

    Frankly, Mr. Bungee is a scam artist. He plopped a big boulder down where the pond used to be. I suspect he convinces unwary travelers to jump off the cliff so he can come loot their dead bodies. Also, once you cross the ramp you are stuck there. Talk to Mr. Jumper, pickpocket him if you can, and pick up the hidden armor to the left of the platform. I found him to be pretty observant, so I could only Pickpocket a few minor items from him. Fortunately, you can make it to the bottom of the cliff without injury by stepping off the edge -backward- and running forward (toward the cliff wall) as you fall. You will end up sliding down a slope rather than smacking the bottom. Your second option is to attack and kill Bungee Jumper without crossing the one-way speedbump, then walk down the ramp behind him back to the trail. Your third option is to avoid him altogether. He's a tough kill depending on your level.

    I couldn't see much use in keeping the sneaky snake around, so I killed him. Watch it, he has a VERY mean poison breath. He drops 500 gold and 3-5 random items. The possible items include some pretty nice stuff, but some of it is cursed. Here are some of the better items you could get:
    -Cameo Locket (+4 AC, VIT +15, +1 HP regen, +30% vs. Divine, Male only)
    -Gem of Power (+2 AC, Power Strike +10, +5% vs. all 6 magic realms)
    -Cloak of Perception (+2 AC, +20 Senses, 10% vs Divine)
    -Hi-Kane-Do (upper or lower)(+12 chest/legs armor for Samuri, +30% vs. Fire)
    -Rainbow Shield (+4AC, Shield +20, +15% vs. all 6 magic realms, Prismic Ray(4)/6 Charges)
    -Dragon Kite (+4AC, Shield +20, +40% vs. Fire, +20% vs. Water)
    ...and some pretty awesome melee weapons...
    -Coil of the Serpent (Staff/1-Hand, 6-27 Dmg, +3 Hit, +3 Init, 100%Poison(7), 60% vs. Air, CURSED, -1 HP DRAIN)
    He can also drop high-end powders and potions, Ebony Plate (Head & Legs), etc.

    I usually kill him a dozen times or so. The best items for this party are the Cameo Locket and the Cloak of Perception. Ebony Heaume and Dragon shield are also good items, depending on your party. I got several nice melee weapon drops at other times, but the only one in my party doing much melee is Vi with her Mystic Spear that she got in the shipwreck in Trynton. Everybody else does 100% ranged attack.

    NOTE: The Cameo Locket is one of the best jewelry items available, and will serve you well through the end of the game. With a +4 AC and +15 Vitality, I wouldn't settle for anything less. Too bad you can't get one any other place.

    Go on up the mountain. The crushing plate trap is gone. Turn off the lasers and go in. The panel containing the hidden tunnel map is now also a storage cabinet with a Snafaru Rifle inside. You need the T'rang Arm from Marten's Bluff to open it.

    Move on up the path to the cart shed, picking up the Silent Lyre and the Hose along the way. Combine the Hose and the Bellows to make a Water Cannon! This casts Tsunami, which is a level 7 spell (it's about time those Gadgies started pulling their weight, lol). Talk to the Manifestationc inside the shack for 10K XP, and set a portal here for convenience.

    The cart paths are the same, but some of the destinations have been reworked.

    Area "A": Toggle the left-center knob, get into the cart, and release the brake. The author strongly recommends that you go here first. I assume that is because it is a great new area to visit with great new puzzles, NPCs, traps, and monsters. Grab the Silent Lyre and other goodies. Cross the bridge and follow it to the ice cave, where you will encounter Ice Golems and Yetis. The entrance at the building is a one-way portal to Terra Incognita's Winter Landscape.

    Terra Incognita-Winter Landscape: Get to this area from the Mine Tunnels, Cart Ride, Area A. The automap of this area is sketchy at best. Main features include:

    Terra Incognita-Winter Landscape-Ice Cave: The entrance is hard to see. Keep looking, or fire up X-Ray to see the mean critters. Defeat a few Ice Golems for several items:
    * a book of Superman
    * enchanted robes (both upper and lower)
    * Rez powders

    Terra Incognita-Winter Landscape-Icy Stepped Pyramid: Where you will fight a level 17 Ice Lord, who drops: Shield of Winds, Winterwand, Crusader Helm. Roam around the temple to find a Thermal Pineapple, an Alchemicus IX (Alchemy +55 book), and a Ring of Stars. This is a great +4 Armor-Class ring, and will likely last you all the way through the end of the game. There is a hidden zonein to the South East Wilderness behind the Ice Pyramid. It requires a running start to get over a pile of snow, (the place where you take a running start to get up on the path?... Just keep running forward, lol) and once over, you are stuck having to zone out. It ports you right in front of the Wilderness Clearing/Rapax Away Camp. Good to remember if you need to go free the captive scouts. But don't do that right now. Instead, near the Ring of Stars, (the open sea shell), jump down to enter the Blighted Area. That's where you go to begin the Astral Dominae quest.

    END PART 5

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 6).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]

    Terra Incognita-The Blight: Here is where I decided to switch back to my training pistols for awhile. Need to keep those skills up. Jump down off the platform onto the bridge. This area is modeled after the Northern Wilderness and populated with Amethyst Golems and a scattering of undead (such as Tomb Reapers and Screaming Heads). Maybe it's just me, but the golems seem to be particularly vulnerable to instant kills.

    Move up to the island in the middle of the pond to get a bundle of Shrike Arrows and a Mushroom. Now go south to the "Hogar" cave. Arachnimedes lives here. Could he be all that is left of poor old Marten? Or is he just using Marten's ID Tag as a security backdoor? In any case, he will give you the Marten ID Tag and a quest to avenge him, after which you will be forced to put him out of his misery. His drop table varies, so you can save and replay the encounter until you get an item you can use, but he doesn't drop anything really high-end.

    Move SW until you run across the Naughty Lion, er, Naughtilion rather. Once this guardian is dead, it drops the Milk of Magmanasia (you need this). Go under the bones to loot its lair (a cave), which contains a Bat Necklace, Dragon Kite, Bracers of Defense, and a few Lightning Bolts. Beware, there is a L35 Cranc fire golem nearby (which you can sneak past if necessary, but it does give you 125k XP and is suseptible to inst-kills). At the end of this SW area you will find Ebony Boots and a Maenad's Lance.

    Hug the left wall and go north. There is nothing else much to speak of except the standard odd hidden minor items and stones laying around, until you get around to the West-most bank of the lava flow. ~Save Now~ Here you will find a trapped walkway over the lava. Look carefully, you can see a faint outline of trap doors, some of which will drop you into the lava and kill you. Stay all the way to the outside edge and you will miss them. Walk v-e-r-y carefully past the pointy horns; it's easy to bounce off and fall into the lava. Fight a L20 Rynjin Battlelord at the end for a large Ruby, and return. Ignore the Bone Bridge for now.

    Now head directly SE to the Ruins (where the rogues hang out by the campfire in the Northern Wilderness setting). Careful, use X-Ray here or you can end up battling multiple groups (wandering mobs + a set encounter) at the same time if you rush in. Here, you will battle a set of various Crystalline golems for a second Ruby, a Cape of Stealth, Rez Powder, and some minor items.

    Note that wandering monsters often hang out and respawn near the ruins. Camp here if you want to be attacked for power-leveling. Lastly, there is another Mushroom Due East of the ruins, a set of three Mushrooms further East, then one more directly NE of that. You only have to have one mushroom for later combines, so if you have one you don't need to seek out more. Except for some misc. arrows and bullet stones laying around, you have cleared the area.

    Head Northwest to the Bone Bridge and cross over the lava.

    Terra Incognita-Alchemist University: Put one of your Rubies in the brazier to open the gate, go inside and open the left door first. You'll loot an Alchemicus VI Book (Alchemy +30), guarded by a Dark Servant. Back in the entrance room, click the blue rune by the main door, go in, and loot minor items from the coffins. The "pool" at the end is not water, it is quicksand, and it doesn't heal-all, it damages-all. If you have any healers in the party, now is a good time to skill up a bit before you drop through the sand to the floor below. Just move up close to the edge and click the sand, heal, repeat. Once you drop down, you can unlock the nearest door to a portal back outside to the Bone Bridge, or go down the stairs and un-trap the door to the rest of the level.

    The next room has two doors. Open the one to the left, go up the ramp to find the Catfoot Key, up the second ramp to fight Maceriatos for his Blunder Buss and Kolkothar, and untrap the painting for the Jawbone Key. Go back down the ramps and open the cell with the Jawbone Key. Talk to Nutella for 13666 XP. You can pickpocket her for a pile of low-end items, but she cannot be attacked. Now go back to the central room and down the ramp. The door will open only if you have retrieved the "backdoor" Marten's ID Tag. You may have to stand in a couple different spots until the script kicks in.

    Kill Gruhl for his Blunder Buss. This room also has two doors. Open the one to the left again, this time fighting Fairyghosts. You can kill them one at a time, or if you dare, run to the middle of the room and Earthquake them to death. (Tell me again how an earthquate hurts a flying creature? ha.)

    The first pool is water, and the second is acid. There are 5 exits to this room 1-5 from left to right. Visit them in this order...

