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11 wp | 17 poi | 5 vista

Built upon the ruins of the human city of Rin, the Black Citadel is the headquarters of the charr legions in Ascalon. Commanded by Smodur the Unflinching, Imperator of the Iron Legion, the great city is dominated by the huge metal-shod sphere at its center.

The Black Citadel is the headquarters of the Iron Legion. It is built upon the ruins of Rin in Ascalon, and is the closest charr capital to the other races. It is here that the Iron Legion mass-manufactures many items for the other legions and associated allies. These things include tanks, vehicles, armaments both mechanical and not, and things of that ilk. These items are tested and then deployed for use on the battlefield. The Bane, a large arena, can be found near the centre of the city. And overlooking the entire Black Citadel is the looming Imperator's Core, where the leadership can be found deliberating over charr affairs.

The city itself is governed by a set of pragmatic laws, which keeps it running like clockwork. These are enforced by the ever vigilant and efficient Adamant Guard. (Source)

By following this guide you will complete all the other objectives on the map in 20 minutes.


  1. wp Start at Ligacus Aquilo Waypoint
  2. Head east and hug the right wall to the elevator.
  3. wp Take the elevator and then head east to the Bane Waypoint.
  4. Return to the elevator and go back to the main city.
  5. wp Go northish to the Memorial Waypoint.
  6. vista To there north of the waypoint you can jump onto the roof of the building and get to the Memorial Vista.
  7. poi Hop off the building and go east to the Serrated Blade Tavern POI.
  8. wp Continue east to the Factorium Waypoint.
  9. poi Go northeast from the waypoint for the Durmand Scriptorium POI.
  10. wp Go backoutside the building and head due west to the Diessa Gate Waypoint.
  11. poi Turn south and halfway up the ramp. Make a right turn for the Plaza of Rememberance POI.
  12. wp Continue south up the ramp and then follow the main road southeast to the Hero's Waypoint.
  13. Go straight east, hugging the north(left) wall until you reach the instance entrance. Go inside.
  14. poi Go into the first building on the left for the Hero's Forum POI.
  15. poi Exit and go north for the 20th Blood Cohort POI.
  16. poi Exit and go east then take the first ramp on the left (north) up to the 12th Iron Maniple POI.
  17. poi Turn around and head south, down the second ramp for the Farhar of Young Heroes POI.
  18. poi Exit and head south to the Ash Checkpoint 13 POI.
  19. Exit the instance.
  20. wp Go southeast to the Mustering Ground Waypoint.
  21. poi Go east for the Ashford Gate POI.
  22. poi Turn around and head west. 3/4 of the way up the ramp make a right (south) for the Vigil Chapterhouse POI.
  23. Return to the ramp and go straight west, right into the Imperator's Core.
  24. As you enter, hug the right wall and you'll find a spiral staircase leading down.
  25. poi At the bottom of the stairs is an instance to enter for the Citadel Stockade POI.
  26. Exit the instance and go back up the stairs. On the west side of the room is a spiral ramp leading up.
  27. wp Follow the ramp up to the second floor for the Imperator's Waypoint.
  28. poi On the south side of the second floor is an instance entrance. Enter it for the Blood Tribute Quarters POI.
  29. poi Exit the instance then go to the north side of the second floor for another instance to enter for the Ash Tribune Quarters POI.
  30. Exit the instance and go up the main spiral ramp to the third floor.
  31. poi Enter the instance on the third floor (east) and go up the ramps to The War Council POI.
  32. poi To the south in this same instance you'll find the Iron Tribune Quarters POI.
  33. Exit the instance and go back down to the first floor.
  34. Exit the Imperator's Core through the eastern entrance.
  35. poi Hug the right wall (south- southwest) and follow it all the way around to the Storm Caller Triumph POI.
  36. wp Turn around and go east to the Junker's Waypoint.
  37. vista Go southeast and hug the left through ramps and stairs to the Smelter Vista.
  38. Turn around and head back but this time hug the right to the elevator.
  39. wp Take the elevator to get Gladium Waypoint.
  40. vista Start off taking the path on the left but hug the right wall to the Gladium Vista.
  41. wp Turn around, hugging the left wall until you find an elevator leading to the Ruins of Rin Waypoint.
  42. vista Head south of the waypoint climb up to the Ruins of Rin Vista.
  43. poi Climb down and go west to the Abandoned Caverns POI.
  44. vistaHead north to Ligacus Notos and climb up to the Vista.
  45. Grats! You're done!


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