1.121C Hot Fix Update

Aug 24, 2016 - 3:30 PM - by beibhinn

We have some mid-week Hot Fix notes and fixes coming at you this afternoon! We anticipate these being the last major Hot Fix notes prior to the 1.122 patch coming this fall, pending feedback, as always. Read on for the notes!
Bug Fixes

  • The level 12 Thrust style, Bloody Dance, has had its Bleed effect increased from 3 damage to 13 damage.
  • The Immolation lifetap in Valewalking now fires its group heal once again even if the lifetap is resisted.
  • BP-purchased cloaks from Svasud Faste can now be sold on Consignment Merchants and placed into house vaults properly.
  • Several spell levels have been adjusted to reflect the correct level that the spells are received.
  • All Left Axe, Celtic Dual, Dual Wield, and Critical Strikes weaponskill buffs (available on some weapons) have been converted to base weapon weaponskill buffs instead (Sword and Axe, Blades and Piercing, Slash and Thrust, etc.).
    • This is because base weapon weaponskill buffs correctly increase main-hand and off-hand damage whereas the advanced line WS buffs do not.
    • Please note that this is only the case for these 4 advanced skill lines, and not for other advanced skill lines' buffs (such as Two-Handed, Polearm, Large Weaponry, Fist Wraps etc.) as those apply their bonuses correctly.

  • Light Tank "pet proc stance" pets have had their HP, melee damage, and melee defenses set to the correct values. This results in an overall reduction in all values.
  • Astral Conflagrant Short Swords/Hatchets will no longer proc when Light Tank "pet proc stance" is enabled.
  • The level 20 Sorcerer root spell, Lesser Body Lock, in Body specialization has been made AoE (350 radius) like the rest of the spells in its line.

Class Balance


  • All fire and forget turret pets have had their cast times reduced from 5s to 3.5s. Controlled pets are still 5s cast time.


  • Standard Shot has had its cast time increased from 4.0s to 4.2s.
  • Critical Shot’s damage has been slightly reduced to the following values:
    • Level 5 - Critical Shot 1 damage decreased from 15 to 14
    • Level 11 - Critical Shot 2 damage decreased from 50 to 48
    • Level 17 - Critical Shot 3 damage decreased from 90 to 88
    • Level 23 - Critical Shot 4 damage decreased from 129 to 126
    • Level 29 - Critical Shot 5 damage decreased from 168 to 164
    • Level 35 - Critical Shot 6 damage decreased from 209 to 204
    • Level 41 - Critical Shot 7 damage decreased from 248 to 242
    • Level 47 - Critical Shot 8 damage decreased from 288 to 285
    • Level 50 - Critical Shot 9 damage decreased from 308 to 305

  • Power Shot has had its damage reduced to the following values:
    • Level 3 - Power Shot 1 damage decreased from 15 to 12
    • Level 9 - Power Shot 2 damage decreased from 50 to 45
    • Level 15 - Power Shot 3 damage decreased from 90 to 86
    • Level 21 - Power Shot 4 damage decreased from 129 to 123
    • Level 27 - Power Shot 5 damage decreased from 168 to 160
    • Level 33 - Power Shot 6 damage decreased from 209 to 194
    • Level 39 - Power Shot 7 damage decreased from 248 to 230
    • Level 45 - Power Shot 8 damage decreased from 288 to 279

  • The archer damage immunity's duration for Critical Shot and Power Shot has been increased from 10s to 15s.
    • NOTE: The damage reduction trails off quickly during the last 5s of its duration.

  • Heightened Awareness' effect has been increased from +10% to +20% stealth detection bonus


  • Heightened Awareness' effect has been increased from +10% to +20% stealth detection bonus
  • All levels of Vanish have had the durations of the disarm and silence effects increased from 15s to 30s.
  • The level 39 Critical Strikes style, Stunning Stab, now follows the Hamstring off-evade style instead of Creeping Death. Its effect has changed from a 3% abs debuff to a 10s wither.
  • The armor wither debuff amounts have been increased slightly. This should result in more consistent and higher damage on withered targets when using called shot styles.
  • The mesmerization poisons will now apply on targets with remedy active.
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5v5 Tournament Winners and Event Round Up

Aug 24, 2016 - 12:30 PM - by beibhinn
19 great teams descended on Pendragon this past weekend for our second annual 5v5 tournament. Great teams, great commentary, and, most of all, great fights made for a very long enjoyable day! A big congratulations to this years champions: The One Percent!