    (1) 5-tumbler door that unlocks a portal to the house in Arnika that you could not open before. In Arnika, push the button to open the door for future access, take the Alchemicus IV book (Alchemy +20), and use the portal back to room #1.

    (2) Save game, because this is a high-level trap. Untrap the door and walk through the lava to obtain the Lift Activator, (or you can reach it from the side if you stand right on the edge). Just click once to open the glass case and again to pick up the Activator.

    (3) the painting. Leave it for now.

    (4) Save first. Use the Lift Activator to open the gate, and drop down to the Fake Treasury. Click the Rune. (This is a good place to save game.) Stand to one side while you flip the lift lever. A hidden door will open. Go down through the passage and click the painting. After the fight, talk to the Undead Trynnie. You hear a ghostly voice saying, "Whereever you go we will follow you."

    NOTE: It is easy to end up with an enemy ghost positioned so that it can attack you, but you can't hit back. If you move away until it follows you, and ~then~ kill it, the script may not work. When you go in and talk to the Trynnie ghost, it will say "You killed us." The next trynnie ghost will say that you will pay for all your sins and go hostile on you.

    BugFix: You can fix this by backing up onto the edge of the ramp before opening the door. Back up a little more, then click the sword. Make sure you kill all the mobs before entering the door. If you are successful, the Trynnie Ghost will say, "Long live the Trynnie." (S)he will help you if you get into any nearby fights, including ones with other Trynnie ghosts. This is a role-playing issue in case you don't like the idea of being haunted by ghost trynnie for the rest of your years. It doesn't hurt the game if you make them mad.

    Click the rune on the wall and pick up the nearby items: Mortar, Empty Bottle, Kolkothar, ashes (in the forge), and Dark Nectar (up high on a shelf).

    Open the first cell and talk to Raffaello for 16K XP and a clue about the Starlight Crystal. Once again, you can pickpocket but not attack. Open the second cell and talk to Ferrero Roche for 10K. I'm not sure where she is hiding it all, but Pickpocket her for a big pile of armor and weapons if you have the skill. There is a barrel at the end of this hallway that opens with the Catfoot Key (Remnant from a prior version of the MOD; It doesn't serve any current purpose). Go back to the entrance room where they have a Hogar head on the wall.

    Nearby is an octagonal shaped room with a statue. Stand outside that room while using the Lift Activator on the floor. Jump down and Save your game. Now click the Rune shaped sort of like a Z and wait for the lift to rise up with the Starlight Crystal. Take the Gem, but do not get on the lift. You can't breath vaccuum even if you do have a spacesuit on. (In the current version of Luna, the lift stays up anyway, but you would get stuck here.) Now activate the other 3 Runes around the hole, and go get the Alchemicas X book (Alchemy +70). Walk into the laser circle to port out.

    The next room has 4 exits. Numbered clockwise from the bathtub: (1) Go in here and flip the switch to drop the elevator back down into the Fake Treasury. Although, in the current version of the MOD this switch is no longer necessary. (2) Flip the switch to open the door to the pool room. (3) Open the gate, go down the long ramp, and defeat the Gazer for the Hall Key. (4) You can use the Lift Activator to go back down to the Trynnie Ghost (not necessary). Just go back out to the pool room.

    (3) Click the painting and answer Androgynus to enter. After fighting the undeads, pick up the Alchemicus VII Book (Alchemy +40), and the Alchemicus VIII Book (Alchemy +50), look at the center column, click the rune on the West side and the button on the East side to open the book case.

    From the entrance door, the third bookshelf clockwise contains some decent random loot. One time I got the Excalibur sword, but it varies and I tried reloading back before opening the painting, but the loot is already set by then. The 4'th bookcase generates a 'breeze' from behind it. Walk through the books to the maze below.

    Go Right 4 times to find Baron Englund's Ghost (L13), and his friends, a level 10 Yombie and 3 level 17 Wraiths. Walk through the nasty water to get the Vitriolic Oil, and combine it with the Starlight Crystal to get Lapis Lazuli.

    Head back up the stairs, stay straight, walk out over the invisible floor, and fight 2 more level 17 Wraiths for the Caput Mortuum. Head back up the stairs. Go Right, Left, Straight, Right (hugging the right wall also works). Open the runed door and walk through the lava to fight Pyromon, who drops the Fiery Essense.

    Combine the Fiery Essense with the ashes to get Lapis Magulensis. You will probably need to equip your best Alchemy books to have enough skill to do the combines, and some way to cast Identify on the results. Then combine your Lapis Lazuli with the Lapis Magulensis to get Lapis Philosophorum.

    EXPLOIT: Pyromon is level 20, with over 800 hit points. You can hit the attack botton while you are still standing on the rail, before you can actually see Pyromon, and he cannot attack you. Move back a little if he starts hitting, forward if he retreats, etc. Pre-equip your party with low-end ranged weapons for a nice skillup session of Ranged/Modern Weapon/Eagle Eye.

    Go back up the stairs, Left, Right, and Left, (or just follow the right wall the rest of the way) to exit the maze.

    Back in the pool room, go to door (5). This is an expert-level trap, so you may have to try it more than once. (Save.) Once you are through with your gold and potions intact (pay attention! Some traps are brutal), go down the stairs into the Yombie Room. This is kinda creepy if you have watched as many Zombie movies as I have. Make sure you turn the sound on for this fight. /em shivers [Hint: This can be a tough fight if you let the 6 Yombies surround you at the bottom of the stairs. Instead, near the bottom, go into attack mode and run across to the corner of the room. This should position you well, and give you the initiative to hit them with several area effect attacks before they even get to strike. It can make all the difference.

    Use the Hall Key on the big door and fight the Misc. creepies in the Astral Dominae Room. The Rapax Hierophant is level 25, and drops the Vampire Chain. The Vampiric Wraiths are Level 24 X2, Cave Fiend L20, and Quagmroth Ve L20. The fight nets you another 178K XP. Talk to Manifestad about Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Go take a look at the Astral Dominae. Flip the switch on the North wall, then use the Lapis Philosophorum to open the vault door. Move forward and talk to the Pseudo Androgynus, he taunts you for a bit and then attacks. He is Level 25, and gets you another 175K XP. Nice!

    Now open the 8-tumbler door to the goodie room, which contains a Thermal Pineapple and a Dodd Slayer Blaster (15% Kill). Click the ghostly Ruby to retrieve the Vortex Key and the Cane of Corpus, among other goodies. Flip the switch on the side of the dias to open a gate to exit this area. Now use the Vortex Key to "free" the Astral Dominae and get your 250K XP. Don't forget to actully pick it up, and portal out of this area using door #1 from the pool area. He'Li will now give you some free ale on your next visit.

    NOTE: You can also pull a lever to go back up the ramps to Terra Incognita, but there isn't anything do there at this point. Portalling out is better.

    South East Wilderness:Temple: Get ready for the 'big' fight. This can go easy as pie, or hard as heck, depending on random factors and prior planning. With good planning, it has a high chance of going like a stroll in the park.

    Now is a good time to make a side trip to Ferro, etc., and upgrade any armor you have been putting off. Cloak of Many Colors and Snakeskin Boots are especially helpful. Make 25-50 rounds of Nanite Leech for each Gadgeteer in your party, and equip it equally between them. With this ammo, at level 18 or so, you can do Omnigun triple-shots that add up to 250-300 damage depending on the Armor Class of the mob.

    Once your encumbrance is in good shape, port to the South East Wilderness Temple. Buff up with Armorplate, Enchanted Blade, Magic Screen, Missile Shield, Chameleon, and any others you want like X-Ray, Light, Detect Secrets, etc. You gotta admit these Bishops are total buff-bots.

    ~Save~ Best bet is to sneak up along the side of the big room with Chameleon or Tincture of Shadows going so that you can start out with high initiative and close range. You should be able to sneak up behind the stairs on the Left side of the room.

    Round 1: Ease up as close as you can without getting aggro, hit attack and the Run button, and then run around the stairs right into the middle of the crowd. Whereever you end up is where you will be for the duration of the fight. Closer is better for your guns. Very few of the mobs in here will attempt to melee, anyway, so close contact doesn't matter much.

    Round 2: Ready your best offensive powders, potions, spells, and gadgets. Here are some good ones for round 1:

    * [MOST IMPORTANT] Use the Magic Mirror on Vi with your highest-initiative Gadgeteer. Vi is more survivable due to cheat death, and the Eye-for-an-Eye effect will probably win the battle for you. Use a potion if you don't have the gadget.
    * Cast Soul Shield, Element Shield, and Bless
    * 1 or 2 Thermal Pineapples (Nuclear Blast level 7)
    * 1 or 2 Pandemonium Powders
    * Bishop: Biggest damage Area-of-effect Nuke (Cast Haste if you haven't been pumping Senses and Speed and/or wearing Snakeskin boots, but your initiative should already be plenty high. I would go with the nuke.)

    Round 3: If any of the previous spells or effects failed, the only one I would recast is Eye-for-an-Eye, and try not to waste a Gadgeteer on it. Other than that, I recommend going for pure kinetic DPS. Be careful about casting any more spells, because the enemy often has Eye-for-an-Eye up by round 3, just like you do. Your guns should be more than enough to finish off all remaining enemies before the end of the round. If the Random Number Generator was unkind, just reload and try again.

