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"Supposing Word Fence's analysis is correct and the electronic forensic data so far collected gives no indication that the Russians were behind the hacking of the DNC computer systems, and that President Obama is in possession of no additional information to which the public is not privy, then did the president of the USA just expel all of Russia's diplomats and levy sanctions for no real reason?"
How well is that supposition faring now?
Well I think it's still pretty clear. IF their analysis of the report provided by FBI/DHS and that President Obama had no additional information that the public is not privy THEN maybe he did what he did for no reason.

1. I think that it's clear to many people and has been explicitly stated that the intelligence agencies aren't going to go public with details. So what they gave was probably junk that was made to sound techie but for any real expert was total junk. The only surprising part is that they try to influence public opinion by giving anything at all.

2. Obama obviously has other information. So that by itself...

3. I'm sure Obama had a reason. What it is could be anything that probably will never come out. He had a reason to $#@! with Israel at the U.N. too, that is he hates their Prime Minister. Given that and his known feelings about Putin did he use that as excuse as a last ditch petulant middle finger to an adversary that by all optics beat the JV president like a drum? Maybe.