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Halloween Event 2016: Trick or Treat

Oct 18, 2016 - 10:20 AM - by beibhinn
October is not just our favorite month because of the Anniversary, it's also Halloween! And that means haunted cities, candy and costumes, pumpkin patches in the Frontiers, and this year... some exciting new tricks and treats to enjoy!

Check out the teaser video for a peek into the new content with more details listed below!

Festivities begin today, October 18th and will conclude on Monday, November 7th.

  • Level 50 players should visit the ghostly queen, Lenore, in each realm's capital city to receive the new quest 'A Hallowed Lost'.
    • Visit the pumpkin patches in the frontier to find the buttertoe candy pieces Lenore needs and get some exciting new Trick or Treat costumes for your realmmates!
      • Only the pumpkin patches in Ellan Vannin, Pennine Mountains, Jamtland Mountains, and Breifine drop the five buttertoe candy pieces she needs.
        • You'll want to get this year's Ghostly Harvest quest to help guide you to the pumpkin patches!
        • Defeat the hallowed ghost, mummy, night bat, walking dead, or gooey slime at the pumpkin patches to get the candy pieces.
        • Different patches have different candy pieces available.

      • Trick or Treat potions can be used on your realm-mates to give them randomized costumes!
        • These potions will be usable in RvR for the three days surrounding and including Halloween!

    • Earn a new friend for your efforts!

  • A new instance dungeon, the Castle of the Mournful King, awaits those willing to brave its powerful ruler's fury!
    • Level 50 players should speak with Lenore to teleport to the instance.
    • Earn armor and weapons with stats you've seen before - but with different skins!
    • Draughts of Supremacy and Otherworldly Helms also have a chance to drop!
    • This instance is meant to be extremely challenging and is therefore entirely optional and not required to complete the new quest.

  • Lenore can be found in the following locations within the capital cities:
    • Camelot: The Church of Albion
    • Jordheim: The Temple of the Aesir
    • Tir na Nog: Alainn Cuir's courtyard

  • The Ghostly Harvest Quest offers players level 45 and up a dangerous adventure in the frontiers. Speak with John Tobin on the Cotswold Bridge, Foa Muldisson outside the Jordheim North Gates, or Nera by the road in Mag Mell to begin the quest. (Note: Players who completed this quest last year will now be offered it again.)
  • Treat sellers have been spotted selling sugary confections inside Meath, Erikstaad, and Caerwent.
  • The consignment merchants would like to show you their Halloween spirit! Pick up the merchant and place it back down on your house porch and he will change into a Halloween outfit for you!
  • Be aware adventurers! Ghosts haunt the streets of your capital cities as the pumpkin moon rises! Ghosts have also been spotted in Mag Mell, Aegirhamn, and Campacorentin Station.
  • The horses you once rode have joined the spirit realm. (This affects stable and merchant horses only - not player controlled horses.)
  • Something strange has happened to all of the puppies.
  • The pumpkins have been carved into jack o' lanterns!
  • A trio of crazy old women have been spotted selling costume potions inside Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog.
    • The costume potions last 15 minutes each and come in a variety of flavors.
    • The costume potions work best if you remove your helm and armor.
    • You cannot digest another costume potion if you are transformed into any of the monster forms.
    • The costume potions' magics are short-lived and the potions will be useless after the festivities end so don't horde them.
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Radar Bans

Oct 12, 2016 - 10:54 AM - by beibhinn
We are happy to see that the overall number of cheaters from previous passes is much lower this time around though some players still haven't gotten the message. As such, we have issued the following permanent bans and suspensions:

  • A little over one hundred accounts were issued permanent bans for either extreme usage or repeat offenses of radar hacks.
  • Several dozen accounts were issued 7-day suspensions for low usage and first time offenses of radar hacks.

While we're still working towards completely eliminating radar and all other cheats from the game, this is another solid step towards that goal. Happy hunting out there!

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Hot Fix: 15th Anniversary Loyalty Rewards

Oct 10, 2016 - 3:00 PM - by beibhinn
Happy birthday Dark Age of Camelot!

Fifteen years ago today, the servers were filled with the first wide-eyed players eager to explore the realms of Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia. Little did they know they were going to help form the best community of players in gaming and experience a three-sided war unlike any other. This update is a big thank you to all of you here celebrating the anniversary and is especially for those players that have been here since that humble beginning fifteen years ago.

Without further ado, check out the notes below!