    I do hope you trained up in Artifacts somewhere along the way. Remember to use characters with a decent Artifacts skill for those Pineapples; the backlash would be pretty hard if it failed. Qusar has given the Pendulum to the Sorceress Queen in this latest Luna Patch, giving you an added incentive to do this fight as soon as your Gadgeteers can use the Jackhammer, which is level 18. [Pendulum + Chisel = Jackhammer] She also drops the Heart of a Sorceress for Ferro's custom armor. In addition, you'll find the Metal Belt, which you can combine with electrodes to make an Invigorator Belt (Superman).

    The fight in the Temple Basement is much tougher than usual, however; Luna adds a "Guardian of Knowledge," who is a level 38 spellcaster. You can do the upstairs fight as early as, say level 14, but downstairs is problematic so early. If you are under level 20, go into combat halfway down the ramp (before the second turn) so you can get your protective spells up before the battle. After the Mummy-types are dead, grab up the loot while still in attack mode and run away. Come back and fight the Guardian when you have gained more levels, since you will hardly be able to damage her at level 15. Getting the loot is definitely worth the trouble, because down by the Hero's Sarcophagus is a Modern Weapon called Morgana's Spitter. It requires ModWep 70. You'll want this baby as soon as possible. ;-) You shouldn't have any trouble with the Guardian around level 19-20, but she doesn't drop anything. Oh, well.

    NOTE: I have noticed that Morgana's Spitter seems to shoot fewer times than other guns. Not sure why.

    South East Wilderness:Temple:Mountain Wilderness Retro Dungeon:

    Assuming you are arriving from the South East Wilderness temple: At the top of the West stairway is a vortex "Rift" that takes you to the "Dungeon" zone. This is the same zone that you will enter if you do the Mountain Wilderness Retro Dungeon. However, this portal takes you directly to just before the end-boss fight with Nebdar. You will have to pick your way through two 6-tumbler doors with No Magic. I had a Lock & Trap skill of 66% and that still took quite awhile. However, there is a wealth of items here, so it's worth it.

    You cannot fight Nebdar twice for her amulet, unfortunately. /sniffle. Regardless of whether you go in here or by activating the runes in the Mountain Wilderness, there will only be one Nebdar. Note that you can't cast magic in the final fight with Nebdar. Nebdar's amulet is ideal for a Bishop, and you will want to wear it for the rest of the game.

    If you came here from the Mountain Wilderness Rock Spires: Everything is normal until you enter the mushroom ring that teleports you to the final section of the dungeon.

    The denizens are level 20 and up, Nebdar=L28, so this will be a tough fight right now. The first thing you'll find out is that you can't cast spells in this last area. Existing spells continue to work, though, so buff up before you step into the mushroom ring (or rift). Hopefully, your casters and Bards have a weapon skill of some sort. Right? You need enough lock skill to get through the first door, which has 6 tumblers, and remember--no Knock spells.

    The next door is another 6-tumblers which puts you into a fight with the level boss, Nebdar, and her ghostly rapax minions. Magic, powders and bombs don't work here, along with Musical Instruments. Gadgets do generally work, however I had trouble with the Invigorator Belt/Superman. Stay just a little ways outside the doorway to keep from getting surrounded. Nebdar drops her customary amulet, which is very nice. I gave it to the Bishop.

    EXPLOIT: If you really need magic to win this fight, the 'no-magic-zone' ends just beyond the swing of the entrance door. You will have a fraction of a second after unlocking the door to hit the attack button in time to get pre-emptive action. Otherwise, mobs clog the entryway and you can't get in. When you click on the final tumbler, you gotta hit the attack Sword as soon as it highlights. Use your initiative to run inside the room; the most strategic position is across the room next to the armory door. Now you can use magic and heal, etc.

    The final treasure room is Knock-Knockable, and contains a wealth of items including: Death Bomb, Renewal Potion, Canned Elemental, Skeleton Powder, Sradacs Oct02 (Modern Weapon 80 Required), Bonebasher Staff, the Ripper, Book of Death (Level 5: Instant Death), Book of Chameleon, Thunder Stick, Sword of Fire, and a Doublestrike Dagger. That is why you should go ahead and try to win this fight; the loot is fantastic.

    Mountain Wilderness: The Dungeon dumps you out in the center of the Rock Spires. If you didn't come from here, you can click the runes on the spires and use a (plain) Longsword on the center stone to enter the dungeon from the beginning, if you wish. Otherwise, this zone has been picked clean. Port back to the Mine Cart.

    Mine Tunnels: You can either go down the lift to the Cavern and Dwarven area, or move on to Lower Martens Bluff. Since we have already cleared out LMB, let's go spelunking!

    Mine Tunnels: Area "B": Toggle the middle knob in the second row, and take a ride in the cart. This is where you used to find the Giant Silver Nugget. Luna makes you work for it, now. Take a series of platforms down to the bottom, where you will find an ACTUAL mine tunnel to explore. Finally! Hurrah for Qusar! You will find a 250 pound Titanit nugget, a Gaztorch (Lightening Spell, Power 5, but you cannot use it in battle), and a second 250 pound El Nuggeto.

    Save often, and don't fall off the path. There are places where you can get stuck forever. This new area really gives you a sense of dangerous exploration with its tilted floors and odd angles. Explore the large underground cavern to find the Giant Silver Nugget that would NORMALLY be for Ferro's armor quest. DO NOT turn it in to Ferro. Instead, you will need it at the Arnika Spaceport.

    In fact, He'Li will pay 80,000 gold for Titanit, and 66,666 gold for El Nuggeto. All this precious metal is trashing your armor class, and you need to deal with it right away. First, I chose to overwrite my port to Sadok (sniffle) with a port location right here at Thorin's Bell (next to the guard-dwarves). In any case, set a port so you can return to the Dwarves. Second, port to Ferro to sell off whatever you can at the best price. Third, port to Arnika and have a drink with He'Li over all the stolen loot you just fenced with her. Anna is the only other vendor I could find who will buy the heavy treasures, but of course she doesn't pay as well and runs a dry counter. (That's a bad pun referring to a 'dry county', for those who know what that is. Google it.)

    Finally, you now have everything you need to get the Hanger Key, so let's swap for it and get our AC back. We aren't going to the moon just yet, but you still want to get rid of that heavy nugget. Since you are already in Arnika, run over to the Spaceport and use the following three objects to neutralize the three forcefields in this order:
    1) Chipboard
    2) Giant Silver Nugget
    3) Cooperspool
    Scoop up the Hanger Key, and note that your Armor Class numbers should be blue or green now (if not, go sell more stuff or stash it in a chest or something). Port back to the Dwarves, and use Thorin's Fist (From the Mountain Wilderness Barrow) on the bell to open up the Dwarven area. Go inside.

    NOTE: Thorin's Fist hammer is no longer mandatory after this, but you may want to keep it for a future use.

    END PART 6

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 7).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]

    Terra Incognita: Dwarven Mines: There are many L26 Tangle Trees here that will aggro if you fight near them, but will not aggro on their own. You could go ahead and start battle just to pick them off at your convenience, or avoid battles altogether when you are near them. In general, you will want to move around the valley clockwise from the entrance. The dwarves are level 18-20, and have 500+ HPs, making them excellent for more ranged skillups. As I suggested before, equip all the low end Modern Weapons for stretching out the battles (if your ranged skills are falling behind--you don't have to do this all the time.). You will probably get Insta-Kills before you actually chew through all their life. If you haven't sold them off, you should have 2 Tazers, 3 RuPaulse guns, and 2 Starwalker M's. All nice unlimited ammo, low-end damage guns to skill up with.

    Moving off to the left, pick up the Hydrangea Macrophylla flower nestled in the midst of three trees. Just after the ground gets grassy, defeat the Crazy Dwarves in the cave and harvest their mushrooms. Your next objective around that side is a house, where you will find Humpadur, a friendly dwarven bartender that sells Magnetic Gloves. You might want to camp here until you upgrade your gloves as desired. (2-camp restock on the gloves) He pretty much gives you leave to kill his king and loot the Dwarven Royal treasury. ...and he says he is the only sane dwarf left? ~Save Game~ Go upstairs for the Mortar and Myrhh. Step onto the wooden platform and then step off again in the loft. If you don't jump off the platform, you will be crushed. It's a bit tricky. Save again before jumping back down, since the platform starts up again as soon as you step on it.

    The next stop going around the valley is a church. There is a skull in the basket by the Lamenting Priest. Go inside the church and pick up the Cornucopia at the podium and a few minor items in the back room. Now you have what you need to do some combines. Use your Alchemist to combine the mortar and the Cornucopia to get Powder o Glory, then combine the Powder o Glory with the Myrhh to get Powder of Glory and Fame, then combine the Powder of Glory and Fame with a Mushroom to get Mush. Even with a pure Alchemist in your party, its likely you will need to equip the Alchemy books to get your skills high enough for the combines. Pet the doberman on the way out.

    The next tower-shaped house is for decoration only. However, the door is glitch-trapped. If you step up to the door, the game will hang up and you can't even reload. Fortunately, you can hit the escape key to go back to the main menu and reload from your last backup. I did say to backup often, right?

