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Agramon Tower Event Ends!

Jun 02, 2014 - 12:13 PM - by beibhinn
Today marks the conclusion of our Agramon Tower event. As you know, this change to the New Frontiers was implemented as a temporary event in order to observe and measure how the change would impact action in NF. Should the change be approved as a permanent change, it will return with patch 1.115b.

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We’ve been observing the action, reviewing the feedback, and participating in the event ourselves. We feel that the Agramon Towers bring an interesting layer of strategy and convenience to movement in the Frontiers and the action on Agramon over the past 10 days has certainly been bustling and interesting. Milegate fights and tri-realm engagements in the Decayed Lands were compelling, long-lived, and enjoyable.

The quest to take the Agramon Towers was removed because we felt it detracted from these capture-points as the necessary part of the Realm War that they are. The Towers are strong objectives and we found that there is no need to provide an incentive to take them beyond their inherent strategic value.

If you have not already provided your feedback on the Agramon Tower event, please do so here: http://www.darkageofcamelot.com/contact as we are very interested in getting your perspective on how you feel the change affected your RvR experience in the Frontiers. Your feedback will help us determine if the Agramon Towers will become a permanent feature in the New Frontiers.

1.115b will be here soon, and with it some exciting changes to the game beyond tweaks to the New Frontiers (New Camelot Herald features as well as Inventory, Art, and Quest updates!). It’s exciting stuff, so make sure to keep an eye on the Herald for the full list of changes!

Thank you for your feedback and for your support, and we’ll see you in the Frontiers!

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Agramon Tower Event Update

May 30, 2014 - 11:20 AM - by beibhinn
The Agramon Tower event went live a week ago today, and in that time we have received positive feedback. The common sentiment is that the portal towers on Agramon are improving the ability for players to move through the Frontiers and find action faster.

However, the quest to capture the towers seems to detract from Realm-based objectives, so it is being removed today and will remain off for the duration of the event. If you already have the quest, you will still be able to complete it, but will no longer be able to pick it up.

We will continue to monitor your feedback and improve the NF experience for everyone.

Happy hunting and as always, keep the feedback coming!

-John Thornhill
Lead Designer

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Producer's Note

May 29, 2014 - 3:36 PM - by beibhinn
Friends and realm mates,

On www.broadsword.com you will find a message from Broadsword president: Rob Denton about the recent events regarding EA Mythic. I am reaching out to you today to provide you with my personal assurance that the team here at Broadsword remains committed to our investment in Dark Age of Camelot.

Some thirteen years ago intrepid pioneers at Mythic Entertainment created the one-of-a-kind game that we call home, and Broadsword is proud to have some of those original members still preserving Dark Age of Camelot today.

I would like our community to know that the promise we made to you at the outset of our journey with Broadsword remains intact, and we look forward to providing more great content, compelling updates, and sleek improvements to Dark Age of Camelot.

Faithfully yours,

Talal Saad
Producer, Dark Age of Camelot
Broadsword Online Games

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Agramon Event and Hot Fix Notes

May 22, 2014 - 5:27 PM - by beibhinn
Greetings friends!

Our response to your New Frontiers Revamp feedback continues apace. While we still have several ideas and fixes brewing, some are ready-to-go! We wanted to get these out to you as soon as possible, so...

We're excited to announce that we'll be doing a temporary Live event designed around the center island of Agramon on Ywain starting this Friday, May 23rd and running until Monday, June 2nd.

This event is special in that it's an example of how we'd like to introduce game changes in the future. Whenever we're planning on making significant changes to the way Frontiers, or any major game system works, we'll introduce the change with a limited Live event. Then we'll eagerly await your feedback. While we know we can't always please everyone, you can rest assured that your thoughtful feedback helps improve our designs and guides our focus.

The most popular of these events will likely be integrated into the game permanently. The not-so-popular events will be just that: a limited-time, unpopular event that runs its course and is soon forgotten.

Note that we do want these events to last long enough to give everyone a chance to try them and give us feedback. Right now we're thinking that would normally be something like 1 to 2 weeks.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the notes!

Control the Island! Agramon Event

Live on Friday, May 23rd; Ends Monday, June 2nd

• Each realm has placed a small contingent of guards in their Labyrinth Agramon Tower and laid claim to it.
• The Southeast Agramon tower is controlled by Albion
• The North Agramon tower is controlled by Midgard
• The Southwest Agramon tower is controlled by Hibernia

• Whenever a tower’s Captain is killed, the realm that killed them will now control the tower.
• A broadcast will go out to the realms when a tower is captured.

• Owning an Agramon tower means your realm gets to teleport directly to it from inside your Portal Keep!
• This teleport is one-way only
• It is possible to own all 3 Agramon towers at once

• Teleport is achieved by entering the realm specific Bindstone effects that spawn inside the PKs.
• The Albion Bindstone effect will always teleport players to the Southeast Tower
• The Midgard Bindstone effect will always teleport players to the North Tower
• The Hibernia Bindstone effect will always teleport players to the Southwest Tower
• These effects will disappear at the Portal Keep if your realm loses control of the tower.
• The location of these teleports will be on the bottom walkway of the wall directly opposite where players port into the PK from the Portal Ceremony.Be sure to move your characters away or they will be ported when the event goes up!

• A new quest has been added, Control the Island!, that awards a platinum-bound chest and your choice of Pictslayer belt.
• Albion players can visit Sir Yvain in Caer Berkstead to obtain the quest
• Midgard players can visit Sinfjotli Sigmundarson in Nottmoor Faste to obtain the quest
• Hibernia players can visit Fionn mac Cumhaill in Dun Crimthainn to obtain the quest

• The Agramon zone points to the Labyrinth will no longer allow players to enter them when the player is in combat.

