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Pendragon Downtime for Patch 1.117B [UPDATED: Pend up. Notes posted]

Feb 26, 2015 - 9:10 AM - by beibhinn
The Pendragon server will be down today, Thursday 2/26/15, at 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT for patch 1.117B!

The notes will be posted when the server comes up. Downtime is expected to be no more than 4 hours.

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UPDATE: Pendragon is back up!


  • The Casual Group Finder has had several improvements made to it!
  • The Hibernia and Midgard versions of the new Another World Campaign quests are in!
  • The /hearth bind bug has been fixed!

Read all the notes here!
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Pendragon Hot Fix #2

Feb 24, 2015 - 12:43 PM - by beibhinn
Hello all,

The newly revamped lower level dungeons and the new campaign encounter have both received some improvements. Read on for more details!

  • New Quest Givers are now outside the Tomb of Mithra, Nisse's Lair, and Muire's Tomb that will grant players quests for each dungeon.
    • All Named monsters in these dungeons will now correctly drop their new loot.

  • King Uther's hitpoints have been increased significantly.
  • The amount of monsters around King Uther have been reduced slightly
  • The overall difficulty of the encounter has been toned down slightly while other adjustments have increased the difficulty for AFK players to participate and survive the encounter.
  • A new repeatable quest and reward have been added to the encounter. Speak with Lieutenant Haley to receive the repeatable quest after defeating King Uther at least once.
  • The Realm Rank 14 Titles for Albion have been changed as follows:
    • Archduke changed to Arch Duke
    • Archduchess changed to Arch Duchess

As always, stay tuned for more updates!

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Pendragon Hot Fix

Feb 22, 2015 - 5:56 PM - by beibhinn
Greetings all,

We have some bug fixes as well as changes to the 1.117 Pendragon notes hot and ready. Read on below!

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Broadsword Account and Billing Support Callback Service

Feb 20, 2015 - 2:50 PM - by beibhinn

In an effort to increase the quality of support and streamline assistance for certain account and billing-related issues, Broadsword is now pleased to offer a new callback service to help resolve complex account and billing issues.

Please be aware that in-game issues are not part of this new initiative. Our support team will attempt to resolve all account and billing-related issues via email first. The callback service will only be offered in situations where all attempts to resolve the issue via email have been exhausted. Our aim is to lessen the amount of back and forth sometimes required in order to reduce the total resolution time of complex, account and billing-related issues.

Tentatively, the customer support team will be able to make callbacks between the hours of *12PM – 12AM EST* (noon – midnight) or *5PM – 5AM GMT*. Please keep that timeframe in mind when coordinating with the support team to setup a callback.

At this time, callbacks will only be offered in English.

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Pendragon Downtime for Patch 1.117 [Update 2PM EST: Pend is UP! See notes!]

Feb 18, 2015 - 8:00 AM - by beibhinn
The Pendragon server will be down, Wednesday 2/18/15, at 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT for patch 1.117!

The notes will be posted when the server comes up. Downtime is expected to be no more than 9 hours.

Click here to read the complete article

UPDATE 2PM EST: Pend is back up! Check out the patch notes here!
  45 Replies | 816 Views

The Kings Scrolls: Changing Tide

Feb 12, 2015 - 1:32 AM - by Oldboy
  11 Replies | 305 Views

Valentine's Day Event Returns, with Bonuses!

Feb 11, 2015 - 4:50 PM - by beibhinn
Love is in the air as we celebrate the return of our Valentine's Day event!

This event will run from Thursday, February 12th, through Monday, February 16th and brings the following quests:

  • A Matter of the Heart: This quest will give players of all realms the chance find the imp, Russel, located mainland side of Castle Sauvage/Druim Ligen/Svasud Faste, ready to offer some interesting tasks from the local imp's union in return for a Lawn Cupid trophy, experience and coin. This year, we're adding an extra reward with players having the choice to receive a ROG ring or bracer in addition to the trophy when completing this quest.

  • Keeping Company: This quest will be offered to characters level 45 and above and will have a unique challenge for players in Albion, Midgard and Hibernia. As a reward, players will receive a Tiny Compatriot Crate, experience and coin. Visit Lailen in Jordheim, Pondar Cully in Camelot, and Harris MacCullogh in Tir na Nog to start the quest.

  • Valentine's Traditions: These quests will offer three old style quests which were part of the original Dark Age of Camelot Valentine's Day content. Players will be able to complete the quest up to six times, which is based on the number of times the original quest has been issued online. Players will be rewarded with a Hearts Cloak, Heart-Shaped Box, experience and coin. Visit Rumdor in Mag Mell, Hrolf in Mularn, or Sir Prescott in Camelot Hills to start the quest.

In honor of Valentine's day and President's Day weekend, we're activating the following bonuses which will run for the duration of the event.

On Ywain:
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons.
  • 100% bonus to normal BP in all NF zones.
  • 25% bonus to RP in all NF zones (including Darkness Falls and The Labyrinth)
  • 50% bonus to RP in Darkness Falls

On Gaheris:
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons.
  • 100% bonus to normal BP gain in the capital cities.
  • 100% bonus to normal RP gain in the capital cities.

In each Capital City:

  • 40% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain

In all Housing Zones:

  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 10% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain

Hope you all have a wonderful love filled Valentine's Day

Click here to read the complete article
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