    Move on around to the pond and grab a Zuzu Petals at the peeing statue (you might want to wash off those coins before putting them in your pocket. Eeww.), then talk to Manifestationa under the waterfall for 25k XP and a stronger hint about the Alchemy solution to the madness. For the final Alchemy, combine the Mush with the Zuzu Petals to get Psychotropicum.

    If you have X-Ray up, you might see a bunch of Mobs up the valley wall behind a rock slide. Sometimes, it is possible to aggro them by camping at the foot of the slope, just for fun. There's nothing special about them. Now start making your way back up the other side of the valley. Pick up a couple of Lunastralis flowers and the Scarlet Pimpernel, and you may encounter a few wandering Dwarves.

    Now go to the hilltop brazier in the middle of the zone, face SE with the brazier in front of you, and burn the Psychotropicum in the flames. This does a couple of things. It reveals a tower with a Naughtilion mega-pede hanging off the edge (gotta luv it!) and repairs the catapult. Since the catapult is working, go run up it to get flung to the top of the tower. Best to be walking forward as you fly through the air. Sometimes you can fall backwards to the ground after you land on top. Um, that hurts!

    NOTE: As always with these new areas, if you step off the path at the top of the tower, you can get stuck. Reload, because you can't get out.

    Prepare for battle with the Insane Dwarven King Ghost. He's Level 35, with over 2K hitpoints, and he drains hitpoints. With Alchemy, you should have loads of potions of Renewal for afterward. Level up, load ammo and renew your buffs. Don't forget to switch back to rifles if you are holding pistols right now. Bring your best game. The glimmer in the air is an insta-portal into the King's treasury. Step inside.

    NOTE: Summoned Elementals do help distract the slavering noble. Elementals are sized according to how much power you put into them. If you can't target your summoning spell, then try lower and lower power levels until you can. In this case, powerful elementals are too tall to fit inside the room. That's okay, small ones do the job just fine, especially when you cast 4-5 of them. Click the sword to get preemptive initiative.

    Your rewards are: 187,500 XP, Kings Crown (Dwarven Only), Life Key, Blade Cuisinart, *Light* *Shield*, Raven's Bill (Cursed), Coif of Divinemail, Crusader's 2H Axe +1, and the contents of two high-level trapped chests. (The traps are high level, not the loot, unfortunately. Don't forget to cast Divine Trap.) If you have one of the other crucial keys (such as the Knowledge Key), or the partial Uni Key at this point, you may combine it with the Life Key. By this guide, you won't have those yet, so save it for later.

    Step outside. This is an excellent zone to gain a level or two. Some of the Lunatic (L18) and Crazy (L20) Dwarves do respawn. With X-Ray up you can run around and fight them until your entire party gains a level (or two). I stayed until my Bishop turned 20.

    Mine Tunnels: Area "B": Exit this zone back out to the Mine Tunnels (or port to the dwarven bell if you still have that option.), use the Gaztorch to set off the bomb in the cavern. Once you blow up the wall, you will exit onto a desolate plain with some abandoned dwellings. You'll fight Willow Saplings and find Manta Roots, Mantis Gloves, and Goatfoot Boots. Otherwise just exit back into the outdoor portion of the zone.

    NOTE: Don't bother going to the other two Mine Cart locations.
    Area "C": Takes you to the Iron Grate along the mountain path. No items.
    Area "D": Takes you back to the solid metal door along the mountain path. No Items.

    SUMMARY: At this point, you still need the Destinae Dominus which you get using the standard method from Marten. You also need the other two parts of the Uni key, and still have Umpani and T'rang quests to finish. You now have almost everything you need to go to the moon except for Scuba gear if you have a large party.

    Rapax Rift: Port to Ferro to buy spellbooks. I'm not sure at exactly what character level they show up, but as of levels 20+, Ferro starts carrying level 5 spellbooks. Such as:
    Psionic Blast X1
    Toxic Cloud X5
    Body of Stone X5
    As usual, you will have to camp for several days to pick up enough copies for everyone. In the meantime, stock up on Lightning Bolts (Gadgeteer ammo) and Cure Disease (for Alchemy $$ recipe). You can never have too many of those.

    Portal back to Mount Gigas.

    Mount Gigas Upper Caves: Look near the crates in front of General Yamir's office for Precision Gloves (+10 Engineering, +5 senses), and get the Level 6 security pass and the Bayjin quest. If you have a spare Portal point, set it here right at Yamir; You will want to come back here if you are doing quests.

    NOTE: The room next to Yamir has a lot of locks. I skilled up my Rangers with the Knock-Knock spell here until they were all Earth Magic 50+. HINT: Put the Brilliant Helm on whoever has the lowest Magic skill. They will skill up a LOT faster with +20 Intelligence, usually getting multiple pluses on each full round of casting.

    NOTE: Now is a good time to do the Monastery Vault, if you didn't do it before. This is an optional quest for a nice BFG weapon later on, but why not? Activate the HumpaWhammer and port through to the house. Pick up the Dulcimer of Mending if you have a Bard. This house on Arnika Road is the most convenient way in the game to get to the Monastery, so go outside and run through the canyon back to the Lower Monastery. You will use the Weapon Part 1 for later combines. Lug it around for now.

    Present your Level 6 Clearance at the training console to open the door to Sgt. Rubble. You now have enough Scuba Gear for a full party, and all the prerequisites to head to the moon, so port around to whoever you want to sell off gear, buy ammo, then to Arnika and head to the Spaceport. No sense in waiting, and you might want to gather up some gold before you go...

    Arnika, Spaceport: If you didn't clear out the harbor earlier (underwater), now is a good time. Refer to the strategy from earlier in this walkthrough, if needed. It should be a lot easier now, but expect insanity and maybe even a turncoat during the fight.

    Buy two more System Override Plug-ins from the Spaceship Mechanic. Use the Hanger Key at the Dominus Moon Shuttle Hanger, and go to the back corner to obtain an HLL Standard Space Helmet (combinable), an HLL Space Life Support (which, by the way, does not function as scuba gear despite the name), a Scuba Gear, and a Visor. Go up the ramp into the shuttle (you might have to run to keep from dropping through to the floor) and push the console button. You are on your way to the moon!

    Moon: Lots of Level 20-25 Mobs here, but they don't give a lot of XP. My party is usually level 19-21 at this point, and it seems plenty strong for this area. Head NW for your first fight in space, then further NW to enter the spaceport. Use a System Override Plugin to open the Moonbase outer door.

    Pick up the HLL Standard Spacesuit, open the next door, and slide through the turbines. Don't worry, they are moving too slow to hurt you. Despite the fact that there appears to be air here, you still need your scuba tanks. After that, there's a one-way portal to the inner station.

    Go through two doors to fight Digimad and his Lowtec Quartet of level 20 bots. He drops Solar Powerpaks, and you will find HLL Standard Space Gloves, Footing, and Helmet in the museum. Go to the next room, and you will have an East door and a South door. Go South and pick up the Hi-Generator, then East. This corridor has two exits; follow the East door first. Use your third System Override Plugin to open the door at the end of the hall. There are two exits, but the East wall is blocked right now. Take the North door to fight a second Digimad to get the HLL Standard Space Leg Suit and click the keyboard to open the East room. Go to the East room and pick up the Thermal Pineapple and the Armored Space Combat Suit. In my party Vi is the only character that can wear this high-end suit. It is a nice upgrade from the Golden Breastplate.

    HINT: Vi may not be able to equip the Armored Suit. Vi comes with a strength of 68, and the minimum strength for the armor is 90. If you haven't boosted her strength--as you wouldn't normally for a mainly Modern Weapons fighter--she can still wear it with a strength of only 80.

    Equip the following:
    * HLL Standard Space Leg Suit: Strength +2
    * Magnetic Gloves: Strength +3
    * HLL Space Lifesupport: Strength +3
    * Thorin's Fist: Strength +2 (You did keep the hammer like I told you to, right?)

    You now have enough strength to equip the Armored Space Combat Suit. The new suit gives you strength +5, so you can now safely go back to your Mystic Spear (strength +1) insted of Thorin's Fist (strength +2).

    Now head back the way you came and go up the stairs in the middle of the corridor. Click the wall console to neutralize the Communications Laser. Push a small green button on the multi-lighted console (keep looking, you'll find it) to activate the ventilation systems. It also opens a hole in the wall. Go through the hole at running speed to pop up over the step at the end.

    The next room has several features: Talk to HLL Tacticus for an idea of what to do next and 25K XP. The other woman doesn't want to be touched by your grubby mouse cursor, apparently. Try it anyway; it seems to annoy her. ;-) Click the two Communications Terminals to hear the HLL radio traffic directing the defense of the base, and pick up the HLL Deep Space Helmet and the Matt Moloch RPG1. Combine the helmet with an HLL Standard Space Helmet to get the Commando version if you wish.

    You might think you already have enough better guns to go around, and depending on your party you might, but don't discount the Matt Moloch RPG1 as useless until you try it. This baby is a semi-automatic assault rifle (despite its RPG designation). On my Ranger it puts out 6 and 7 shots at a time--each one with all the cumulative special affects ~but~ it also eats stamina very fast. Any fight that is going to last more than 3 rounds will knock you unconscious.

