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Pendragon Coming Down For Patch 1.115d ** Updated

Apr 24, 2014 - 10:50 AM - by beibhinn
Pendragon will be taken offline today, April 24th at 2:00PM EDT / 2000 CET for the deployment of Patch 1.115d.

The estimated downtime for this deployment is about 4 hours. An update will be provided when Pendragon is back online.

Thank you!

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**Update 4:30PM EDT / 2230 CET: Pendragon is back online! Happy testing!
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Patch 1.115d Comes to Pendragon!

Apr 23, 2014 - 3:40 PM - by beibhinn

• Your great feedback came in loud and clear! Check out the latest changes to the New Frontiers!
• New Dock location in the Portal Town Zones!
• Want instant fully leveled Artifacts? Find out How to get ‘em!
• More than a few bugs have been addressed. Read on to find out what’s been fixed!

Click the 'More' link to read the latest patch notes!

Dock Changes

• Capture-able docks have been added on each realm's river mid-way between the Strength Relic Town's Milegates and the Center Keep that take players down their realm's river towards the power relic keep, turn around, and end back at the Center Keep island.
• Dock boat wait times have been reduced from a total of 45s down to 25s. This includes the the time boats remain at the dock for player boarding.

Artifact Encounter Changes

  • All artifact encounters have been changed to allow players who perform the artifact's PvE encounter an activated and fully-leveled version of the artifact. Players will need to return to a new NPC in the Hall of Heroes to complete the new quests associated with the artifact encounters in order to receive the fully-leveled artifact.
  • Artifacts will become fully levelled when they enter your character's inventory. Do not be alarmed if you delve the item from the quest window and it is level 0.
  • A new Artifact Replacement NPC has been added to the Hall of Heroes of each realm that will replace any of the new, fully-levelled artifacts for players who lose them.
  • Players with existing Artifact credit will have to complete the encounter again to receive the fully leveled Artifact. This is only possible if the existing Artifact is not in your inventory (this includes equipped, personal inventory, and personal vault).

Bug Fixes

  • Additional safeguards were added to make sure Ruined Keeps and towers remained in their Ruined state.
  • Added some additional guards in the Ruined Keep lord room to protect relics placed there. These guards only spawn if a relic is housed in the Ruined Keep.
  • Draughts of Heroism and Supremacy should now be more consistently usable when moving on speed.
  • Draughts of Supremacy will now fully buff players after they have been sheared.
  • (Gaheris Only) Altered the keep encounters for Caer Berkstead, Nottmoor Faste, and Dun Crimthainn to function within the new keep position and open courtyard layout.


  • The Screenshot Key (-) is now map-able to any other unused key
  • The Camera View Toggle (F11) is now map-able to any other unused key
  • When a character fires a siege weapon, there is now a 3 second timer preventing the firing of another siege weapon by that character.


  • The Frontier maps have been adjusted to better reflect the new paths added to Agramon
  • The Frontier maps have been adjusted to reflect the docks added near the Strength Relic Towns

Please log onto Pendragon to test out a few of these changes, and provide feedback! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these recent changes.

We appreciate your opinion and we thank you for supporting Broadsword by voting for Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online on Steam!

If you have not yet voted - please do so! We are looking forward to this next step, and need your help to get there!

Click here for Dark Age of Camelot on Steam!

Click here for Ultima Online on Steam!

We'll see you in NEW New Frontiers!!

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Killaloe Event Ends - The Rites of Spring Begins!

Apr 21, 2014 - 10:30 AM - by beibhinn
The forces of Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia have driven the springtime menace from the Battleground at Killaloe! The elusive bunny made its escape and has found its way to Agramon in the New Frontiers.Click the 'More' link to find out more about the Rites of Spring!

For those who could not join the Killaloe event - the Gem of the Harbinger will remain a One-Time Drop during the Rites of Spring quest in the New Frontiers! To pick up the Rites of Spring quests, please speak to the following NPCS:

In Albion - Sir Yvain near the bindstone on the New Frontiers side of Castle Sauvage
In Midgard - Sinfjotli Sigmundarson near the Bindstone on the New Frontiers side of Svasud Faste
In Hibernia - Fionn Mac Cumhaill near the Bindstone on the New Frontiers side of Druim Ligen

Thank you for your participation in the Weekend BG Event, and thank you for supporting Broadsword by voting for Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online on Steam!

If you have not yet voted - please do so! We are looking forward to this next step, and need your help to get there!

Click here for Dark Age of Camelot on Steam!

Click here for Ultima Online on Steam!

Thank you and we'll see you in the Frontiers!

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DAoC Portal's Topic of the Week: In-Game Mail

Apr 21, 2014 - 7:06 AM - by Card
And lo! The TotW hath returned!

This week, lets talk about something that was mentioned in a previous grab bag. I am talking of course about an In-Game Mail System. Broadsword has made the claim that something of this nature is in the works, but no particular time frame has been given. Knowing that, there is plenty of time for some ideas to be heard, and perhaps implemented into the game. This week, instead of asking particular questions (there will still be a few!) we'll go into some detail on what the in-game mailboxes will look like. Please note that the images presented are from actual game files, viewed through nifscope. They may or may not be using these already created models, and only time will tell.

So, a couple of questions for you:

What have you liked about other game's mail systems?

What have you disliked about other game's mail systems?