Hot Fix Notes

Live on Friday, May 23rd

• (Ywain Only) The Ongoing Pictish Nuisance quest has been disabled for the duration of the event.
• The Pict mobs at each Ruined Keep will no longer spawn

• (Ywain Only) The Ongoing Pictish Nuisance quest will only be able to be completed once from now on.

• The Doppelgangers on Agramon have been reduced in number from 6 to 3 and have had their potential spawn locations reduced from 10 to 7.

• Bounty items should once again be able to be placed into house vaults.

• Visit the Quartermaster NPC in each realm’s throne room to purchase a Champion Armor Replacement Voucher that will allow you to receive the new Epic Armor if you have accidentally destroyed it.

• Enervating Poisons should now fire consistently.

• Players should be able to get more Nethril Ore if... [Read More]
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May 19, 2014 - 6:30 PM - by beibhinn
A fix has been deployed to resolve an issue that was preventing a number of spells and procs from functioning properly.

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Inside the Grab Bag's Studio *Updated

May 16, 2014 - 3:50 PM - by beibhinn
My noble friends and realm mates:

Sir Grabford Bagsworth here with a special treat for you! This week’s Grab Bag will be an interview with a most popular, sophisticated, and impressive gentleman. ME! I’ve locked myself in a tower, the table is set, I look dashing, the wine is flowing, and I will be conversing with a mirror.

I had best begin – Carol is attempting to siege down the door and yelling something about me being "intoxicated" and "crazy".

‘Sorry Carol, maybe if you spent less time stalking players and more time leveling Bruiser you wouldn’t have had your Grab Bag stolen!’

Ahem. Pardon the interruption. Click the ‘More’ link to read my interview!

Q: Oh wise Sir Grabford - With the last patch, buffs and abilities continue to time out after log-out. A lot of players don’t like the change and would like for buffs to stay as they were. Why was this change made, and did it have the effect that you wanted?

A: A most EXCELLENT query, my Lord – and may I add, those are some very stylish boots you’re wearing!

My good fellow, the change was made because we had wanted players to be able to log in to find that all of their ability timers were ready. Prior to the patch, logging off shortly after using abilities on a timer would freeze that re-use timer. Unfortunately, this change has caused a few issues we still need to work out. As a result, we are going to revert this change with our next update, 1.115b. Buff and ability timers will no longer continue to count down whilst offline.

Q: My Lord – With 1.115, a change was made preventing players from logging out in keeps. After 10 minutes, any player logged out in a Keep or Tower would log back in to find themselves at their Portal Town. I’ve been asking around, and it seems that this change has negatively affected the preferred play-style of some of my friends and Realm mates. Explain yourself sir!

A: I daresay, old chap easy on the wine!

This was another change made with the hopes of improving the dynamic of a Keep fight. The result however has not been what was anticipated. Logging out in a Keep enables Guilds and indeed any player the opportunity to defend that Keep if it is attacked. Simply kicking players out of the Keeps is not quite the solution we had hoped for – so this feature will be re-enabled in 1.115b and we will be discussing a more elegant dynamic for the future.

Q- Your cup is empty, how about another round? And while we’re discussing Keeps – may I ask why the ability to teleport to Relic Keeps was removed? Does a Realm not have a right to defend its sacred Relics?

A: Don’t mind if I do.

As for the Relic Keeps, this was a change which had to be tested on the live environment over the course of a number of Relic Raids. I’ve personally observed the results and it’s clear that with the new Portal Towns, and the speed with which an invading force can capture a tower, a defending Realm ought to have the right to teleport to their own Relic Keep. You’ll see this as an option in 1.115b when you click on the Portal Stone in your Portal Town.

Q: Portal stone? I may have had a few (dozen) cups of wine, but I’m sure I heard the words “Portal” and “Stone”. Does this mean that the Portal Ceremony will no longer be used to teleport players to their Portal Keep?

A: Quite. The Portal Ceremony was an important trial. While I still believe that it offers a theoretical improvement to the Frontier dynamic by allowing larger number of players, both grouped and ungrouped, to leave the Portal Keep together and in-force, it does not seem to fit into the current dynamic in the Frontiers. The portal stone will simply replace the ceremony, and players will still be able to teleport to their realm's Portal Keep via the portal stone. Players want to get into the action, and one does not keep a Troll waiting when they are out for blood!


I had best get on with this. I seem to be running out of time…

Q: My good sir! A gentleman is only as good as his word. You promised us Character and Guild Search months ago! Years! As dashing as you are, I simply will not tolerate any more waiting!

A: As it just so happens, SIR, next week we will be inviting a number of players to assist us in testing the Character and Guild search feature on the Camelot Herald! If you feel your ears burning, it’s because Carol is checking your RvR stats, probably as we speak! If you would like to be considered for Character and Guild Search testing, please advise us through the feedback... [Read More]
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More Hotfixes!

May 08, 2014 - 1:02 PM - by beibhinn
The following hotfixes are now live:

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing specialty ammunition from being used in catapults
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Portal Ceremony from firing at the appropriate intervals
  • Reduced the agro range for Pict mobs on Ruined Keep roofs
  • Wardens can now obtain fully-leveled versions of the Gem of Lost Memories and Traitor’s Dagger Artifacts
  • Minotaur Relics in the Frontiers now affect the group of the Minotaur Relic holder as well as the individual holding the Relic. These Relics can now only be picked up if the user is in a group
  • Sabatons of the Shard (Albion) can now be placed in house vaults

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