    You can aggro the baddies outside easily, if not by accident, and pick some of them off right now. Once you open the door and go out onto the plaza, you DO need your scuba gear again if you took it off. Cross the plaza and open the door, go into the room with the laser. Kill another group of Service Bots guarding a Tekknology IV (+75 Engineering). Here is another good opportunity to skill up your healing at the laser. Activate the console for another radio message. Go up the elevator at the end of the hall. It is a one-way trip to the HLL Research Site where you find: Weapon part 2, the Hellberd, HLL Standard Space Leg Suit, and a Rangefinder.

    Combine the Rangefinder with the Nomader Psbx1970 to get the William s Dutch XR rifle. Combine Weapon part 1 and Weapon part 2 to get Assembler 1.

    A hidden teleporter at the back wall of the computer room takes you into the Killer Cube room, where you need to kill 4 level 25 Killer Cubes. Pick up the Zedd Atomisator, and ride the elevator plate up to the catwalk. You will have to step off the plate quickly at the top. Walk around to the other side of the room and jump down to pick up HLL Standard Space Footing and HLL Standard Space Gloves. Go back up the elevator plate. This time take a running jump off the nearby opening to land on the ramp. Walk up to the console and Use it to deactivate the door forcefield. Go back up the Elevator plate a third time to access the upper room.

    The next part is a bit tricky. ~Save~ From the upper room, move up against the far wall and run off the edge. Stop on the lift platform until it starts to carry you up. Once you are moving upwards, hit a forward run and keep close to the wall. If you don't land on the catwalk above, then reload your save and try again. If you DO land on the catwalk, save your game for the next part. Follow the catwalk around until you find yourself up on the crane (its a teleport). Edge slowly up one of the metal beams until you can take the HLL Space Life Support. If you fall, reload and try again. This whole thing may require several tries, but the reward is worth it. Now go up the Elevator Plate a fourth time, and this time simply jump down into the room beyond, walk between the shimmering blue plates, and deactivate the Arnika Bomb for 500K XP.

    Arnika & etc.: Go down to the force field and push the button to turn it off. Prepare for the next stage and do some spring cleaning. Port around as needed and buy/sell. This is actually a great time to go on a big shopping spree. Besides, you're probably rich as Scrooge McDuck these days.

    Some catch-up, shopping, and housecleaning items you might consider:
    * Sell your excess potions and Alchemy components.
    * Stash extra rifles in He'Li's spare bedroom, if you're a packrat like me, or just sell them.
    * If you are missing spells on some Rangers, like Light, Stamina, Razor Cloak, Blinding Flash, etc., now is a good time to pick them up. Kunar can be stingy, and some books don't come up very often.
    * Go to the Spaceship Mechanic and upgrade everyone's pistol to the Mystery Ray (they're only about 5K each). Most pistols have a range of Thrown, but the Mystery Ray has a long range. This is just a matter of convenience for any future MW training. Sell off the other pistols. Pick up a few infusers if desired.
    * Go to Antone and buy Vi a Fauchard if you didin't keep a low-level polearm for training. She kills things too fast with the Mystic Spear.
    * Go to Baldur Urbeard (Arnika Temple basement middle portal) and upgrade at least a few of your Quest Convergency III's to IV's, and make enough De-Compilers for everyone who can equip them (Vi and the 2 Gadgeteers). If you're crazy obsessive, like me, you'll spend over 3 million in gold on this process. ;-) Baldur doesn't buy back the old III's, but Ferro will reimburse you 25K each. Every little bit helps.
    * Stock up on more ammo (Lightning Bolts, especially) while you are at Ferro. I had 2 Infinity Helms at this point. You might want a couple as well.

    When you are ready, head to Bayjin via the Swamp.

    Bayjin: The entrance from Bayjin Shallows is locked by a gate until you use the Shell key to open it. Instead, you will have to enter from the Swamp entrance, which is why it's a good idea to save a portal setting for Crock. The entrance is NE of Crock, but you'll have to detour over the bridge to get there. (NE of the Old Mook Settler as well.) It's the curly rock formation on the map. Have your resist buffs up. Diremares can still turncoat your entire party in a couple of rounds if you aren't careful.

    Once through the cave, follow the beach around to the left. Loot the chest. At the crash site, you will find a couple of nice modern armor pieces: Magnetic Gloves and a De-Modulator, and a couple of Gadget components: Broken Blaster, and Vacuum Pump. You should be able to make the Microwave Ray on the spot. You don't need the Black Box because this walkthrough does the Umpani/T'Rang alliance.

    Down on the beach, you will find some nice items in the huts: Rangefinder (Engineering Combinable, but you have probably already upgraded the 1970 gun), HLL Deep Space Helmet (Engineering Combinable with an HLL Standard Space Helmet to get the Commando version if you wish.), Mystic Spear (One of the better Polearms you will find, twin to the one in the Trynton shipwreck), Ebony Plate, Ebony Heaume, VapoRizer, and the Strings of Seduction instrument. You'll also find a whole extra set of scuba gear, but just leave it.

    Finally got my Plumed Serpent Feather here, but the King Crab near the huts drops the Featherweight Armor anyway. Do NOT rescue the prisoners yet. Don your scuba gear, if you have taken it off at this point, and explore underwater near the boardwalk. Look for a water plant and walk over it, it hides a shaft.

    You'll drop down into a new area and battle a L26 Brutal Dweller, 2-L20 Rynjin Battellords, and 2-L17 Rynjin Chiefs for several items: Ariel's Slippers, Amulet of Tranquility (+3 AC with Rest All charges), Wave of Magnitude (an Awesome bomb combining Tsunami + Insanity), and the Shell Key, which you will use to unlock the gate to Bayjin Shallows. Be careful. Near the back wall is an auto-port (hint: watch for the rising bubbles) that puts you on top of the harbor tower. There isn't anything up there, but if you port up before you grab all the nifty items, you will want to go back down and get them. Jump down to the boardwalk to confront the final Rynjin Empath guard, who is L17. Go unlock the North-East gate with the Shell Key. No need to exit the zone here. Go back to the beach.

    Finally, go up on top of the central hill on the island. Duke it out with a swarm of 8-L15 Sea Sprites. If your Elf Bishop was not able to get the Fey Ring before, here is another opportunity. Save and re-fight until one drops, if needed. Beyond the Sprites, you will find and loot a Monk who has turned into stone for getting too frisky with the Faeries. He carries the Monk Key. There is also a new zoneout to Arnika up there. The Monk Key opens the door to the building two doors down from Anna's Marina and Bait Shop. There is no particular reason to go there right now.

    At the brig where the prisoners are kept is a good place to skill up the Rangers some more with Knock-Knock. Earth 65-75 is a good target. When they turn level 22, depending on Earth skills, you can get their first L7 spell, Earthquake. Free Jan-Ette for 100K XP. Dismiss Sparkle, since she will return to the Umpani Base Camp anyway, and recruit Glumph. If you do any fighting, make sure you put Glumph in the back row, since he's only level 11, and give him Sparkle's armor. He can die easily, which is why you didn't take him down to the Brutal Dweller.

    Instead, port straight back to General Yamir. Talk to him for 300K XP, and get another 100K for bringing back Glumph alive. Use the Trangsporter-->Umpani Base Camp-->Barracks room and pick up Sparkle for the next fight, it's a doozie. The barracks room is where you see all the bunkbeds and lockers.

    Mine Tunnels: Port back to the mine carts, click the first and second dials in the middle row, and ride to area "A". Cross the bridge and go through the door into the Winterland (Terra Incognita), and run downhill until you get to the Icy Stepped Pyramid plaza where you previously met the Ice Lord. Here you will see a ramp made of snow and ice that leads up to the second level. There's a little trick to it: run up the ramp and keep running straight ahead until you go over the other side. Keep trying. You will pop into a crevice behind the Temple that zones you into the Southeast Wilderness right across from the Rapax Away Camp. You can get there the standard way, but this is cooler and quicker.

    Take the road North just a ways and zone into the "Wilderness Clearing".

    END PART 7

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    Default SPOILERS: Lunastralis MOD Walkthrough for a ranged party (Part 8).


    [Wizardry 8 Lunastralis V 1.0 MOD Walkthrough V1.2, cont.]

    Wilderness Clearing (Rapax Away Camp): When you zone in, you will see that the Wilderness Clearing has been transformed into the Rapax Away Camp. What triggers this is the presence of 2 of the 3 holy objects in your inventory, which are the Chaos Moliri and the Destinae Dominus in our case. The Templar quest is no longer possible in this MOD, since the Rapax Castle has been removed, and the Rapax aren't going to be very friendly.

    Just move into the Rapax Away Camp and they will stop you and tell you to leave. At that point, go into combat mode, hit Run, and jog around the corner to the right. You won't trigger aggro. Back into the corner next to the purple tent (inside the tent also works), buff up, hit Attack again, cast something like Sonic Boom (aggros around corners), and go to town. A couple of dozen templars will come running for the fight. This is another spot where I like to equip the pistols and practice up magic in combat. There are plenty of hit points out there to soak up your attacks, and at this point you won't have much trouble staying alive, especially backed into a corner like this. You can even stretch it out by casting non-damaging spells like Blinding Flash and Armormelt, etc., until you run out of mana, switch to low-damage pistols until your mana regens, then start all over again. I have gotten 7 full screens of skill ups in a single battle before. Takes forever, but great for skills. I tend to clear out this whole area as one big training mission.