Here we have the Midgard Personal Mailbox:

Here we have the Midgard Realm Mailbox:

Here we have the Albion Personal Mailbox:

Here we have the Albion Realm Mailbox:

Here we have the Hibernia Personal Mailbox:
... [Read More]
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Grab Bag timecode winners!

Apr 18, 2014 - 1:40 PM - by beibhinn
Randomly selected from those who's questions were answered in today's Grab Bag!

Congrats to:

Please PM me for your codes

You can read today's Grab Bag here: http://www.darkageofcamelot.com/arti...-bagsworth-iii
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A Message from Grabford B. Bagsworth III

Apr 18, 2014 - 1:20 PM - by beibhinn
Ok Grab Bag, not cool. You missed our last date! We're starting to feel rejected here. People care about you, and want the pleasure of your company so stop being so elusive. I think you owe us an apology. On with it!

Q: Grab Bag, where have you been?

A: Humble apologies my dear friends. I mean no offense, but sometimes it's difficult to make all of my appointments. I mean...I'm not sure if you know, but...I'm kind of a big deal. People know me...but this is no excuse! I look forward to making a more regular appearance to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Yours with respect,
Sir Grabford B. Bagsworth III Esq.

Now - Let's answer some questions! Click the 'More' button to see this week's Grab Bag!

Q: Why don't you guys do log-in surveys anymore? The last one I remember seeing was when they were thinking about expanding ML options to 3 per class instead of 2, which was many years ago. Don't you think this would be a good way to collect data and put controversial topics into better perspective (removing the bind stone from the Labyrinth is a popular one atm) from your entire player base in addition to postcount? A lot of European and casual players don't read or much less discuss topics here.

A: Log-in surveys are indeed a great way to get information directly from active players. Polls on third party sites, or even the Camelot Herald can be less effective because the questions are open to everyone, regardless of their status in the game. While we appreciate all feedback, there are certain questions we would like answered by players that are actively playing at the time of the poll.

We would like to re-implement log-in polls for this reason.

Q: Is Broadsword going to do characters transfers between accounts? If so, do both accounts have to be open, and will it be a free or cost service?

A: This is the plan. Over 12+ years of game-play, players have several characters across multiple accounts and we would like to provide the opportunity to allow consolidation. This will be among the many updates and upgrades to the Broadsword Account Center that is currently underway. Currently, it’s planned as a premium service – but there are no details on the prices as yet.

Q: Are there currently plans to have a monthly or quarterly twitch stream with the dev's playing with questions answered similar to the WBW streams with Grakulen, and if so, would you mind giving a rough eta?

A: We really enjoyed our Wayback Wednesday streams with Grakulen on MMORPG.com. They were a great way for us to keep players informed, and to demonstrate to new/interested parties the thrill and magic of Dark Age of Camelot. This is something we really want to do again, and we’ll be working with our wonderful Community Lead Carol on having something similar set up on a regular cadence. Who doesn’t miss watching us get crushed live on video!?

Q: I have seen a lot of art changes with the new patch. Have your resources in this department increased?

A: Yes it has! We’re thrilled about this. Those of you who have participated in some previous Grab Bags asked questions to which the reply often started with: “Unfortunately due to art resource constraints we are currently unable to…”

Under Broadsword, we have renewed investment in this area, and we’re really excited about updating art for various features in DAoC. Things we’re currently discussing are: fixes for art-related bugs, new maps, UI skins, new items, monsters, and more!

Q: General question looking for update on status of new website

A: We’re almost there. Those of you who have been following this (admittedly long) process will be pleased to know that the wait is almost over. We’re putting the finishing touches on Character and Guild search, an up-to-date Item database, and even a few Realm War features! We’re really excited to release the early phase of our updates to begin the process of building a Camelot Herald that will surpass the Herald of old!

Q01: Could be consider to share quests? If it is not possible for old quests, at least provide for new quests. It is more easy to group people when all have the same target, and not wasted time.

A: We have a lot of things we'd like to do to improve the User Experience. This is on that very large list but is somewhere around the middle in terms of priority. We'll get to it, but it may take a bit.

Click here to read the complete article
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The Harbinger of Spring Invades Killaloe!

Apr 17, 2014 - 1:00 PM - by beibhinn
Springtime is here again, and with the warmth and renewed bloom of the landscape an ancient menace returns!

The deceptively cuddly Harbinger of Spring has found its way into the Battleground of Killaloe. It has devoured the Keep Lord of Dun Killaloe and has taken up residence there awaiting fresh prey. The Kings of the Realms have placed a bounty on this beast, and have dispatched Channelers to the Borderkeeps of Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen to offer passage to any that wish to drive this menace out of Killaloe and collect the new and unique reward!

Click ‘More’ for additional information!

To gain access to the Killaloe Battleground speak with the following Channelers:

In Albion - Master Truji in Castle Sauvage
In Midgard – Stor Gothi Acheren in Svasud Faste
In Hibernia – Channeler Inarea in Druim Ligen

The Battleground Event will begin Thursday evening and conclude in the morning on Monday, April 21st. Following the Battleground Event, the Rites of Spring will be activated in the New Frontiers.

More information on the Rites of Spring will be posted here on the Camelot Herald, so stay tuned and we’ll see you in Killaloe!

Click here to read the complete article
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