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Malchor's Leap
13 wp | 37 poi | 15 Skill Challenge | 5 vista

Malchor's Leap is the northwestern portion of Orr. It contains the temples of Lyssa and Dwayna, being littered with statues to the two gods imbued with magic. The name of the area refers to the story of Malchor, a sculptor who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff after Dwayna left for Arah. This area is a part of the Ruins of Orr region. Malchor's Leap is the next logical progression map for all races. It is labeled a level 75-80 area. Attached to it is the Straights of Devastation and Cursed Shore. Upon completion of the map you will receive the following letter:

The Durmand Pirory, Vigil, and Order of Whispers have long reported on their daily struggles getting their troops across the harsh territory of Malchor's Leap. However, they recently sent word on your time in that area. They tell us that you rose to this challenge, blazing your own trails to the undead lurking there. It seems that you have helped solve many of those troop-transport challenges.

Due to the historical significance of Orr, we at the Tyrian Explorers Society, look upon your recent exploits with admiration and envy. You are truly an inspiration to your peers."

By following this guide and skipping hearts until a later time you will complete all the other objectives on the map in a little over 2 hours. Please note that times may vary according to what objectives are currently under enemy control. I also highly recommend doing this map with at least one or two other people. It can be done solo but it takes longer and is much more difficult.

Scout Lore Scout Lore

Explorer Milex "The entrance to Arah lies beyond these cliffs, in the Cursed Shore. We have to make sure that Pact troops and supplies are able to travel unhindered through Malchor's Leap in that diretion. We've identified four locations vital to keeping our lines open. Our objective: to keep these bases under Pact control."

Explorer Sosian "Zhaitan has found a way to corrupt the inherent connection between these ancient temples and their associated statues all across Orr. When it's malevolent hold on Lyssa's cathedral is severed, the god's statues will lie dormant. However, if Zhaitan's minions control the cathedral, you may find the darkest parts of your innermost self rising to strike you."

Crusader Yottz "Dwayna's cathedral was once a beacon of light and hope for the people of Orr. We hope to see it remain a harmless architectural curiosity. Our fear is that Zhaitan could use the temple to rouse every local statue of Dwayna to spread it's corruption."


  1. wp Start at the entrance from Straits of Devastation and get the Pagga's Waypoint.
  2. poi Get Pagga's Post POI too.
  3. poi Head north, hugging the eastern mountains to get Alarjann Bayt POI
  4. poi Continue north and enter the large building to the east for the Kitah Manse POI
  5. wp Exit and continue north for the Waste Hollows Waypoint
  6. poi Hop in the water and swim north to the Upsilon Test Facility POI
  7. Skill Challenge Climb up the hill westward and get the Skill Challenge
  8. poi The Wealdwood POI is here too.
  9. poi Turn south for the Shelter Docks POI
  10. vista Head south and climb up to the Theater of Delight Vista
  11. poi Go southwest to the Wreck of the Qashvian POI
  12. poi Now turn and head northwest for the Eastern Colonnade POI
  13. wp Get the Colonnade Waypoint here too.
  14. poi Head due south for the Rayhan Bayt POI
  15. poi Go west and when you reach the river jump into and swim south for the Hope Falls POI
  16. poi Travel the river northward until you reach the Shark's Tooth Isle POI
  17. Skill Challenge Complete the Skill Challenge
  18. vista Continue north to the tip of the map and climb up to the Malchor's Fingers Vista
  19. poi Hug the island coast and go south to the Mirror's Handle POI
  20. poi Swim southwest to the Reflection Cove POI
  21. Skill Challenge Complete the Skill Challenge
  22. poi Continue southwest to the Augur's Grotto POI
  23. Skill Challenge Exit the cove area by going southwest and finding a tunnel leading southwest. Once you've exited the tunnel head north for a Skill Challenge.
  24. poi Go southwest to the Beacon Torch POI
  25. vista Head south and climb around to the Blighted Arch Vista
  26. Skill Challenge Hop down carefully and head north for the Skill Challenge
  27. poi Get the Dhuum's Last Stand POI here.
  28. wp Directly southwest is the Blighted Arch Waypoint but you'll need to go south and swing around north to get to it.
  29. wp Turn around and head southeast to the Wren Waypoint
  30. poi Get the Village of Wren POI
  31. poi Take the ramp leading east northeast. Once at the top go north for the Spark of Ilya POI
  32. poi Head northeast for the Seal of Union POI
  33. wp Get the Union Waypoint here.
  34. wp Turn south for the Lyssa Waypoint
  35. poi Hop up to the center of the platform and get the Altar of Lies POI
  36. Skill Challenge Complete the Skill Challenge
  37. poi Head southeast for the Song of Lyss POI
  38. Skill Challenge Jump off the platform into the water below then head due south for a Skill Challenge
  39. wp A little east is the Valley of Lyss Waypoint
  40. poi Turn around and head straight west for the Bayt Fallahin POI
  41. Skill Challenge Complete the Skill Challenge
  42. poi Continue west for the Saliah Bayt POI
  43. Skill Challenge Complete another Skill Challenge
  44. wp Westward some more for the Doric's Waypoint
  45. poi And west again for the King's Passage POI
  46. Skill Challenge Turn north for another Skill Challenge
  47. poi Head west for the Plaza of Lights POI
  48. Skill Challenge Continue west for a Skill Challenge
  49. Skill Challenge Continue west again for another Skill Challenge
  50. vista Head west to climb up on the submerged structure and head north for the Drowned Brine Vista
  51. poi Hop down and swim north for the Harbinger POI
  52. poi Swim east southeast to the Malchor's Anguish POI
  53. wp Continue east for the Lights Waypoint
  54. wp Go east and a little north for the Tempests Waypoint
  55. poi Get the Altar of Tempests POI here too.
  56. Skill Challenge Complete Skill Challenge
  57. Skill Challenge Climb up around to the northwest for a Skill Challenge
  58. poi Go northwest some more for the Sculptor's End POI
  59. vista Get the Jinx Isle Vista
  60. Skill Challenge Dive off the cliff and complete Skill Challenge at the bottom.
  61. poi Go west for the Arcadian Deeps POI
  62. poi Head north and look for an underwater tunnel leading west to the Bauxite Alchemicals POI
  63. poi Continue west more for the Versonconjouring Array POI
  64. wp Head northeast for the Versoconjouring Waypoint then exit the complex by going east.
  65. poi Continue east to the Kahlopoi Village POI
  66. poi Get the Murmur Isle POI to the northeast.
  67. wp Get the Murmur Waypoint too.
  68. poi Head east northeast for the Omicron Test Facility POI.
  69. You're done! Grats!


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