    Keep an eye out for the King's Cave where the Rapax Queen is, it's easy to miss. Use X-Ray if you have it. Be aware that further up in the zone you will encounter several level 22 Rapax Templar Masters. Not too difficult, but best to approach with some caution. Save the Stockade for last, since you don't want to gain too much XP while some of your party is missing. Finally, note that the cell locks are both 8-cylinders. There aren't very many 8-C locks in the game, so you should take advantage of this to skill up some more. I would make sure everyone is at least 80 in Earth before getting these unlocked. Imagine a large number of enemies + 5 Earthquakes per combat round. Yum, yum!

    Don't worry, all that boring training is the lull before the storm. The plot is about to pick up fast!

    You can get all the keys you need in this zone through conquest and mayhem, or you can just pick the locks. All you need to do is jump right in here and--Banzai!! NOTE: Save often, the locked doors here can crush you. The XP is nice; +100K when you recruit Rodan, +100K when you recruit Drazic, +400K when you speak to Z'Ant, +400K when you speak to Yamir, and another +400K when you Use the T'Rang Tracking Device on the Rocket on Mt. Gigas Peak. Unfortunately, you can't apply that XP to your chosen NPC's; only Drazic and Rodan get the benefit. Once done, you'll have to go round up your preferred NPC partners again. They may be a level behind you.

    I'm not going to rehash every detail, since they are not changed from vanilla Wizardy 8. If you choose to finish the Umpani and T'Rang quests, now is a good time for it. The XP is pretty good. We will do some new things along the way, though, so let's get goin!

    Marten's Bluff: Port to Sadok or to the T'Rang Transporter to get to Marten's Bluff, whichever is available to you. Go talk to Z'Ant for your XP bonus(es). He also gives you the T'Rang Tracking Device after you convince him to accept help from the Umpani. Port to General Yamir.

    Mt. Gigas Upper Caves: Pick up your XP from the General after doing the Drazic/Rodan tap-dance. Make your way to the Upper Flight Deck (south elevator) with your new Top Security ID Card.

    Mt. Gigas Peak: First thing is to click one of the crates for a few goodies. Go to the first Rocket you see and (U)se the T'Rang Tracking Device on it. (Click the red control panel button with the T'Rang Tracking Device on the cursor.) Poor Phoongsang, you just shot down his Black Ship. Port back to Yamir.

    Mt. Gigas Upper Caves: Do the Drazic/Rodan tap-dance again with General Yamir. The two NPCs leave the party, and leave you highly encumbered as well. Use the T'Rangsporter to get outside the Umpani Base again.

    Umpani Base Camp: Pick up Sparkle (Remember, she has moved to the barracks room in this mod). Wait until you have Vi before selling gear. Some of it is hers!

    Arnika: Port to Arnika. Before picking up Vi, speak to Braffit for 1K gold (You'll understand why once you talk to him). THEN, Pick up Vi again. Talk to He'li for 50K XP. Get rid of excess gear/weight after making sure Vi and Sparkle are fully equipped.

    Trynton: You probably don't have a port to Trynton. Either use the Trangsporter (button #2) to Arnika-Trynton Road, or port to the Swamp and come in from the other side.

    Don't forget you have the 'back-door' rope up to the Rattkin Tree, and then take the elevator up. Cross over the repaired rope bridge back to Trynton Upper Branches (don't climb down the rope inside the tree), and through a couple of tree trunks to the shaman temple.

    Put the idol on the stand, and talk to Shaman Daas for the Key of Serenity. Answers: 'Marten' & 'Eternal trust survives the soul'. There is another Mystic Spear here. Retrace your step back to the Rattkin Tree and use the Key of Serenity to open the first door you come to. Kill the Rattkin Thieves, click the sign on the floor twice, drop down through the floor, and pick up the Helm of Serenity.

    Port to Ferro real quick to unload the junk you've looted, and then port back to Arnika.

    Arnika: Put your scuba gear on and go to the Monk's House, which is two doors down from Anna's Marina and Bait Shop. Use the Monk Key to unlock the door, walk in, and port back to Bayjin, then to Bayjin Shallows (across the boardwalk).

    Bayjin Shallows: You can't cast Light underwater, but you can cast it before you get wet. Buff up with all you have right now, because there will soon be a lot of magical attacks. Make sure Camoflauge is among your buffs.

    The Buccaneer Ghosts can skill up your iron will, if you want to let them pelt you with spells for awhile. Grab the 3 Vaporizers (Gadgets) and the Piece of Coral (for Ferro).

    Equip the Lightning Bolts on the gadgies and Gold Nuggets on the Bishop. Take a running leap off the edge down to the IUF Identity tags, pick them up. Now run around the boulder as close as you can get before Nessie gets aggro. Fight Nessie (L30) and her two Brother rays (Level 20). If you have followed this guide, you should be able to take out Nessie along with her nearby friends in a single round, two at most. Pick up loot around all the edges. Make sure you heist davy Jones' Locker (another 8-tumbler lock). The Gown of Divinemail is still probably an upgrade for at least one of your party.

    Don't waste your time in the Mt. Gigas Water caves to the north unless you want to skill up on Iron Will for Vi and the Bishop on those PSI Sharks. Glumph won't be there anymore, anyway, and there are more PSI sharks to come. Head down the South path to the Sea Caves. Along the way, pick up the Kite Shield for Vi in a side cave, which she can equip along with the Mystic Spear for additional AC.

    Sea Caves: Take off your scuba gear and re-equip your misc items. Starting at the south-most beach, pick up the Long Metal Tube and combine it with the Vacuum Pump to make the NegatAir Gadget. The next cave to the North contains the Hook and Line. Back on the beach, go North. Leave the sledgehammer as a marker. skip on ahead to the shipwreck and pick up the Wooden Plank, then up to the waterfall for a critter fight and some vendor fodder. Now come back, pick up the Sledgehammer, and move up into the nearby crevice. Use the Sledgehammer to break open the wall in the chamber beyond. Back further in the cave, take the right fork and slide down into the hole. Hug the left wall until you come to some items between two rocks on the cave floor. Use the Hook and Line on the hole above, buff up, and climb the Line for an upgraded fight.

    The Key to Marten's tomb is much better protected than before. It is now held by a level 29 Enlightened Spirit, and she is supported by 3 Keepers of the Crypt and misc others. After the fight, work your way to the East to the back of the cave for the Spiked Boots, and on around to the South for a chest with 8 tumblers that holds the Renaissance Lute. Of course, if you followed my party advice then you don't have a Bard anyway. ;-)

    Have someone put on the Spiked Boots and someone don the Helm of Serenity, and walk down the slippery ramp to the West. Use the Wooden Plank to cross the gap, and open the door with the Key to Marten's Tomb. Talk to Mad Marten. Your answers are: 'Marten' and 'Destinae Dominus' for 400K XP, the Sea Cave Gate Key (which you will never use anyway, lol), and the Destinae Dominus. Grats! You now have the fantastic trinity of Cosmic Power!

    Everyone goes crazy until you put the Destinae Dominus into the character's inventory who is wearing the Helm of Serenity. Nearby you will find a Qusar Rifle. Great gun, but the ammo is rare and expensive. I suppose you might hold onto it for a key battle or two. The only place to purchase ammo is at the Arnika Spaceport from the Spaceport Mechanic. Since there is nothing else to gain by hanging around here, now is the time to visit some exciting new areas in the Luna MOD. But first, you need to unencumber and stock up on Lightning bolts and such. There are some tough critters ahead. All those Giant Swords you looted are very heavy.

    NOTE: This is perhaps the easiest way to skill up in Mental/Psionic there is. You also get Power Cast skillups on the Bishop and Divinity on Vi. Put the Destinae Dominus into your inventory. Then simply have Vi and your Bishop cast "Sane Mind" over and over, camp, cast, etc. There's no need to remove the item while camping. It goes pretty fast, and I did this until they both maxed out their skills.

    Terra Incognita:Ninja Courtyard/Honbu Dojo: Port back to the Ninja zone. This final boss fight should be challenging, but not hard at your party level. The final door is heavily trapped, and leads to the toughest battle of all for 275K XP. The end boss, Jonin, dropped a Muramasa Blade (very nice martial sword), and the Knowledge Key, which is one part of the Universal Key. Go ahead and combine the Knowledge Key and the Life Key to get the Uni Key.

    Port to He'Li and turn up the sound. The narrative text doesn't show it, but this is where she offers to share her body with you. (Orgy!) If you haven't heard it before, this is funny. The first time I heard it, I thought maybe I was imagining it.

    Port to General Yamir in Mount Gigas. Just a skip and a jump to the elevator...

    Mt. Gigas Caves: Use the Uni Key to open the door to the wet areas of the caves. Keep in mind that since the PTorch is found in this area, your Gadgeteers won't be able to do Detect Secrets as early as they otherwise would. That's probably OK, since you probably have 1 or more Rangers. My strategy is to hug the right wall all the way to the pit, combine the PTorch with the Magnifying Glass to get the the Searchlight, climb up, and run to the trap door at the end of the tunnel.