  • The Kings in each realm are offering a new quest, depending on your loyalty over the years:
    • Accounts that have accumulated 15 years of subscription time OR that were a current, paid subscription on September 27th, 2016 will receive the quest: Loyalty Rewarded
      • This quest will reward players with a unique, class-specific cloak!
      • Check out the awesome cloak art below!
      • These cloaks will unlock powerful stats and abilities as they are leveled!

    • Accounts that do not meet the above requirements will receive the quest: Loyalty Needed
      • This quest will require players on Ywain to capture a keep before being able to earn their class-specific cloak.
      • This quest will require players on Gaheris to defeat a Herald on Ellan Vannin before being able to earn their class-specific cloak.
      • Check out the awesome cloak art below!
      • These cloaks will unlock powerful stats and abilities as they are leveled!

Albion Cloaks

Midgard Cloaks

Hibernia Cloaks

  • Accounts that have accumulated 15 years of subscription time OR that were a current, paid subscription on September 27th, 2016 can visit the Census Overseer NPC in each realm's capital city to receive a 15 year housing trophy.
    • Please note that Census Overseers will now properly reward accounts that have had 5+ years of accumulated subscription time with their loyalty rewards. This should fix issues with EU accounts not being able to receive the 5 year rewards.

  • Any accounts that have accumulated 15 years of subscription time will receive the new title "Honored Elder" upon login. To view your character's titles in-game, type /title.
    • Going forward, any accounts that accumulate 15 years of subscription time will also receive the new title "Honored Elder".

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RvR Tournament and 15th Anniversary Celebration Begins!

Sep 30, 2016 - 11:20 PM - by beibhinn
Happy Anniversary to all and as huge thank you we are happy to announce the beginning of the month-long RvR tournament as well as the return of the Traveling merchants and 100% realm-point bonuses for the ENTIRE month!

King's RvR Tournament

The tournament has begun!

Check out the details and leaderboards on the main tournament page and become a hero to your realm forever!

Traveling Merchants

The traveling merchants have returned to their usual spots and are offering their excellent selection of wares to any and all! You might just find some Otherworldly items for sale...

Visit the following locations to stock up on the goods:
Albion: Outside Castle Sauvage
Midgard: Outside Svasud Faste
Hibernia: Outside Druim LIgen

On Ywain:
  • 100% bonus to RP gain in all NF zones (including the Labyrinth)
  • 100% bonus to RP gain in all battlegrounds
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic and shrouded isles zones and dungeons
  • 50% bonus to normal BP in all NF zones
  • 50% bonus to normal BP in all battlegrounds

On Gaheris:
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic and shrouded isles zones and dungeons
  • 100% bonus to normal BP gain in the capital cities
  • 100% bonus to normal RP gain in the capital cities

In each Capital City:
  • 40% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain

In all Housing Zones:
  • 40% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain

Happy Hunting!

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15th Anniversary Come Back to Camelot Campaign

Sep 30, 2016 - 8:20 AM - by beibhinn
We are pleased to announce the 15th Anniversary Celebration details, including 30 FREE days with the Come Back to Camelot campaign!

With new King's gear, returning player rewards, King's RvR tournament, traveling merchants, bonuses, and so much more, there is tons going on this anniversary month that you won't want to miss! Look out for more events and rewards throughout the month. Details on our anniversary rewards will be announced on DAoC's actual birthday, October 10th!

Check out the full details, including info on the new streamlined Otherworlds and Darkness Falls content, by clicking the image below!

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Live Server Downtime - Patch 1.122A [Update: Servers up!]

Sep 27, 2016 - 7:10 PM - by beibhinn
All servers will be coming down Thursday, September 29th at 5:45AM EDT / 10:45AM GMT for patch 1.122A!

During the server down time, the account center will also be down for some AWS maintenance.

Check out the patch notes below!


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Pendragon Server Downtime - Patch 1.122A [Updated with notes]

Sep 23, 2016 - 10:10 AM - by beibhinn

Update: Pendragon is now up, check out the 1.122A Pendragon Test Server
Notes are available here: http://darkageofcamelot.com/content/...on-patch-notes

The Pendragon test server will be coming down today, September 23rd, at 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT to deliver patch 1.122A!

Notes will follow when Pendragon is back online.

Important Note:
We highly suggest separating out your normal game directory from your Pendragon game directory *before* patching and testing on Pendragon.

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