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Thread: X-Rebirth 4.0 @Star Citizen fans?

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    Default X-Rebirth 4.0 @Star Citizen fans?

    If you haven't heard of the X-Series of Space opera games it might be a good idea to jump while it's on sale on steam.

    AND / OR

    A few things to note about this series -

    • It's made by an indie developer and contains a few bugs. The VO is pretty horrible.(The native German VO is supposed to be better) Some of the mechanics are also a bit goofy to learn.
    • Depending on the version you purchase, the learning curve can be steep. (I recommend X-rebirth as it's dramatically easier to grasp)
    • The development team is VERY active, often releasing bug fixes / new features for even older games in the series.
    • There is a campaign mode & sandbox mode. The campaign plot isn't too bad, but it's no award winner.
    • I highly suggest going to the steam workshop and downloading the most popular QoL mod collections.
    • They are planning a X4 game & a VR game.

    Things specific to X-Rebirth
    • Limited to piloting one pretty badass ship. (You can ofc control your fleets remotely) Can also manually pilot drones.
    • Was initially No Man's Sky bad. There's been many many revisions to the game since it's initial release that have dramatically improved the game. Hence the poor reviews. Looking at the 2 DLCs can give you a better feel of the games current review.
    • Less skill barrier of entry compared to the previous X games.
    • Pretty amazing graphics in space. Does have some fairly muddy inside textures that can be fixed w/ mods. I highly suggest getting the SweetFX mod @ nexusmods.
    • Can walk around inside ships / stations.
    • Trade is easier to understand
    • Numerous QoL improvements compared to the prior games in the series.
    • Dramatically better VO (still sucks, but the other games are an entirely new level of bad VO)
    • A new version of this game, v 4.10 is currently in public beta.

    Things specific to X3
    • Dramatically more difficult to get into, but has MUCH more freedom (can pilot any ship)
    • Plot is more interesting
    • Less buggy

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    Wow....if this were twenty years ago people would have thought this was from an actual movie...great job...

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