    Check your automap every so often. The trap door is camoflauged and is easy to miss while you're running around. Open it and climb down the rope ladder. Quagmroth Ve and Quagmroth Teg are L20 named slimes here. There are 2 chests, one across the lake and the second through a tunnel in the opposite direction (away from the lake). The only notable item is a sword called Dragon Slayer by a skeleton in the tunnel. We aren't using swords, but it's a nice touch.

    You will find another rope ladder down on a small island in the lake. It takes you to Terra Incognita:Brombadeg's Lair. Once you are done with Brombadeg, the exit takes you to the Mountain Wilderness instead of back to Mt. Gigas Caves. However, the only item of note left in the Caves at this point is the Frigid Fiddle, and you should already have much stronger instruments by this time, assuming you even have a Bard.

    Brombadeg's Lair: Enter this area from the Mt. Gigas Caves, down by the underground lake. Be prepared for immediate battle with a L40 giant spider. Brombadeg is sheerly awesome! A strategy that works well is to summon or throw Canned Elementals around. They act as cannon fodder while you whittle away Brom's 1K+ hitpoints. It also helps a lot to use Superman+Body of Stone on your front line. I was not able to get any spell to land on this critter, whether Bard, Gadgeteer, or Magic User. Better to use those rounds for physical attack. Did I say that Brombadeg is awesome? Grats Qusar! The first time I saw that monster barrelling down on me I used several choice four-letter words and immediately started looking for the exit.

    Hint: There's no way back. This fight is worth 10K gold and 750,000 XP apiece to a full party.

    Brom's Drop Table (based on four kills):
    1) Chaos Key 100%
    2) *Light* *Sword* 50%
    3) Blades of Aesir (powerful Axe) 100%
    4) Mirror Armor 100%

    Combine the Chaos Key with the Uni Key to get the Universal Key. Warning: It is possible to get stuck on the geometry here. Make sure you save or Set Portal as soon as your fight is over. As far as the rest of the lair, in the words of my Hobbit Ranger, "It is void of content." Rise on the bubbles on the far side to reach the exit tunnel to Mountain Wilderness.

    Time to get ready for the endgame:

    You will have a ton of gear to sell, so port to Ferro and get rid of it. Also, it's time to make sure you have the best ammo. The best you can get are the follwing two:

    Medusa Stone+Nanite Infuser=Nanite Leech, DMG:19-24 (Avg 21.5), Drain HP:10%
    Lightning Bolts, DMG: 10-30 (Avg 20), +4 To Hit, 20% Drain SP, 8% Kill

    Also, make sure you equip the Qusar Rifle on one of your rangers. I pick the one that has the most kills. Also equip a secondary rifle on that Ranger, because you will only want to use the expensive Qusar ammo (Powerpaks) on the more difficult fights. Use an unlimited ammo gun for routine stuff. Unequip the scuba tanks and don your best items before porting back to the SouthEast Wilderness.

    SouthEast Wilderness: The gazebo is currently locked. Open it with the Universal Key and it will take you to Ascenscion Peak. If you have not yet deactivated the Savant's Bomb it will explode and you will lose the game. We deactivated the bomb, so we're good to go. Set one of your Portals next to the Gazebo just in case you end up reloading.

    Ascenscion Peak:

    Most walkthroughs give a few minimal bits and quit at this point. Don't worry, this guide takes you all the way through the endgame. There is still plenty to do.

    WARNING: Several mobs at the Peak cast effects like Hex. At this level, a Hexed Gadgeteer can no longer wield their own Omnigun. To mitigate this problem, equip your gadgies with a secondary rifle, which they should auto-equip if needed. Make sure weapon swapping isn't locked (Inventory screen, have a green dot on the lock icon instead of red). Your Bishop should be able to remove Hex with her Restoration spell, or use a potion, or just wait it out. Don't forget afterward to switch them back to their Omnigun.

    You're finally here at the endgame, and now you need to train. (?) Possibly. Towards the end, you will have the chance to obtain the **MADGODBFG** weapon. It has a Modern Weapons skill requirement of 115. Sure, your gadgies will have that level of skill, but then you would have to stop using their Omnigun, which is about as good as the BFG at this stage of the game, (in my opinion). If you want a Ranger to use it, then you will have to finish training one of them up to at least 100. Why 100? You can equip one Ranger with Quest Convergency IV X2 (and/or the Visor), for MW +5 on each, and the HLL Standard Space Gloves for another +5. That gives you +15, so all you need is 100 Modern Weapons skill to equip the BFG. What does BFG stand for? Um, maybe you should Google it.

    However, you may want to wait until the Rangers hit level 27. Using this guide, that's when they unlock Snake Speed. Then at level 29, both Rangers and Gadgeteers unlock Reflection, and you Bishop will unlock Eagle Eye. It's all your judgement how far up you want to develop your party skills before tackling the final series of fights.

    First fight at the Peak: If you run up to fight, you will aggro additional mobs from the side. Instead, back up some and cast a sonic boom to aggro Al-Morph (L43) and the Astral Mutation. The Mutation is the really dangerous one, with some powerful mind attacks. Here is one strategy:

    Round 1) Back up around the landscape to force them to come to you.
    Round 2) Cast up to 8 Summoned/Canned Elementals.
    Round 3) Cast Eye for an Eye and Soul Shield, at minimum. Element Shield, Bless, and Armorplate also help, especially now that they will land on your Elementals as well. Gadgeteers can use the Invigorator belt to cast Superman on the front row if they aren't doing anything else.
    Round 4) Try to position your party to attack the Astral Mutation and take her down first using kinetic attacks (bullets).
    Round 5-7) Same thing on Al-Morph, doing your normal resurrection and healing as you go.

    The Astral Mutation drops the Infernal Horn for any Bards you may have. (Nuclear blast)

    Go East, and open the door with the Universal Key.

    This is a fight with waves of effect-casting unicorns. If you get too many turn-coated characters, remember to run around for a bit. You can't shoot each other if you're busy running. The ghostly sorceress there will drop the Key to Martin's Tomb. This fight respawns, so you can end up with multiples of this key. It doesn't seem to serve any additional purpose at this point.

    Keep going. You come upon another Trynnie shaman called Amit (L33), but immediately get drawn into a fight between two Shattering gazers and Pee Wee, who is a giant stone golem (L35). Amit asked me to pay 112320 gold or suffer the consequences.

    If you say no, he and his pet both aggro, and you have to kill them.

    If you pay the money, then Pee Wee becomes your friend and helps you. Loot Amit's 5-tumbler chest (an act that turns him yellow-con, but not hostile) and move on. Pee Wee doesn't really follow you. Presumably, if you could draw an enemy to the golem he would help fight.

    Next up is a named critter called Fiesvieh (L35), an Enlightened Spirit, and more Unicorns. Back up to the crest of the hill where you can barely see the unicorns. Cast a Sonic Boom to aggro them, and draw them off in a divide-and-conquer strategy. On the other hand, I don't know how bad he is because I dropped him before he could take a swing at me. ;-) That's one of the advantages of a ranged party.

    Your next NPC is Aletheides. Answer his questions with "Knowledge" and "Man". Port to the altar and place the Destinae Dominus on it. Port back out to the statues and you'll see that one of them now has sparklies on it.

    Your next direction is southwest. The Universal Key opens the door again. This area is something of a maze, so I'll just tell you to do your standard dungeon crawl until you run across another beautiful building. This fight is with another Fiesvieh, a Greater Demon (L33), and a couple of Djinni of the Clouds (L28). The Djinns love to cast Hex and draining spells. As with fight #1, aggro from a distance and run backward down the path a bit. Engage them as they appear, and run forward if they don't approach close enough to do full gun damage.

    Go inside. If you're a perfectionist, this is a good place to skill up in Divine. At this level, and with as many spell points as they have, Rangers with a low divinty can get up to 3 skillups from a singe mana pool by healing up from the flames in the room. Another tip is to stand on the flames as you cast Heal-All repeatedly until you run out of mana. No need to step away each time. It's Aletheides here again. Answer his questions with "Change" and "Dark Savant". Port to the altar and place the Chaos Moliri on it. Port back out to the statues and you'll see that another one now has sparklies on it.

    Your next direction is NorthWest. The Universal Key opens the door again. The next big clearing contains the Rapax Prince and a contingent of his army. Note that the enemy does not have to be in sight to get aggro. Back up until the Rapax archers are out of sight, cast Sonic Boom way out in the middle of the clearing. It's a long range spell, so just move your spell targeter as far out there as it will go. Wait for them to come to the slaughter...

    On the other hand, Rapax aren't much of a challenge at this level. You could just as well run out in the middle of things and cast a few Nukes. ;-)

    From this large clearing, go north first. You'll fight several groups of Mountain Sprites and (L30) Crag Sprites as you go through a tunnel lined with statues. The next fight is with a group of L34 Molten Scorchers and a L31 Furor with a whopping 1420 hit points. Keep going. You'll reach another big clearing where some unfortunate Rapax left behind a campfire and some gear.