First place: The One Percent, who each won a Look-a-Like NPC, and 3 month DAoC game timecode, included players:

  • Nordic (Bard & Team Captain)
  • Kujbama (Theurgist)
  • Elpotato (Mauler)
  • Plarp (Sorceror)
  • Allesklar (Healer)

Second place: Carry Inter, who each won a 3 month DAoC game timecode and was made up of players:

  • Saadomarsss (Bard and Team Captain)
  • Alexh (Theurgist)
  • Salidriks (Healer)
  • Interszx (Spiritmaster)
  • Einszweipoliz (Theurgist)

Third place: JoellovesJim, who each won a 1 month DAoC game timecode and was made up of players:

  • Joel (Bard and Team Captain)
  • Deadhealz (Healer)
  • Gloryjoel (Spiritmaster)
  • Joelyangdi (Bonedancer)
  • Joeltroon (Theurgist)

Each player will receive the Triumphant Wristguard for taking part. Not everyone has claimed their bracer yet, if you're unsure of the details, get in touch! You can PM me on postcount here for info on how to claim.
All videos from the stream on our official Twitch channel are now available on our official Youtube channel here.

Special thanks to the Knight-organizer Kujii, our amazing as always commentators J0el and Spaghetti Johnson, everyone who tuned in to watch the event live on Twitch, and the participants themselves for giving us such an entertaining tournament!

We were delighted to see this event growing and the fun had by all, and look forward to more events in the months to come!

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Live Server Downtime - Patch 1.121B *Update: Servers UP!

Aug 15, 2016 - 8:09 PM - by beibhinn
Update: The servers are back online now and the Midsummer's Event has come to an end.

All servers will be coming down tomorrow, Tuesday, 8/16/16 at 5:45AM EDT / 10:45AM GMT for patch 1.121b!

Check out the patch notes below!

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Celebrating Midsummer

Aug 03, 2016 - 2:46 PM - by beibhinn
The Spirit of War returns! Enjoy our celebration of Midsummer starting today through Monday, August 15th!

  • Earn the Midsummer's Medal of Valor by proving yourself to the Spirit of War!
    • Earned the necklace last year? Don't worry, you can get it again this year!

  • Simply locate the Spirit of War at Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, Dun Crauchon, or traversing over Ellan Vannin and you will receive the Righteous Vengence! (Albion), Mark for Slaughter! (Midgard), or Complete Annihilation! (Hibernia) quest.
    • This quest is repeatable and will auto-complete but you'll have to return to the Spirit of War to get it again!
    • Please make sure your pending quest list has room!
    • Complete the quest 10 times to earn the Recognition of Valor quest and receive your Medal of Valor!
    • Earn bonus Realm and Bounty points for each completion of the quest!

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5v5 Tournament Registration and Reward Details

Aug 02, 2016 - 3:00 PM - by beibhinn
Registration for our second annual 5v5 tournament on August 20th, 2016, is now open! Gather your team and have your captain register by Wednesday, August 17th 2016, at 5PM EST/10PM GMT on our Challonge Tournament page!

Details on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rewards have also been updated, with every participant also receiving a Triumphant Wristguard! Head over to our 5v5 Tournament page for all the links, stats, details, and tournament info!

And get signed up!!

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1.121 Hot Fix and Client Update #2

Jul 29, 2016 - 3:30 PM - by beibhinn
One more quick crafting fix and two changes coming at you on this Friday afternoon. Enjoy the weekend and we'll see you on the battlefield!

Bug Fixes

  • (Client) Dragonsworn recipes in Midgard's armor-crafting window should have their correct naming conventions now.


