For those who don't know, RetroPie is software that has been conjured up by some blessed tech wizards that allows you to run emulators on a Raspberry Pi board. I just picked up all the goodies I need to set one up aside from the controllers. I was originally influenced by Nintendo's release of their classic system - and the subsequent rarity/lack of stock that seems to be the hallmark of Nintendo itself. So I said screw it, I'll build it myself.

Any of you folks build one of these yet? Mainly looking to play just about anything before N64 - I heard it'll play some N64 games but that isn't really what I'm interested in and I doubt they'd play well anyways.

Even not - has anybody used a Raspberry Pi before? I've been bored and looking to pick up some new skills lately and programming has caught my eye, but I learn best when I can actively apply my learning to something immediately in front of me and figured this is a good first step, and then I'll probably keep chugging on a bit.

Put it in this section because it's more techy than general gaming. I'll toss some updates when I get this thing going in the next week or so in between my work schedule.