    Eventually, you reach an oasis with a waterfall and a L35 Fiesvieh, a L34 Oak Guardian, and some sprites. Go through the door into the building. It's Aletheides here again. Answer his questions with "Life" and "Phoonzang". Port to the altar and place the Astral Dominae on it. Port back out to the statues and you'll see a new waterfall. It points Northwest.

    Go Northwest a second time. This time, at the clearing, go East. It's a very windy trail that eventually leads to the 'True Peak.' If you visit this location before placing the Astral Dominae, the steps are missing and you can't proceed. This time, however, the Dark Savant shows up and tries to blow the Arnika Bomb. Assuming you successfully deactivated the bomb, he fails and rants for a bit. You've made him understandably angry.

    Bela appears and invites you to follow him inside. This is now a no-magic zone. If you need to renew buffs, run partway back down the hill. Note that you should save game. If you have trouble with the final fight, just come back here to Ascension Peak and level up once or twice. Every fight here now nets a minimum 1/4 Million experience points, and there are plenty of respawning mobs to fight. As before, use X-Ray/Searchlight to locate enemy groups and run around fighting them.

    The final frontier:

    Once you enter, it takes you to... the Rapax Rift? Yep. Watch that first step, it plops you right into a lava pit. Let's just say the Dark Savant is through being a gentleman and thought a lava bath would be funny. Escape the lava and and talk to Dominus himself. He's a friend, but trying to be impartial. Go through the next portal into Terra Incognita, where you encounter a goddess called Anima Mundi, the World-Soul. She is also the entity behind the Astral Dominae, and rewards you with 1 MILLION experience points. Level up if needed, and give the goddess a hug. Oh? She's not real? Well then, walk right through her image and don't look back.

    (You looked back, didn't you.) Incidentally, this level-up to 27 awarded the Rangers with Snake Speed. I agree somewhat with others who have stated to level up to 30 before going in, but you don't really have to.

    Enter the Cosmic Circle and take your just rewards. Except that no one else is there and the doors are locked. What to do? Notice that the wobbly glowing rings on the left side are bigger than the ones on the right. Probe around those larger rings until you find the opening into the teleporter. It dumps you on the roof, where jumping off has dire consequences. Now what? Notice the other platform has sparklies floating above it, and your platform does not. Take a running leap to the other platform, and you will enter another teleporter. This one takes you to a maze of transparent paths.

    NOTE: Technically, there is no jump function in Wiz8. If you simply walk across, you will fall and die. Make sure you press the Shift key as you cross to the other roof. This is the 'run' command, and you can't proceed without it.

    Go across to the other side and port again, since that is your only option. At the next location, you have four options. Go South first, click the book, and answer 'meditation' for 500K XP. You only get one chance, so make sure you don't misspell it. Next, go east and fight Cacator (L30), who can eat your soul.

    Cacator fight: This critter will Turncoat and/or Insane most of your party on the first round. Fortunately, we've been pumping speed the whole time, and most characters have a speed of over 100. Make sure all your buffs are active before the fight.

    * In round 1, don't bother wasting an action on Soul Shield or anything like that. Click 'walk,' but don't move. Cacator will waste the first round running up to you, while you get to fire weapons. You should chip away its hit points to below 50% during the first combat round. In my experience, once your party hits Level 29, you will be able to take Cacator down in the first round. If not, then proceed with step 2.

    * In round 2, we will try to recover as much firepower as possible. Set Insane characters to 'Defend' so they won't shoot anyone. Turncoated characters will probably kill one or two of the others. If Vi or the Bishop is able, have them cast Sane Mind on 1 or 2 of your compatriots. If any Rangers are able, have them cast Resurrect on anybody that's dead. Everybody else can shoot.

    * In round 3, anyone who has recovered from their conditions should be set to attack. Cast Resurrect on any remaining dead characters, just so they don't miss out on XP, but its only 150,100 XP, so no biggie. If you need a round 4, then things have gone horribly wrong.

    Pick the 7-tumbler lock on the door to the right. Inside, pick up Weapon part 3 and combine it with Assembler 1. You will need an Engineering skill pegged at 125, which should be no problem as long as you equip the Tekknology III item for +50 Engineering. As mentioned before, you need Modern Weapon 115 to equip the **MADGODBFG**. Those last few skill points are tough to get.

    Here, you meet Tronon, who reveals that the Dark Savant has imprisoned Aletheides, locked all the doors, and released more opponents to stop you.

    Go back to the round room. Your next direction is North, and then Northeast. The railless path gets more and more narrow as you go. Assuming you don't fall off, at the end you are rewarded with an Astral Projector I, which is an unlimited Heal-All usable by any class.

    Go back to the intersection, and go Northwest. Go into the round room and fight the Void Squid (L35), who has a mean posion attack. Expect to cast Heal All in every round.

    From there, you can go North, East, or West. East is a drop to your death, and West needs keys. Go North. When you get to the rotating walkway, save the game. This is tricky. Step onto the path, but the path doesn't carry you. You have to walk toward the edge of the path to stay on. Also, don't try to walk all the way across. Instead, stay on the end and walk your way (sideways-ish) to the other side. Step onto the far platform and save again. Take the Astral projector II, which is an unlimited Restoration artifact usable by all characters. Save game. Go back across the spinning walkway. It may be tough to identify, but just keep trying.

    Go up the ramp to confront the Turtle of the 7 Worlds (L45). Unfortunately, the turtle is suseptible to critical hits. Otherwise, it would be an ideal candidate for training your skills. Put Vi up front and chew through the turtle's many hitpoints.

    Go around the curving walkway, jump off to the south and go into the lower level of the room. West is your only clear option. If you continue South up the ramp to the floating room, you can stand on the crosshairs in the center of the floor, and take a running leap to the Southeast. You will drop down to where you've been before, but there's no point unless you just want to jump off for fun.

    Instead, go West. Go up to the portal, walk through, and fight another Cacator in the fancy castle. After Cacator is dead, open the Hall of Fame to the South, look at the tribute to well-known Wizardry MODs, and pick up the Rubicks cube. Vi is a perfect holder for the cube.

    The North ramp is decoration only. Don't run up the South ramp unless you want to fight 3 major opponents at once. You'll find El-Triabolo (L50!), Cacator (L30), and Void Squid (L35).

    It is possible to "split the mobs" to use MMORPG terminology. Here's how:

    1) Still standing in the courtyard below, cast Sonic Boom.
    2) Raise the targeting icon high into the air by holding down the right mouse button while moving the mouse. This temporarily swaps the X and Z target axis. Using this method, maneuver the target up on top of the stone wall high above you, and trigger the spell.
    3) When I did it, only Cacator aggroed. The mob retreated for 3 rounds, and the battle ended without a fight. This had the effect of moving Cacator out of range. You may have to repeat this 2 or 3 times (it can even back up so far that you never get to fight it). Check your X-Ray until the three are in a straight line at the back of the upper deck.
    4) Walk up the south ramp to the halfway point landing, and cast another Sonic Boom on the top of the ramp. Keep casting in that front area, until something engages you. With luck, only El-Triabolo will answer the call. Stay on the ramp--wait for El to come to you.
    5) El-Triabolo (L50, 750K XP):
    Round 1) You need to back away to the bottom of the ramp or into the courtyard if you want to pick up anything he drops, which isn't much.
    and 2) Cast Element Shield, Bless, Eye-for-an-Eye/Magic Mirror, and Haste, while El is moving into position. Superman/Invigorator Belt if you don't have anything else to do. Don't forget that you have 4 Rangers who can cast Body of Stone. I managed to get Vi's AC up to 45.
    Round 3+) It will be very hard to land a spell on a L50 mob, but his spells are not that bad, either. Have the Bishop in a support role with Rest All/Heal All, Rez, etc. Fill in with any spells from Round 1 & 2 that you didn't get a chance to cast. I used Vi on DPS rather than casting.
    Round 7) I dropped him in round 7. Your results may vary.

    Cacator and the Void Squid (150K XP one time, and 250K another time, not sure why) can either be fought separately or together. In many cases Cacator will retreat too far to reaggro.

    In the El's courtyard, you will find a door and two ramps. The ramps don't go anywhere. Open the door and grab the Phoonzang Power Glove. Port back to the previous area.

    Go West this time, which takes you to what I call the Target Room (Cause its main feature is a targeting icon). North takes you back to where you've been, so go West and use Phoonzang's Power Glove to open the force field. Now--if you dare--step off into space...

    Cosmic Circle: You finally found your way back to the Cosmic Circle, but beyond the locked doors this time.

    Get ready to fight the final battle. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Phoonzang's Power Glove is the most powerful weapon in this mod. Use it. Now the rest, yes, you will have to experience on your own. Try saving your game and play all 3 endings. Enjoy!

    <<<<< END >>>>>

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    Nice work. Don't want to read it very closely: I'm going to play the mod through soon. BTW, inside Trynton temple you can use four incense to "appease spirits". Then monsters don't spawn there anymore. You'll get no other reward - and somebody may say that missing some extra XP isn't any reward.
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    Pretty complete, though I'm not sure it needs hints on power-levelling, as that's normal W8 rather than Lunastralis behaviour. btw, re: the console button on the moon, I took this pic some years back


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