  • Assassin's Overshadow ability now does a better job of keeping the allied target stealthed through any in-progress attacks at the time of the ability being applied.
    • Additonally, Overshadow now increases the target's movement speed in stealth to be a bit faster than normal run + sprint speed for its duration.
    • Overshadow can no longer be used on other Assassins or on Archers.
      • It can still be used on all other non-stealthing classes and Minstrels.
      • A new error-message has been added to Overshadow when attempting to cast it on invalid targets.

  • Resource crates spawn rates have been doubled.

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1.121 Hot Fix and Client Update

Jul 28, 2016 - 2:58 PM - by beibhinn

1.121 has been out for a couple days now and the action has been fantastic and we've loved reading your feedback! We've been hard at work making sure everything's running as smoothly as possible by squashing all of the bugs we can. A HUGE thank you goes to all of you who have helped us by reporting any bugs you all have come across, please continue to do so!

Check out the notes below:

Bug Fixes

  • (Client) The mouse look toggle feature should once again function as it did prior to 1.121.
  • The new single-target instant heals given to Clerics, Druids, and Healers will no longer fire on targets at full health, preventing unintended power consumption.
    • The Paladin's group instant heal will still not fire on targets at full health but will cause power to be consumed as it's a group-targeted spell and cannot be prevented from doing so.

  • The Paladin's level 12 Chant of Stamina should pulse correctly now.
  • The Warden's self endurance chant should no longer share a re-use timer with other abilities.
  • The Runemaster's pulsing bladeturn spells now appear in the Suppression specialization line at the correct levels 36 and 46.
    • Please note that a respec will need to be performed to see this change.

  • Several spell level values in specialization lines have been corrected to display the correct level of the spell.
  • Warlocks' should no longer get double-deathblows on targets killed with Doom's damage over time spell.
  • Offensive and Defensive proc buffs on several classes should no longer give an error when the user has another player targeted with an active proc spell.
    • Please note that this fix will result in some lower level versions of offensive and defensive procs to overwrite higher level versions.


  • Archery's new elemental shots (Somatic, Entropic, Lithic, and Tempestuous) have had their quickbar icons updated.
  • The Touch of Death line of poisons has had its quickbar icon updated.
  • The Assassin's Blur ability can no longer be cast on themselves.
  • The Assassin's Envenom poison proc buffs can no longer be re-cast on the assassin if that particular buff is already active.
  • The Assassin's Shadow Seek buff can no longer be recast if its already active.
  • The Light Tank's stance buffs can no longer be recast if that particular stance is already active.
  • Active chants, songs, and other pulsing spells should no longer cause the Assassin's Overshadow buff to expire prematurely.
  • Shaman's Caustic Carapace spell can no longer be cast on Buggane's Obelisk.
  • Friar's high-end group resist buff (Heat, Cold, Matter) is now obtainable at level 43 instead of 46.

    • Please note that a respec will need to be performed to see this change.

  • Champion's debuff functionality has been changed to work like list-caster debuffs on buffed targets. Overall this will result in less stats being removed from Champion-debuffed targets than before even though the delves will remain the same.
    • The re-use timers on Champion debuffs have been reduced from 20s to 15s.

  • Warlock's Witchcraft specialization Anguish and Agony damage over time spells have had their frequencies reduced as follows:
    • Anguish DoTs will now tick once every 5 seconds instead of every 4 seconds, the duration remains unchanged at 30s.
    • Agony DoTs will now tick once every 3.5s instead of every 3 seconds, the duration remains unchanged at 25s.

  • Hunter's Point Blank Shot's pulsing blade turn frequencies have been reduced as follows:
    • Point Blank Shot 1 pulses once every 12s instead of 10s now.
    • Point Blank Shot 2 pulses once every 10s instead of 8s now.
    • Point Blank Shot 3 pulses once every 8s instead of 6s now.

  • Vampiir's Summon Night's Servant spell now costs 250 power instead of 300.
    • On summon, the pet now fires a group buff that counts down its duration. This buff is removed if the pet dies, is released, or its 5 minute duration timer ends.

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